Does Each MP Regard Himself/Herself As a King/Queen?

I have been musing about Cameron’s ‘joke’ that he has bought a shed for £20,000 in which to write his memoirs. He is already known to be enjoying tobacco in the form of cigs. Did he ever stop doing so?

It does not matter. What matters is that he pretended to have given up the pleasure of smoking, even if he actually did so to some extent. Lots of so-called ‘ex-smokers’ cadge a cig from time to time. In Saturday’s ‘Sun’, Jeremy Clarkson said:

“I revealed recently that after smoking 650,000 cigs over 43 joyous and happy years, I’ve quit”. Paraphrasing the rest, he said that he uses nicotine gum but has to chew so much that it his gums bleed. “On balance, I think that smoking is a better look”.

I do not understand the use of the word ‘look’. Perhaps he could not think of a better word to describe prettiness. Perhaps being seen to be smoking is better than being seen with bleeding gums. That might be what he meant.

But what seems obvious to me is that he has given up giving up. He said previously that his lungs were perfectly OK, so why give up the enormous pleasure of tobacco? That is what he said – smoking is wonderful and immensely pleasurable.

It is reasonable to suggest that both Cameron and Clarkson showed traits of ‘follow me for I am clean’.

I have a feeling that MPs, especially newly elected MPs, see themselves as VIPs. They hold the balance between life and death. How else could you explain the capitulation of Cameron to the Health Lobby as regards disgusting, filthy, stinking cig packets?  He thought that he was Godlike, having the power of life and death. By allowing disgusting, filthy, stinking cig packets, he could ‘save’ millions of lives. It must also be true that all the MPs who voted for PP thought in the same way. None of them asked smokers whether or not they wanted their cigs in disgusting, filthy, stinking cig packets. They asked anti-smokers and non-smokers to decide.

The whole thing was false, fake, trickery, and MPs knew it to be so. But they are Godlike and infallible. They CANNOT make mistakes. Even though the ‘evidence’ is fake, they KNOW that they are ‘doing the right thing’.

It is extraordinary that these MPs hide behind ‘walls’ made of twigs. But they are content to do so. That may be because they are NEVER brought to account for their decisions. Few histories adequately describe the failure of MPs to stop bad policies. Newspapers shout, but there is no depth to their shouting. Everything is superficial.

It really is incredible that Blair, as PM, along with his Cabinet, and his MPs, permitted the total indoor smoking ban. There was always the possibility of compromise – smoking rooms in pubs, clubs and restaurants, if the owners wanted to provide them. Those MPs etc MUST HAVE KNOWN that SHS is virtually harmless because of the weakening via diaspora of the smoke. According to Doll’s Doctors Study evidence, it would take hundreds of years for a person to be killed by SHS.

The result of the above cogitations is there is only one explanation for the Smoking Ban and subsequent events such as PP. It is THE GOD DELUSION.

That also explains why MPs cannot resist voting for sugar taxes and such. They cannot resist because they suffer from THE GOD DELUSION. They think that that they are Gods.

In this context, ‘Gods’ means the same thing as ‘kings and queens’. It means absolute power.

Rebellion is inevitable, which is sad. It is not the youths who will rebel. It is Middle England.

Brexit is only the start.


11 Responses to “Does Each MP Regard Himself/Herself As a King/Queen?”

  1. Smoking Lamp Says:

    Smoking bans must be repealed and abusive power curbed. Smoking bans are the ultimate hypocrisy; they don’t protect anyone. They just persecute smokers and confer power on the healthists.

    • junican Says:

      The ‘abuse’ of power. The ‘misuse’ of power. Did Blair have a mandate to introduce the smoking ban? He did not.

  2. Roobeedoo2 Says:

    If Cameron had been strong enough and continued to smoke as PM, would he have had the strength not to call the EU referendum vote?

    I remember reading Clarkson’s Saturday column in The Sun just after the smoking ban was enacted. In it he was arguing it was a good thing because it would help him (and others) to give up.

    • junican Says:

      1) He expected an easy win for ‘Remain’.
      2) That does not surprise me. It shows confusion between second preference and first preference.

  3. Rose Says:

    It is the World Health Organisation that has the God delusion, many MP’s are merely it’s acolytes.

    “Paraphrasing the rest, he said that he uses nicotine gum but has to chew so much that it his gums bleed.”

    If memory serves and if he is really going through ten packs a day, that’s 150 pieces of nicotine gum a day, which proves that nicotine is manifestly not the correct substitute for tobacco smoke and it’s a great wonder that he hasn’t made himself very ill.

    Teenager hospitalised after overdosing on nicotine gum

    “Aiden Williams, 14, chewed and swallowed 30 pieces of low strength Nicorette Gum after it was handed out by counsellors to pupils who smoke.
    Each piece contained 2mg of nicotine meaning he consumed the equivalent of up to 900 cigarettes.”

    “The doctors said that he could have died and he had to be kept in for 24 hours for observation.”

    Green tobacco sickness

    “GTS occurs when tobacco workers hand-harvest, cut, or load tobacco plants, usually in the early morning or after a rainfall when tobacco plants are covered with moisture. GTS occurs through skin exposure to dissolved nicotine from tobacco leaves.
    Symptoms of GTS include weakness, headache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, abdominal cramps, breathing difficulty, abnormal temperature, pallor, diarrhoea, chills, fluctuations in blood pressure or heart rate, and increased perspiration and salivation. The onset of the illness is three to 17 hours after exposure and the duration of illness is one to three days.”

    • junican Says:

      It depends upon what ‘go through 10 packs per day’ means. I could ‘go through’ 10 packs per day if I only took a few drags before chucking a cig away. A lot of people do that. I do not know why. Perhaps they just need that first drag to satisfy them. The ‘hit’?

  4. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Good points Junican. I used to enjoy Dunhill International and St Moritz cigarettes before pp came in. Out of interest i ordered a pack each in pp. They were very disappointing. The St Moritz had changed completely. I found the Dunhill International very bland and totally unlike the Dunhill International i had smoked in Switzerland two weeks previously. Interestingly the Swiss ones were non pp. Of course we have no way of knowing what is in the cigarettes or their strength. Can you imagine any other product you buy where there is no list of ingredients printed on the packaging. Smokers who contribute huge amounts of money to the country are treatec appallingly.

    • junican Says:

      Agreed. Dunhill Int for UK? get rid of the dust. Dunhill for Switzerland? Only the best. It is called COMPETITION.

  5. beobrigitte Says:

    Does Each MP Regard Himself/Herself As a King/Queen?
    I have been musing about Cameron’s ‘joke’ that he has bought a shed for £20,000 in which to write his memoirs.

    They are king and queen for 4 years in which they can set themselves up for life (refer to the Blair Rich Project).

    Cameron would have done a lot for his country if he had a back bone instead of a wishbone.

    What winds me up is that NOW he outs himself as a smoker, the people who he openly despised as a PM by allowing tobacco control to rule.

    • junican Says:

      I must admit to being confused by both Cameron and Blair’s actions. What pressures are they exposed to as PM? It seems obvious that they personally had little power. They did as they are told. Only Thatcher, to the best of my knowledge, did not hesitate.Personally, I think that they allowed themselves to be drawn into the ‘One World Gov’ idea via the Secret Societies which they were proud to be invited to join.

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