The ‘EU Withdrawal Bill’

I rarely watch ‘The News’ these days. There is too much bias and toadying for my liking. I don’t think that you can even trust the weather forecast to be unbiased.

So I pick my news up from what other commenters say, such as Frank Davis and Dick Puddlecote and several others. For example, ‘Orphans of Liberty’ talked today about opposition to the ‘Withdrawal Bill’ being traitorous:

I do not see it that way. Opposition to ‘Withdrawal’ had to be allowed to have its chance. It would not surprise me if some sort of ‘arrangement’ was not negotiated between Labour and Tory parties. Opposition to Brexit had to be permitted to be expressed in Parliament. That Opposition WAS expressed. The hundreds of amendments magically disappeared. One amendment (which might have been a composite of many, for all I know) was defeated.

Opposition to Brexit has had its say and been voted upon in Parliament. It lost.

Thus, from a Government point of view, there is nothing more for MPs to say.

There are still formalities to go through, but Opposition to Brexit LOST. The Government has been mandated to fight the war against the Brussels bureaucrats by any and every means possible.

It really is A WAR! There is no better word. Continuation of opposition from MPs must cease totally. Opposition has been expressed and the vote taken. WE MUST UNITE! Remainers will continue to blather, but words have significance no more. ACTION is now the main thing. Our negotiators now have a free hand. They should, perhaps, bypass the EU bureaucrats and negotiate with each of the other 27 Nations, then tell the EU bureaucrats what has been agreed with those Nations. Our ‘donations’ would be to those Nations and not to the bureaucrats. The bureaucrats would thus have to find ways to cut their massive waste. Perhaps, for a start, they could stop migrating from Brussels to Strasbourg:

  1. The Parliament (2nd) > 1st Parliament is located in Strasbourg, France. Which requires a major moving operation where all the diplomats, politicians and paperwork will have move to Strasburg twelve times a year. Which costs around 180 million Euro’s. Of course this is very costly and inefficient and although more and more politicians/countries would like to see this changed; France isn’t planning on agreeing to change this.

Why is France not ‘planning to change this’? It can only be for show. It is about ‘appearances’ and not ‘substance’. Millions of taxpayers’ Euros wasted every month for nothing. Nothing at all. Massive building created for nothing at all.

No. No. No. We shall not continue to pay for the upkeep of those wasteful buildings. The EU bureaucrats must cut back on their waste of taxpayers’ money. We will not pay for that waste.

The WAR is multi-dimensional. Not much has been said about the fact that a junior in the Foreign Office tore the EU’s legal argument for a massive UK ‘divorce bill’ apart.

Trade has little to do with the EU today. The EU has been more and more divorced from trade as the years have passed. It is now part of the UN drive for One World Gov. Nations need to ‘gang up’ against the USA. The EU would not dare.

I do not mean attack the USA in any way. I mean only to disconnect from the authoritarian USA. The USA did not ratify the FCTC. Why not? Because it would not allow itself to become subservient.

Why did almost all the rest of the States allied to the UN make themselves subservient?

There is a need to ‘Brexit’ from the UN. It is utterly corrupt and useless. It is a total waste of money. It cannot be reformed. It can only be replaced. In any relationship, there comes a ‘make or break’ point. The UN has long passed the point of ‘make or break’. It is obsolete.

It was founded to ‘keep the peace’, but it has morphed into a world-wide dictator.

‘Carthago delenda est’.


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