Petty Tyrants

I have had little time today keep up with events – not that that is a bad thing. But I did note that our Gov has been castigated for not moving fast enough to provide aid to the stricken Caribbean islands.  It never seems to enter into people’s heads that may of those islands are not a responsibility of the UK. We do what we can to help, but we do not have to help Cuba, for example.

But how is it that we can help those islands at all? Those islands have been subjected to hurricanes since time immemorial. The reason is that they are situated where the atmosphere is hot and where the Southern hemisphere and the Northern hemisphere interact. They squeeze  each other. So why have the inhabitants, for centuries, not built their houses and other buildings as domes? Why present the wind with a wide area to push over? Even crazier is the ignorance among dictators in that region about the effect of airflow over the top of roofs. The principle has been known for donkey’s years.

Inside a building, the air pressure is X. When there is an airflow over the top of that building which is sufficiently violent, the air pressure ABOVE the roof is lower than the air pressure within the building. Thus, in effect, the air pressure within the building pushes the roof up and enables the wind to rip the roof off.

Domes are shaped in such a way as to deflect the air pressure outwards in all directions. There is very little ‘lift’ in one direction.

That is proper science.

But the Elite do not really give a shit about what ordinary people would call catastrophes. It is a case of: “Now is a good time to release bad news”.

Only by replacing our MPs with people who know that their job is to DEFY experts can we hope to regain our liberty from petty tyrants.


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  1. smokingscot Says:

    There may be a hidden benefit here. Our lot want to use a good portion of the overseas aid used to help our ex-colonies, but the OECD say they’re all far too wealthy to qualify.

    So our lot are almost certainly going to either get the rules changed, or simply tell the OECD to eff off.

    Great deal of resentment about our agreeing to and actually fulfilling our pledges, most at the wanton waste and even corruption it generates. However Britain does have a large population that originates from the Caribbean – and of course all these little islands are active in the Commonwealth group.

    In short there’s a great deal of goodwill toward all of them, perhaps with the exception of Necker Island (Branson’s playground).

    Certainly I for one feel their cause is far more deserving than some girl pop group in Ethiopia, or to study some obscure fish in the Maldives.

    So while there’s a degree of ambiguity with this one Junican, the devastation is obvious for all to see and the need far more immediate. So I hope the OECD get a flea in their ear, not just from us, but also the USA, the Netherlands and France, because they too have ex-colonies that are affected.

    Long term of course I’d love to see the rules changed anyway to way lots less than 0.7% and more like 0.25%, providing we’re not running a budget deficit. But suspect that’s hoping for far too much.

    • junican Says:

      I don’t know why our politicians ever agreed to a specific figure dependent upon GNP. What has GNP got to do with aid? The whole system stinks of ‘standardisation’, aka One World Gov.
      The problem is ‘reverse laissez faire’ – too much trouble to reverse previous agreements which do not work.

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