This Year’s Growing

One hesitates to mention ‘gardening’ since the Zealots managed to insert Australia’s 1911 ‘growing ban’ into 2016 England. The situation is typical TC – you can grow stuff but can do nothing with what you grow without permission. But you cannot get permission. Catch 22. The excuse in OZ was that you need ‘secure premises’. Like thousand acre plantations in Zimbabwe are secure?

This year’s efforts are not being rewarded. Something is wrong. A few plants are magnificent, but most are sad. I think that my ground preparation was lacking. I do not expect a good harvest this year. But there is still time for the plants to stage a resurgence. It has happened before. It all depends upon the roots. If they are strong enough, they will push out new and spectacular growth. But that is the problem. I suspect that the roots have not had the space to develop. They may be ‘pot-bound’ in the sense that they are restricted by compacted soil. This autumn will see a thorough ‘double digging’ and much application of manure and compost. I want to see magnificent growth in ALL my plants.

That is the purpose of a hobby. A hobby produces no income. If it does, then it is not a hobby. A hobby is for personal amusement and achievement. Playing golf for most people is a hobby. I used to practice and practice, and I became better and better, but I never achieved anything better than an occasional prize for winning a club tournament. That was nice, but not important. What was important was playing good golf. I played a lot of good golf during my career as a hobby golfer.

Now, my hobby is growing plants. There are challenges galore and failure abounds, but what would be the use of a hobby which which produced perfection every time? That would not be a hobby. It would be a chore.

We, The People, have a great problem. We have no one to elect who is not a Controller. All MPs are controllers. It seems to be true that only Controllers stand for Parliament. When will ‘the controlled’ be offered candidates who are AGAINST control?

Control does not have to be physical. It can be via taxation. It can be via shaming. It can be via ‘permits’. It can be via politically correct speech. What is important is that ‘Control’ spreads wider and wider until there is a WAR! Only a physical WAR will destroy the control. It has always been so. People with power grab more and more, and that applies to lawmaking. What was the sense of the PP legislation, enacted by Cameron? What was the sense? When I saw my first packet of the nasty coloured cig packets, I thought that the colour was quite attractive. It was different from the usual violent reds, blues, greens, etc, which manufacturers love to cloak their products in. I bought some L & M cigs on holiday, and I must admit that the colours of violent red and white are rather common. The packets would be much more alluring if the colours were much more subdued. A nice brownish green would be perfect.

And so we go on. The more that TC spreads its tentacles, the easier it is to chop them off. But it has to be done secretly a bit at a time, until Government wakes up and reverses its priorities. At that point, TC will wither away.


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  1. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Yes you can’t beat a browny green cig pack Junican !
    Makes us all equal !

  2. Darryl Says:

    “The more that TC spreads its tentacles, the easier it is to chop them off.”

    Here’s one little bit of tentacle being chopped off.

    In order to get around the recent ban on smoking in outdoor dinning areas in Melbourne some restaurant owners have decided to stop serving food at certain times of the day so their patrons can light up.

  3. beobrigitte Says:

    This year’s efforts are not being rewarded. Something is wrong.
    I’m afraid, what’s wrong is the cold weather. (So much for global warming). My veg is producing a lot less than last year, despite my looking after the soil and planting to replace what e.g. the potatoes took from last years’ space.

    Still hoping for a few warmer days, the tomatoes are still green….

    • junican Says:

      I take your point beo, but my plants are suffering attacks from some sort of insects (thrips?). The top parts of the plants are being eaten away. It is not slugs since they would chomp on the lower leaves and not on the higher leaves. But I am sure that you are right that the lousy weather is contributing.

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