Keeping Up Our Spirits

Imagine what it would have been like forty years ago had the Tobacco Control Industry existed then. There was no internet and therefore no way for smokers to discuss what was happening. We would have had to talk about it in the pub, but we would have been ‘exiled to the outdoors’ which would have been useless since smokers would have abandoned pubs, as they have in huge numbers today.

I think that our discussion have only one realistic purpose, which is to ‘keep our spirits up’. Tobacco Control have no interest whatsoever in ‘spirits’. They are happy to drive down ‘spirits’ until suicide results. They are happy with smoker suicides and other causes of death, such as falling off balconies. For them, such events prove beyond doubt that smoking causes deaths. It never occurs to them that it is their demands which cause the deaths. I suppose that TC does not believe that the ban on smoking in prisons and mental hospitals causes riots and suicides. For them, it is addiction to nicotine which causes the riots and suicides.

The Zealots have tried to exchange the word ‘addiction’ to ‘dependence’. There is a reason for that. ‘Addiction’ implies real physical effects, such as sweating, bleeding, shivering, hallucinating. None of those things apply to stopping smoking. The only effect is a longing for a cig.

I used to long for a cig on an aircraft when going to Majorca. Now, it does not bother me at all. The idea of a cig rarely enters my mind, never mind a ‘longing’. When I arrived at Palma airport, I used to dash outside to the cafe and get a coffee and have a fag before returning to the baggage collection area to get my bag. Last Spring, I did that, and had a devil of a job to get back inside. There were security guards on every entrance. I had to get Jet 2 desk to get me back inside. When I did get back in, my suitcase was the only one left. I was lucky.

In July, I decided not to try to go out for a cig and a coffee. Was I shivering, hallucinating, bleeding at the eyes, sweating? Absolutely not! The mere fact that I decided not to bother quelled the desire for a smoke. I stood there and waited for my suitcase to appear. I was not in the least bothered. After I got my suitcase, THEN I went to the cafe for a coffee and a cig.

And was I bothered that the coach took around 45 mins to get to my hotel? Not at all!

It is all about habit and pleasure. Nicotine has little to do with it. Note that I say ‘little’ to do with it, and not ‘nothing’ to do with it. I feel the same about lung cancer and smoking. I do not say that smoking has ‘nothing’ to do with LC.

I am sometimes surprised by the attitude of TobComs. You would think that it would be in their interests to collate the studies of attempts to addict mice, rats and dogs, all of which failed, in order to project the truth. Zealots would scream ‘Nasty Tobacco Industry’, but the scream test applies just as much to them as to TC.

All the above applies to the latest wheeze of TC to force TobComs to reduce the nicotine in cigs to levels which are not addictive. But by the propaganda of TC, there is no such thing as a non-addictive level of nicotine, except zero.

But it gets worse. The implication of Dr Paul Joseph Goebbels M.D (sorry, Dr. Scott Gottlieb MB)’s demand that nicotine should be eliminated from tobacco products implies that nicotine must also be eliminated from ecigs. Sorry, but it is obvious. It is also obvious that nicotine, being terribly addictive, must be eliminated from patches and gum and inhalers. It is obvious. Why has Big Pharma been allowed to spread addiction to nicotine amongst kids by supplying patches and gums? A kid nearly died as a result of treating nicotine gum as spearmint.

It is because of the manifest hypocrisy throughout Government, both in the UK, the USA and most of the EU, that we smokers must be content to simply ‘keep our spirits up’. That is what the internet has done for us. It has enabled us to do so.

But what do we mean by ‘keep our spirits up’? Is it reasonable to talk about ‘the spirit’? It almost sounds as though we are talking about ghosts. Without getting into religion, we can say that human beings have something which transcends mere physical attributes. We may be hungry but we can sing; we may be in pain, but we can laugh.

So we collectively ‘keep our spirits up’. That is a worthy end in itself. We can see the vile persecution, no matter how it is dressed up as ‘for the children’ for what it is – vile persecution. We can laugh at the ostracisation and condemn the persecution, especially our ‘brothers and sisters’ in prison or mental hospitals.

If today was around 1920 or so, when Prohibition was at its height in the USA, I think that I would be on the side of the gangsters. I would see the world as pro-liberty rather than pro-prohibition.

Dr Paul Joseph Goebbels M.D (sorry, Dr. Scott Gottlieb MB), whether he realises it or not, has committed to a Nazi agenda. Snatch the nicotine out of people’s lungs – sod the tar. Only a dope who has accepted the ‘gospel’ of nicotine addiction could propose such silly ideas.

But that is exactly what happened over a hundred years ago when alcohol was banned in the USA. It is exactly the same thing – prohibit nicotine.  This time, the Zealots want to take decades to do it and spend billions and billions doing exactly the same studies, with minor variations, over and over again, just to provide ‘an accumulation of evidence’. The problem is that ‘the evidence’ is just the same as – “I too am one of the twenty people who saw the suspect walking along the street where the murder took place”. It does not matter how many people saw ‘the suspect’ walking along the street where the murder took place.

It seems to be a trait of Academia to pretend to be objective. The reality seems to be that research is anything but ‘objective’. The very sad thing is that ‘science’ has morphed into a sort of amalgam of ‘real’ science and ‘pseudo’ science where astrophysics, for example, has no more clout than vegan recipes.

