The Role of Politicians in the “Torture of Citizens” Era

Before the advent of the EU, the last “Great Torture” was Soviet Russia, albeit with outliers, such as East Germany which were actually even more so. East German border guards shot dead anyone trying to escape into West Germany.

I think that anyone looking back over the history of the EU would see a gradual morphing from ‘Servant’ to ‘Master’. I think that that is the reason that Brits voted to leave the EU.

I am wondering if the concentration on trade is a deliberate ploy by certain politicians (not necessarily MPs) to obfuscate what was really the reason for the Brexit vote. The real reason was to remove ourselves from the straight-jacket of de facto dictatorship. The EU Parliament is a caricature of democracy, somewhat like Saddam Hussein’s ‘Parliament’ without the death probabilities.

I voted Brexit precisely to escape from the Dictatorship. I was not bothered by trade. Who could enter and settle in our country was very important to me and was POLITICAL and has nothing to do with trade. So, the idea that you have to admit anyone if you want to trade, is nonsense. The two things are not connected.

Health is not a TRADE matter. There is absolutely no reason that the EU should be involved with HEALTH. But what we have been seeing over the last several years is confusion about ‘medicaments’, or ‘medicinal compounds’, and HEALTH.

HEALTH cannot be ‘created’ by medicinal compounds. Nor can ILL-HEALTH be reversed by them. Those compounds can only treat specific illnesses.

Is it any wonder that people are totally confused? There has been an advert on TV shown repeatedly recently. It is one of those adverts which really, really grate on one’s intelligence. “How do you keep YOUR MOUTH healthy?”, it shouts. One might reasonably ask, “How do you keep YOUR BIG TOE healthy?”

To me, those statements are a form of intellectual torture. I pity anyone who accepts those thoughts without sneering at them. I really do. I cannot understand how an intelligent person can accept for a moment that any specific individual part of his body can be either ‘healthy’ or ‘unhealthy’.

The ‘Gulag Archipelago’ described how political prisoners in Russia were held in detention for months in nasty conditions and relentlessly interrogated.  Are we all, citizens of the UK, not being subjected to the same ‘torture’? We are subjected daily to horrors from all over the world. Why should be be inflicted with the details of some nasty murder in the streets of New York or wherever? Why are our minds being ‘tortured’ by events beyond our control?

What is our escape? It is perfectly simple. Do not listen. But that is not the problem. The problem is politicians listening.

I wish that politicians would thicken their skins and stop worrying about being called ‘baby killers’ if they dare to oppose smoking bans.

The weakness, or even cowardice, of politicians in the face of TC, has produced a divided society. It has produced the torturing of mental health sufferers and prisoners. It is a mistake to regard all prisoners as thugs. Many people are jailed for making mistakes rather than committing deliberate crimes.

In my humble opinion, politicians have completely lost control. They have allowed themselves to be controlled. In the UK, we are descending into chaos.

Why? Because of “Experts”. We are ruled not be elected representatives but by “Experts”.

The torture of smokers will only cease when politicians become human beings again; when they realise that “Experts” have brainwashed themselves into regarding people as THINGS.

2 Responses to “The Role of Politicians in the “Torture of Citizens” Era”

  1. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Too many people in the UK telling others how to live their lives. Instead of being free born Englishmen we are increasingly being told what we can and can’t say and do by a politically correct elite. I and many others are hardening our attitudes to these people and they will find they are challenged more and more.

    • junican Says:

      I think that Brexit has shown precisely the ‘hardening of attitudes’. It does not matter what ‘the remoaners’ in general say. The ‘Brexit negotiations’ are about ‘form’ and not ‘substance’. The fact is that the UK left the EU in June 2016 when the PEOPLE decided to do so. That was when the decision was made.

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