Return from Hols

We (the royal ‘We’) are back.

Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy holiday. I did indeed enjoy my exile ‘to foreign parts’ very much indeed. I term my trip ‘exile’ because there is a strong possibility that I would not spend hundreds of pounds on such a trip if it were not for the astronomical taxes on backy in the UK. At the very least, I generally break even regarding costs. But that is not the way that I look at it. I want the holiday anyway, and I can afford it. The saving in costs on backy is a bonus. But there is a balance. I went to Prague a few years ago where backy is even cheaper. At the time, the price in Spain was about £3.50 for 20 but the price in the Chech Rep was £2.50. But, at the time of year (April? I forget), Prague was damp and cool and not very pleasant. But I found a good pub across from my hotel where I found good food and pleasant company from all parts of Europe. But I prefer Spain, despite to increased costs of backy, because I like to be warm, even though the weather might be damp. There have been many occasions where I have been in shorts and tee-shirt, sitting outside a bar, with warm rain teeming from the sky and rolling off the awnings. There is something quite pleasurable about being in such a situation.

Everyone speaks English. I do not say that in a triumphant way. It is a simple matter of fact. English has become the ‘lingua franca’ of the world. Centuries ago, it was Latin. Isaac Newton wrote his treatise on Gravity in Latin. It was called ‘Principia Mathematica’. At that time, the well-educated people of Europe (the wealthy) all knew Latin and communicated with each other in Latin. Latin was the ‘lingua franca’ of Europe.

While I was away, I played several games of chess with various groups of youths. I am quite a good player, and therefore do not mind playing against three or four people who help each other out. But the main thing is that I would never have met those yoofs from different countries had it not been for playing chess against my machine in the early hours of the morning, sitting outside a disco bar. Also, it would have been difficult had they not spoken English.

Three or four lads from Mallorca gave me a good game. I managed to scrape a win. We parted good friends and I met them again by coincidence a day or so later. There was much hand shaking and back-slapping.

I lost my only game to a Swiss youth. He played good chess and deserved the win, despite my (alcohol induced?) silly error which lost my Queen. It is rare to see such delight upon the face of a youth who is not a football fanatic.

Playing chess in the early hours of the morning, sitting outside a disco bar in the capital of hedonism which is Magalluf, MUST be a sign that ‘our yoof’ are not as ‘lost’ as the Zealots want them to be. Only a few challengers had no idea how to play the game. It is to their credit that they immediately realised that they were out of their depth. I suspect that they thought that they were going to play a ‘superior’ form of draughts.

It is also important that all the games that I played were played in good spirits.

I suppose that my overall point is: ‘do not be afraid to engage with these ‘gangs’ of youths’. Bravado is their thing, but they are fragile. I love them to pieces. And lots and lots of them smoke. Someone picked up a packet and read out “Fumar mata” (smoking kills). I laughed my head off. The reason that I laughed my head off is because ‘fumar mata’ is like shouting ‘drinking kills’ at a wedding reception, or even at the ‘last supper’.

I saw a BBC World News snippet that ‘THE USA” intends to reduce the nicotine content of tobacco (products?). I seem to remember a time not long ago when ‘near-beer’ was much exalted by the Puritans. It was 2% and on draught at the golf club.

It did not last long.

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  1. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Welcome back Junican ! We’ve missed you. Glad you had a good time and replenished your stocks !

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