Nicotine-less Tobacco

I bought some stuff from a source in Israel a few years ago. It was promoted as a stuff which resembled tobacco without nicotine. I think that the base substance was lettuce, but it could have been something else. Anyway, it tasted quite nice – very similar to tobacco in the sense that one would be hard put to differentiate. Unfortunately, despite being in a sealed bag, it rotted. It became covered in the ‘spider’s web’ of bacterial activity.

I suppose that nicotine could be removed from real tobacco using some sort of chemicals.

But who know what the long-term effects of the chemicals used to remove the nicotine are?

Rose has directed out attention to the proliferation of LC amongst non-smokers in recent years. The ‘authorities’ are at pains to say that the location of the LC tumours are not similar to smoking caused LC. They are deep in the lung. These ‘new’ cancers are blamed upon atmospheric pollution.

I fail to see how inhalation of toxic substances can differentiate between ‘small’ cells and ‘large’ cells.

It does not surprise me that various types of LC are proliferating. A population which is living longer is bound to have have such age-related conditions. The medical profession seems to no conception of ‘age-related’. As far as it is concerned, a 70 year-old person has just the same ability to repair damage to the body as a 17 year-old. I can personally refute that idea. At the age of 78, I am fit, but wounds, no matter how slight, take ages to repair themselves. Thus, a scratch from a thorn scabs over but takes weeks to disappear altogether. Such a wound would have disappeared in days when I was 17.

The body slows down with age. Repairs take longer, and, eventually, stop happening at all. Wounds do not repair themselves. The longer people live, having avoided killer diseases, the more that they are likely to succumb to sheer agedness – repair failure. That is how the human body works. It can repair itself for years and years, but that ability eventually brakes down and fails to work.

The horror of Tobacco Control is that it has gained the levers of power. You would think that politicians would jealously guard the ‘levers of power’, but they have surrendered that power to TC. The surrender of power is so far gone, as regards smoking, that is hard to see any way that politicians can pull the power back.

What is happening with Brexit is a typical example. THE PEOPLE decided to withdraw from the EU. That withdrawal is simple. It involves simply abrogating Mastrick or Lisbon treaties, or whatever. It does not really affect the Common Market. What is affected is the specific treaties which established the EU and the involvement of the UK in it. We are already OUT OF those treaties. The People have decided.

Oh Dear. I have drifted.

The idea of nicotine-less tobacco, and nicotine-less ecig liquid, is so silly that ‘The Expert’ who proposed such a silly idea should be removed at once by President Trump. Why on earth did Trump appoint such a silly person? It seems to be true that even the cleverest of academics can be utterly stupid when it comes to real life.

The stupidity seems to revolve around the idea that nicotine ‘addiction’ can override all our other personal controls. How weird! I do not recall any reports of wild, nicotine-addicted persons breaking into tobacconist shops and looting the contents.

The fact is that nicotine is a pleasant substance to raise ‘the spirits’, just as is coffee or tea. Sure, it is hard to give up, but why should it not be? Why should it be easy to give up? Who said that it should be easy to give up?

They can stuff their nicotine-less tobacco. Dr Goebbels can fuck the fuck off. If that is the best that Trump can do, then he needs to kick himself up the backside.


5 Responses to “Nicotine-less Tobacco”

  1. Rose Says:

    I suppose that nicotine could be removed from real tobacco using some sort of chemicals

    That’s the beauty of it and why it has my full approval, it’s done by plant breeding, no chemicals.

    I will be more than happy to help bust one of TC’s founding myths, in fact I look forward to it.

    • junican Says:

      I know about tobacco plant breeding to reduce tar and nicotine. But they take time. Further, TC has a habit of denying that it had any part in the breeding of the plants. The nicotine content of tobacco can be manipulated. I have (had?) a description of an experiment from Israel which used various chemicals to reduce nicotine. In effect, the chemicals absorbed the nicotine and were subsequently washed out.Of course, the results were ‘on average’.

      • Rose Says:

        It’s already been done and is ready to go from what I’ve read.
        It just needs a tobacco company to pick it up.

  2. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Hi Junican, don’t you wish that with all the rules on sale of tobacco that have been brought in in the UK, they would leave dedicated smokers alone to enjoy their tobacco ? Or do these people enjoy bullying a minority in a way they wouldn’t dare to if we were Muslims.

    • junican Says:

      Correct. But TC can only act on a population-wide scale. It cannot act on an individual scale. Thus, they cannot ‘leave dedicated smokers alone’. It is not possible.

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