“But smoking, long term, is still not a frightfully good idea.”

I hope that Elena will forgive me for highlighting here statement in yesterday’s comments.

There is nothing whatsoever wrong with her statement. Nothing at all. Epidemiological studies have shown that a good precaution to take is not to smoke. That precaution is similar to any precaution that you might care to name. Thus, it is a good precaution to cross the road only at pedestrian crossings, and not nip across the road when the road is empty. Nipping across the road when there are no vehicles in sight in both directions is dangerous.

I once was driving into town some years ago and sort-of witnessed someone being knocked down, and maybe killed, on a pedestrian crossing. I say ‘sort of’ because I did not actually see the vehicle hit the person. I was driving down behind a bus. I car passed me and the bus on the outside. There was a shriek of brakes, and there, in full view, was a body lying on the pedestrian crossing. People rushed to assist.

I don’t know what subsequently happened because traffic got moving again even before the ‘body’ was removed. Why not? What would be the point of the bus hanging around?

I hate to be ‘racist’, but the fact was that the occupants of the car which hit the pedestrian on the crossing were ‘Asian’, and so was the mowed down person, as far as I could see. Perhaps such incidents are common-place in Karachi.

I emphasise that incident as only to highlight the ease with which we can be have our minds altered. I really mean that phrase – “Have our minds altered”. It is very, very hard to refuse to accept, in your mind, what everyone else is saying to be true. Very, very hard. It takes a lot of courage to NOT TO go along. It is so hard to do so that we have to become hermits to a larger or lesser extent. Meanwhile, ASH ET AL,  aided and abetted by politicians, continue to persecute us.

But should it be the other way round? Should it be that politicians seek ways to persecute us? How do we know that that is not true? How do we know otherwise?

“But smoking, long term is still not a frightfully good idea.”

How do we know that that is true?




4 Responses to ““But smoking, long term, is still not a frightfully good idea.””

  1. Smoking Lamp Says:

    Yes, we have been told that it is true using manipulated statistics that often don’t even reach the point of being statistically significant. And all dissent is relentlessly suppressed. Those who offer sound research that does not align with the approved party line are brutally attacked. The number of smokers decreases yet the so-called smoking-related diseases increase. Propaganda and ideology played a large part in forming the accepted wisdom about smoking.

    • junican Says:

      The ‘programme’ was set up decades ago, long before the appearance of the FCTC. Meticulous preparations were made and suitable top people put in place in the Health Dept, the WHO, the UN, and every other body which might become involved. That is why not much happened after the ban on tobacco adverts on TV for a long time. The ban on TV adverts showed that ‘it could be done’. But such ‘chains’ are only as strong as the weakest link, and ecigs have severed the chain. The ruthless ban on snus is clearly a deliberate decision, despite the evidence that it is harmless.
      Who knows what will happen next? I think that it would be great if OZ changed its laws on ecigs. Removing people like Chapman from any position of influence would be a great step forward.

  2. beobrigitte Says:

    “But smoking, long term is still not a frightfully good idea.”
    Hmmmm, I am a “long term” wanderer on this planet and I smoke since the age of 12.
    All I’ve noticed so far are the usual getting older bits. Mainly wrinkles. Otherwise I am as I was always, except I have a lot more life experience than I used to have.

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