The USA Intention to Reduce Nicotine Content in Cigs

Others have dissected that pronouncement with great skill, eg Dick Puddlecote. I only came across the pronouncement that the FDA vaguely intends to force the reduction of nicotine in cigs whilst on my trip. It appeared as a news item on BBC World News in the ‘strip’ at the bottom of the panel. I could not help but laugh whilst at the same time being appalled. I only got the real gist of the matter when I read Dick P’s post.

The idea of reducing nicotine in cigs has been around for decades. The whole idea is typical of the stupidity of ‘Experts’, no matter what degrees they hold or what university positions they hold.

The first really, really wonderfully scientific ‘break-through’ was the idea of the “Experts” in Academia that lowering the nicotine content of cigs would produce a gradual ‘weaning off’ nicotine. Smokers accustomed to smoking, say, 20 cigs per day, would continue to do so for a while, but would gradually reduce the number of cigs as the ‘addiction’ gradually subsided. The lower the level of nicotine, the less inclined smokers would be to light up. You could even say that smokers would eventually ‘forget’ to light up, since they would no longer be as addicted.

I wonder why it is that “Experts” who produce utter and complete bullshit survive for a moment? I remember the “Expert” James Rapace being blown away when it was revealed that all his blatherings about how tiny particles of tobacco smoke hung around in the atmosphere of adjacent flats when a person was smoking on a balcony, were found to be much the same as the particles hanging around in the ‘no smoking’ atmosphere of the court room. Rapace disappeared from TC Stardom shortly thereafter. Who would believe such a dope after his ‘expertise’ was shown to be equivalent to the blatherings of a child? Oh, and Rapace was “the expert” who said that tornado force winds would be necessary to remove tobacco smoke from the atmosphere of a pub.

So “experts” encouraged ‘light’ cigs. By then, nicotine levels had already been reduced. But the two things go together – reduced tar and reduced nicotine. Canadian ‘scientists’ in collusion with Big T, bred a tobacco plant variety with much less tar. “Experts” suggested that the word ‘Light’ should be used to encourage smokers to move to the lower tar cigs. TobComs went along with that idea. Some years later, they were accused of misleading the public by suggesting that ‘Light’ cigs were harmless.

I have been saying for ages that the likes of the FCTC and TC in general is utterly corrupt. It has been obvious for ages, and yet successive Governments has continued to feed them with vast amounts of our cash.

I have not had time to go into detail, but it seems that the FDA in the USA has been forced to delay its ecig regulations. I doubt that the massive amount of ‘private’ complaints have forced that decision. It is more likely that Congressional pressures have had an effect. I personally believe that the appearance of the proposal for reducing nicotine in cigs is a deliberate distraction, designed to deflect attention from the incredible waste of public money on the demonisation of ecigs.

One of the virtues of Donald Trump, as I understand things, is that he did not rely upon donations from Big Pharma and others. He fought his campaign with his own money. He spent only a third of the money that Clinton spend. That means that he is not beholden to anyone.

Has he yet replaced the head of the FDA? He needs to do so. He needs to tell all his appointees, “We are going to drain the swamp. We are going to remove bribery and corruption from politics. We are going to make that a central plank in our administration and we are going to shout and shout and shout about it. We are going to drain the swamp of corporate buying of politicians”

But the idiocy gets worse and worse. How can there be an aspiration to get rid of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040? How can anyone with any intelligence put a specific date upon the aspiration since not one single person in this world has any idea whatsoever what even tomorrow will be like?

Distractions, distractions, distractions. What is important in these distractions is who is promoting them and how are those people related to ‘The Swamp’?


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  1. brainyfurball Says:

    Yes, the new commissioner of the FDA is now Scott Gottlieb who is responsible for the changes being mooted. His juggling act will be to protect the tobacco industry, maintain revenues, make sure that pharma keeps smiling, and maintain the image that health matters – in order to maintain that illusion, I guess that vaping restrictions will be relaxed – but not too much…

    There will be losers. The small independent vape industries will be at risk, UNLESS they dig deep, organise and pay for the research needed to ensure quality and the technology (maybe glass coating) to separate the metals in the coils etc from the liquid.This is the advantage that the little man has over the conglomerates – but he tends to be too narrow minded and short sighted to see it.

    I dropped my crystal ball on the way down the stairs last night and it may be damaged.

    • junican Says:

      I knew that Trump was intent upon changing the head of the FDA but I was not sure that he had done it as yet. I had already heard of the name Gottlieb, but was not sure if he was the new man or not.
      I think that you are right about him juggling with wealthy vested interests. He must surely know that nicotine reduction has been tried and dismissed many times. The idea is a sop to keep TC quiet.

      I’m not sure what ‘the small independent vape industry’ is. It is not clear.

  2. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    I do wish these arseholes would stop bullying us and leave our lovely product alone.

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