The Attacks on Trump

One of my favourite American persons detests Trump. That person is Carl Phillips. He speaks disparagingly of him – almost sneering. I don’t know why. Perhaps it is because Trump’s background is filthy rich business success rather than filthy rich academic success, or filthy rich film star success, or filthy rich bums and tits success. For me, Carl’s attitude is weird. Carl has fought innumerable battles in favour of Tobacco Harm Reduction and failed again and again to make an impact. Perhaps if Carl had been a billionaire, then his arguments would have been more acceptable.

I like Trump because he has chucked the cat amongst the pigeons. But who or what is ‘the cat’? Perhaps ‘the cat’ is a constantly changing series of faces and names. How can his opponents ‘dish the dirt’ on his appointees if he is constantly changing those appointees?

Does Trump tolerate the blather about ‘The Russian Connection’ because it is a wonderful distraction? Suppose that you were accused of killing someone but you could prove conclusively that you were elsewhere when the person was killed. Why reveal your perfect defence if it is advantageous to you to let people blather on about the killing whilst you get on with your programme? Why not let them blather on and waste their time, money and effort?

In politics, it seems that success can only be achieved in small steps. If you want to lift someone up, you have to be careful not to step on someone else’s toes in doing the lifting. Better not to lift the person up than step on someone else’s toes, regardless of how desirable the lifting up might be.

We have seen precisely this effect regarding the postponement of severe restrictions on ecigs in the USA. Anyone with any sense would see immediately that ecigs are NOT tobacco products since they do not use tobacco. Only the single molecule nicotine is common to ecig liquid and tobacco. But nicotine can be produced from green tobacco plant leaves quite easily. Why cure the leaves if all you want is the nicotine? Only cured leaves are tobacco. Clearly, Trump has disarmed the Zealots for the time being at least. Glantz et al can rant and rave, but they are powerless.

Rendering the Zealots powerless ought to be an objective of all Administrations. There is a simple reason for that, which is that Zealots can never be sated. They become fat and then obese on a menu of continuing scoffing of easy pickings via politicians’ servitude, and they always demand more.

I think that Trump will survive intact and gain a second term. Hilary Clinton is busted. Whom do the Democrats have to contest the next election?


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  1. cherie79 Says:

    I agree! I have close friends in the US who seem to be driven insane by Trumps election before he was even inaugurated. One a lovely woman in her 60s is incoherent with rage. I don’t even mention politics now it’s impossible to have any sort of discussion. I get they don’t like him, hated him winning but the reaction Is beyond all reason. The media bias is unbelievable, almost all the MSM, Democrats and some Republicans don’t have a good word to say no matter what he does, its dreadful. It’s not any better here on BBC and Sky, have seen Dateline London? What strikes me is the utter inability to see that people have different views about Trump, they only read media that reinforces their view. Personally I don’t know what to make of him but anything was better than Hilary as far as I am concerned. I often think he is playing the media as nothing they say seems to bother him. It’s fascinating to watch, he certainly is t boring!

    • junican Says:

      Very insightful,Cherie. There seems to be no attitude of, “Let’s see how he gets on”. It’s as though they saw Pope Francis as a German and therefore a Nazi, and could not budge from that idea.
      I cannot help but feel that there is an element of jealousy. “He got to be President because he is filthy rich”. It would not impinge on their consciousness that he spent only around a third of the what Clinton et al spent.
      Trump has side-stepped the MSM by going to the social media. He does not give a toss what the MSM says.

  2. Rose Says:

    After the endless and unwarranted media attack on Nigel Farage and the one sided reporting both before and after Brexit, I am prepared to review my initial negative thoughts about Trump.

    After all, how can anyone make a reasoned judgement about anything when only given half the story.

    • junican Says:

      “The proof of the pudding…..”

      Should we build a wall around Dover? The idea of ‘a wall’ is an allegory. It does not mean necessarily a physical wall. It means any obstruction. How do you stop immigrants? It is simple. You turn around the boats which they are on. You do not let them disembark. You take border control onto the ships or aircraft.

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