The New York Anti-Smoker Initiative

I think that the pretence of ‘health’ as a motive for anti-smoker laws is well and truly exposed by the latest New York, USA, legislation. “10,000 New Yorkers die every year from smoking, and 400,000 Americans die each year from smoking” is the excuse. It is the excuse for New York City legislators to wet themselves with the pleasure of exercising power over those who cannot fight back.

Not only do the ‘City Fathers’ hit smokers, they also hit ecig users. And they hit those people just as hard as they hit smokers.

You have to wonder what is going on in the minds of such dictators. I guess that meetings of the ‘City Fathers’ are like a party, where everyone gets all excited and a little drunk; but in this case, the inebriation comes from the exercise of power rather than alcohol or nicotine.  The similarities between what is happening and Prohibition are uncanny. The pattern is almost exactly the same.

In Prohibition, the manufacture and sale of alcoholic drinks was forbidden, but possession was not. I guess that the lawmakers thought that the supply of alcohol would dry up so that possession would become zero. How wrong they were! Manufacture and distribution became a very big ‘Wild West’ business with turf wars and all the rest of the consequences. Forget the word ‘criminal’. It was a simple case of supply and demand. The word ‘criminal’ is not a word that we ordinary people should bother about. It is a word used by those who make the laws, and not us. So, if I came across a person who would supply me with cheap tobacco, I would not think ‘criminal’ – I would think ‘supplier of what I want’.

My point is that an awful lot of Americans, in the Prohibition era, DID NOT regard suppliers of alcohol as ‘nasty criminals’. On the contrary, they regarded such people as heroes.

The difference today, as regards tobacco control, is that the black market has not really got going yet. The need for ‘bathtub gin’ has not yet reached that level. But these situations are almost always ‘non-linear’. On a graph, you would see a line which starts out as a straight line, but there comes a point where the line suddenly starts to curve upwards (or downwards) much more rapidly. That is what ‘non-linear’ means. ‘Non-linear’ means acceleration or deceleration. Customs would be powerless in the face of such an onslaught of ‘imports’. Needless to say, the corporate MSM would report only the Custom’s successes rather than the Custom’s failures, and that is reasonable because no one would know about the failures, by definition.

So the purchase of visible cigs would fall drastically, and ASH ET AL would declare a great success. The Treasury would sweat over how to replace the excise and Vat income. Non-smokers would have to pay their fair share.

I wonder if we smokers could use that idea to frighten non-smokers who complain about smells? “You do realise, do you not, that you are now paying more in tax because fewer people are smoking taxed tobacco products?” I like that idea very much. It is a practical response to ‘the stinkers’. “YOU ARE PAYING MORE TAX BECAUSE OF YOUR AVERSION TO SMELLS”

The last time that I paid UK excise and VAT on cigs was about two years ago when I had to cancel a holiday because of my wife’s MS. No need for details. I ran out of stuff. I had to pay full price for a couple of months. I have since been building up a stock to allow for such an eventuality in the future.

I think that we should abandon the USA as some sort of ‘ideal’ society. It clearly is not. It is a whirlpool swamp.

The ‘City Fathers/Mothers’ have decided to treat ecigs just the same as tobacco cigs. That cannot possibly be for health reasons. It can only be for ideological reasons. Puffing on an ecig looks like smoking, therefore it is the same thing.

Minorities are always easy to attack. But, in the meantime, whilst resources are being used to attack smokers, what is happening about REAL crime in the city of New York? The sort of crime which badly affects the citizens? The muggings and burglaries; the fraud and corruption inevitably present if the ‘City Fathers’ are concentrating on banning ecigs?

The mind really, really boggles at the misdirection of effort.


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