So, as I see it, we smoking bloggers help and advise each other. Not everyone can zip over to Belgium for a weekend trip and buy £1000 packets of cigs, worth £2000 in the UK. But I have said, again and again, that there is no reason that one should not use a credit card to make the purchase. I have used my debit card in Majorca without difficulty. True, you incur a debt, but the cost of debt is far, far less than the difference in prices. Further, that debt is POSITIVE PROOF that you can afford to buy the cigs.

Until events work themselves out as regards Brexit, smokers would be well advised to take advantage of what is on offer. There are coach trips to Europe in plenty. Go for it! Use your credit card if you need to, but pay off the debt as fast as you can.

‘Keep your spirits up’. Do not give in. You are in the right. It is the Prohibitionists who are wrong.



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  1. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    I can’t think of anything more cruel than denying prisoners tobacco. Although cigarette prices are marginally cheaper than UK smoker friendly Switzerland is good for a holiday. Go to Lugano where it is hot. Many Swiss smoke and the tobacconists are a revelation. Huge number of brands, all on display, and no plain packs. There are even superb ash trays on all station platforms.

  2. TheBlockedDwarf Says:

    You are of course absolutely right about the coach trips to Belgium , I now use them myself. But I should point out that it is best to take Cash £ when shopping at the REALs in Adinkerke. You can of course pay with your debit or credit card but paying cash £ tends to get a further ‘discount’ on the listed price….supposedly due to the Xchange rates. So it is a good idea to get cash out on your card in the UK before you leave.
    I would highly recommend anyone thinking of going Xborder shopping to spend an afternoon reading through some of the threads at

    • junican Says:

      I agree absolutely that it is better to take cash. My point is that it is better to get the lower prices, even if if means using a credit card, than pay UK prices. But it does mean that one must pay off the debt as quickly as possible. Do not let interest payments negate the cost advantage. What I am saying is that you need not wait until you have the money saved up in cash.

      • TheBlockedDwarf Says:

        “What I am saying is that you need not wait until you have the money saved up in cash.”

        Indeed, infact for those on low incomes or benefits, who have no credit card, saving enough (whilst still smoking UK Duty Splayed) is pretty difficult-if not impossible. Smoking Hot recommended years ago getting a Personal Private interest-free Loan from a friend or relative and I have done it that way ever since. Someone lends me £500 or so, pays it into my bank account from theirs (I carry bank statements when Xborder shopping) and sends me a formal letter confirming the loan and that they are aware I will be buying tobacco for my own use etc and that I am not acting as their agent. So far Border Force have never queried it….so far.

      • junican Says:

        I remember that suggestion. I suppose that the most frequent use of that idea would be ‘The Bank Of Mum And Dad’. My son/daughter asks me to lend him £500 to buy tobacco abroad. I agree, but to ensure no problems with Border Force, I write a note saying that I personally expect no benefit from the purchase of tobacco. Repayment of the loan is agreed at £50 per month for ten months. I charge no interest.

  3. Rose Says:

    Only a dope who has accepted the ‘gospel’ of nicotine addiction could propose such silly ideas

    But it wouldn’t half call TC’s bluff if people just kept on smoking, all the smoke , all of the flavour but without the nicotine.

    Let’s not forget that if nicotine was addictive, nicotine patches would work.
    Not having the “nicotine addiction theory” any more would cut the legs off TC quite spectacularly.

    I for one would be happy to buy nicotine free cigarettes just to spite them.

    22nd Century Launches MAGIC 0 Very Low Nicotine Cigarettes in France

    “This enables us to regulate nicotine content in tobacco plants without adversely affecting other leaf compounds important to a tobacco product’s characteristics, including taste and aroma.”
    http: //

    Tiny biotech firm offers Big Tobacco model to curb its nicotine habit
    August 7, 2017

    TC having convinced the entire planet that nicotine is the only thing that keeps smokers smoking, I look forward to the screams of protest as they are threatened with being given what they said they wanted.

    Their secondhand smoke theory is beginning to look pretty rocky today too.

    Air pollution is blamed as lung cancer rates among non-smokers double in just a decade
    12th August

    Number of lung cancer cases among non-smokers are expected to top smokers
    http: //

    • junican Says:

      I bought some nicotine-less ‘tobacco’ from Israel a couple of years ago. It tasted OK. Unfortunately, having tried it, I put it on one side for a later date. It rotted, despite the fact that it was in a sealed bag.
      I understand that the ‘tobacco’ was not from the tobacco plant but was from lettuce.
      Yes, TC depends entirely upon addiction. The sad thing is that politicians swallow it.

  4. Samuel Says:

    “But by the propaganda of TC, there is no such thing as a non-addictive level of nicotine, except zero.”

    From time to time I replace cigarettes with a pipe (has to be out doors, cannot be too hot or cold or wet).
    Pipes build up a layer or carbon and the dried moisture from the tobacco that must be scraped out to ‘refresh’ the pipe.
    I found that burning something that smokes at a much higher temperature does much the same work.
    I can load my pipe with loose leaf tea and smoke that and it cleans the pipe and gives just as much satisfaction as tobacco without the draw through of moisture that can spoil a good smoke on a pipe.
    I suppose there may be some nicotine from the burn off of the first bowl but very little in the second or third and i have smoked tea for a couple weeks at a time – until the heat of it becomes too much and I return to tobacco. Maybe I just get a ‘lift’ from the caffeine but I doubt it. Tea is just as pleasant to smoke as tobacco.

    • junican Says:

      I accept what you say, Sam! Sure, the idea of trying tea-leaves as a substitute for tobacco has occurred to me before.
      What do you think of the ‘criminal’ idea of cutting actual tobacco with tea?
      We have nowhere near exhausted the possibilities.

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