Prosecutions For Smoking in Cars with Kids Present

The site administrator is off on holiday for a week or so, so this is my final post for the time being.

The Mirror had a spread today about the car smoking ban:

Car smoking ban is massive flop with just ONE prosecution in almost two years” shouted the headline:

But one wonders what the Mirror’s ‘take’ on the story is. Does the Mirror want vastly more prosecutions or the repeal of the ban? It is hard to know because the article does not express an opinion in that respect. Well, it sort of does:

The 2015 legislation was intended to protect kids from second-hand smoke – but cops have largely ignored the laws.”

Cops have ignored the laws? Is the Mirror saying that ‘Cops’ have seen people smoking in cars with kids present and ignored that fact?

And here is the clincher:

“The Department of Health said: “We have always been clear that the measure of success for this legislation will be in changes in attitude and behaviour, not the number of enforcement actions.”

Right. We get the idea. So we have a law which forbids murder, but that law is only a deterrent. People will gradually stop murdering each other, without be prosecuted, because they worry more and more about complying with the law. I think that that is a fair analogy because the Medical Profession, day after day, keep telling us that we are murdering babies with whiffs of second hand smoke. That is what they keep screaming about. A Dad could be smoking outside his front door with the door shut, but the SHS whizzes through the keyhole and envelopes the baby with a massive cloud of smoke. The baby expires or suffers from a lifetime of disease.

What a rotter!! Oh, I don’t mean the Dad; I mean the Medical Profession.

If ever there has been a fraud which resulted in a law, it is SHS in general, and SHS in cars. Has there ever been a survey which asked smokers if they smoke in their cars with all the windows closed?

I have observed this fact every time that I have smoked in my car. Here is the FACT. It is the behaviour of the smoke which ‘proves’ the fact. If I have my driver’s side window open just an inch, the the tobacco smoke is drawn out of the car at the FRONT END of the window. What can we deduce from that? It is easy. Fresh air enters the car at the REAR END. Think about the airflow. If you are driving along a road at 40 mph, you are, in effect, creating a ‘wind’ of 40 mph. That ‘wind’ forces itself into the car via the open window. It creates a circulation of ‘wind’ within the car. The ‘wind’ has no option but to circulate around the car and exit at the FRONT END of the window. I have observe my tobacco smoke being drawn out of the car at the FRONT of the window innumerable times. It is simple physics.

The Zealots defy simple physics.

But there is more. Modern car have inbuilt circulation systems so that fumes cannot build up inside the car. It is no big deal. It is merely a matter of ensuring that there is an airflow, no matter how small, within the passenger space.

The smoking ban in cars is very symptomatic of the ‘capture’ of politicians by ‘experts’.

I cannot say that I align with Corbyn, but he has something which is commendable. It is that his political aspirations are genuinely POLITICAL!!! They are not ‘managerial’. It is a terrible thing that much of politics today is about how to ‘manage’ the People.

There is a problem with Brexit. It is that all the emphasis is on economics. That is not the reason that I personally voted ‘Leave’. I want out of the POLITICAL stuff, including the World Bank and the IMF (The International Monetary Fund). It is the POLITICAL side of those organisations which really, really annoys me. “Apply the smoking ban or we will not finance you or your financial transactions in the world”. It is almost as though those organisations have ‘de facto’ control.

Taking back control of those organisations is what Trump, May, and many other leaders should concentrate upon. They are toxic. They are political abominations – exercising power without representation.

I think that only Trump and Putin have the power to FORCE reforms. I say that because they are opposed to each other but have equal interests in taking such organisations out of the POLITICAL equation. Put them back in their place as mere ‘facilitators’, which they were always intended to be. The UK and other countries could help.

Why has Greece not ceded from the Union? I do not know. If ever a country NEEDED to cede, it is Greece.

Perhaps it dare not. Perhaps it has been threatened. It must stay in servitude because it was tempted by the Olympic Games shower of fortunes in gold from the tourist input. Oh dear! The tourist input went to all sorts of international organisations, like airlines. Very little actually was spent by the tourists in Greece. Oh, and there were all those stadiums which were useless. Greece GOT IT WRONG! It should have demanded massive payments to stage the Olympics. The Olympics Games are a massive confidence trick. Taxpayers were defrauded massively by the London Olympics. The London Olympics were a classic example of massive losses to taxpayers and massive profits to a few. That was what happened in Greece.

The Olympic Games are ‘virtue signalling’ on a massive scale. That is proven reasonably because no one in their right mind would hold them in Somalia.

What I laugh at is that the disgraced PM Cameron thought that smokers were a push over. We may be disjointed and relatively less well educated, but most of us are not nicotine addicted morons. We may be nicotine addicted, but we are not morons.

It really is quite laughable. The dozen or so regulars in my local are non-smokers. The Manger and ALL the staff are smokers!

Cheerio until next week.




5 Responses to “Prosecutions For Smoking in Cars with Kids Present”

  1. Smoking Lamp Says:

    Second Hand Smoke is a fraud designed to demonize and persecute smokers into submission. Invoking children is an emotional appeal designed to negate questioning the antismoker propaganda.

    If smoking was actually a danger to children (in cars or elsewhere) why wasn’t that the first asa banned? Sounds like ASH, et al deliberately placed children at risk by making the pub smoking ban the priority?

    (Of course there is no real risk to children from passive smoke and the antismoker pressure groups know it but this sequence of priority illustrates the arbitrary nature of their steps toward incremental prohibition.)

  2. elenamitchell Says:

    Have a really nice time.

  3. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Have a good holiday Junican. No doubt you’ll be bringing back plenty of supplies !

  4. prof local fluff Says:

    enjoy your trip)

  5. Brian Moore Says:

    On the subject of SHSm l have just stayed in a hotel in London that supplies smoking rooms thats why l stay there so whats the take on the chambermaids being subjected to SHS? whilst carrying their work?

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