Does Anyone Know What Politicians Want?

I become more and more confused. Simplified, a few decades ago the the political system was simple. The hated Tories wanted to gather the wealth of the country to themselves, and the loved Labourites wanted the wealth to be shared out. The Liberals wanted blessings. My own opinion, for decades, has been that no one should suffer from deprivation at some minimal level. That is, that no one should be afraid that they might starve or freeze to death.

The reason that I say that is because I had an aunt who never worked apart from a few years in her early teens. She had a job in a factory for a time but left in disgust at the foul language and sexual depredation which was prevalent at the time. She was utterly disgusted and quit that job. She never worked again. She looked after her parents, and when they died, she was allowed to retain the house. She lived there in abject poverty – but she wanted no more. She survived on minuscule ‘Benefits’, but she demanded no more. One incident is fondly remembered by me. She had a crappy radio which stopped working. She asked me, when I was about 15, to look at it for her. I had no idea, apart from fuses and such. There was no way that I could ‘fix’ the radio, if it was faulty, but there was no apparent problem with the radio – the lights came on but nothing happened. It turned out that the aerial connection had become dislodged. Just shoving the connection back in place solved the problem.

She thought that I was wonderful! She thought that I was “An Expert”!

She was a wonderful woman despite her poverty. She was proud and independent.


I wonder how many “experts” there are in the UK at the moment. There seem to be millions of them. But why should I complain? I regard myself as “a expert” in my chosen field, which is avoiding paying UK tobacco taxes. Sadly, I do not know any black market operatives. I wish that I did. If I did, then I could compare products. I do not believe that ‘contraband’ cigs are anything other than cigs made with tobacco and anything other than tobacco. In other words, it is more likely that Big Tobacco is adulterating cigs than the black market is.

It isn’t the Zealots which are the problem. It is gullible politicians. It is reasonable to ask why Cameron allowed the PP legislation through. Did he know what he was doing in terms of pandering to enemies, such as the Royal Society of Physicians and such? I still cannot begin to comprehend what political objective Cameron had when he allowed a law to be passed which dictated that lovely dark green colours should replace garish reds, whites, purples, etc. That lovely dark green colour is an artistic pronouncement. It says, “I am mysterious”. No one sees the medical porn. The pics are obviously concocted.They are ‘surreal’ and thus ‘unreal’. Trust TC to get everything wrong!

I DON’T CARE! I am fed up with Zealots and wankers like Cameron. It isn’t just about about smoking. Is it not weird how a face can turn from being benign to being devilish in a fraction of a second?


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