Are Ecigs Likely to be a ‘Gateway’ to Smoking?

I just love to think around concepts. Some of the Zealots are very, very clever in a mean sort of way.

I was in the pub on Friday night. That night is the most popular, even though there were still only about 20 people in there. Friday night is karaoke night and the usual people get up and sing the usual songs. It is quite jolly. There were two people using ecigs. One of them is a bit of a dick-head – he blows out sizeable fogs of vapour. No the huge plumes that you see on the internet, but sizeable, nevertheless. Someone should tell him not to do that, because there is always someone who will complain about the ‘nasty’ smell. But he is with his parents (I think) and it is up to them, or the Manager of the pub, to tell him that he is his own worst enemy. He should be thankful that the Manager and, as far as I can see, all the other staff are smokers. He should be thankful that vaping is not banned. It is silly to provoke reactions when there is no need to.

There was another guy who frequented the pub who also used an ecig. He has reverted to stepping outside to smoke a REAL cig.

I do believe that THERE IS A WORRY that smokers will give up smoking for a while using an ecig, but will, eventually, not find the ecig satisfactory, just as the guy I mentioned in the last sentence. He reverted to going outside for a REAL cig rather than being able to sit at the bar using his ecigs.

For is there not some meaning to the difference between ‘SMOKING’ and ‘USING’? You cannot ‘smoke’ an ecig. Can you ‘vape’ and ecig? There does not seem to be a verb which is ‘active’ for vaping. There does not seem to be such a phrase as: “I vaped an ecig”.

I do not understand why that is so. Perhaps it is a typical example of ‘language deficiency’. We know what we want to say, but do not have the words to describe it. Thus, as has always been the case, we have to invent new words.

“I was in a pub where vaping was permitted, so I decide to ‘plonk’ my ecig”. Or would that be better as: “… I decided to suck my ecig”. After all, ecigs produce vapour and not smoke, and so the idea of ‘sucking’ vapour out of the tube is quite a reasonable way to describe the practice.

And why not describe the use of an ecig as ‘sucking’? If I was a vaper, I would not be ashamed to describe the act of inhaling the vapour as sucking, any more than I would be ashamed of describing the drinking of a glass of whiskey as ‘sipping’. There may well be a problem with the idea of babies sucking on their mothers’ nipples, and yet we have no problem with the idea of a pump ‘sucking’ water from a river, or whatever. If vapers used the word ‘suck’, then people would very quickly get used to the word.

But there are other words, such as ‘puff’ – not as accurate, but good enough. “I took a puff of my ecig” is almost as good as, “I took a drag on my cig”. ‘Drag’ is not a bad word. “I took a drag on my ecig”.

Vapers have to invent their own terms and SHOUT THEM OUT. At all times, on-line, they must NEVER EVER allow TC to determine the language. They must, for example, avoid like the plague, the phrase ‘smoke-free’.

I can see why the Zealots HAVE A WORRY. Millions of people might drag/puff on ecigs – for a while before reverting to the real thing. I dare say that methadone mimics heroin, but is not quite the same.

Would it not be wonderful if Governments stopped persecuting people? I really, really do not understand how such a situation has come to pass, especially in the post-religious idea of sinfulness. Sinfulness is no longer a moral idea – it is a lifestyle idea.

I don’t know about other religions, but I distinctly remember Catholicism frowning upon inter-racial marriage. One of the arguments was that ‘blackness’ can skip generations, so that a great-great-grandchild could come out black, even though the parents were ostensibly white. I do not know if that is true, but that is what I was taught. But that idea, even if it is true, suggests that there is something wrong with having black skin. [There is the obvious problem of Dad wondering who has f*cked his wife].

None of these things matter. What really, really matters is whether or not people have enough to eat and drink and have warm clothes and shelter. That is all that matters. Their lifestyles are their own business.

Tobacco is enjoyable, just like chocolate or chips. When will we have a Government that realises that ‘enjoyment’ is something to be promoted rather than frowned upon?

The Grenfall Fire has concentrated minds somewhat, but mostly in the wrong direction. There are two distinct aspects:

  1. How did a fire in one apartment spread to the whole tower?
  2. Who was living in the apartments and how many perished and why?

I read somewhere today that there was one ‘Asian gentleman’ who had wall to wall three tier bunk-beds in his apartment, housing some 30 people. Obviously, there is no way to know if that is true unless the ‘authorities’ release photos of the debris from the apartment in question. It is MORE THAN LIKELY that we shall see something like the 9/11 cover-up in due course.

I hope that the ‘dispossessed’ shout and shout, if only to reveal the actual number of corpses discovered in due course. The number of corpses is paramount. The idea that the enquiry could hide the number of corpses, discovered in due course, is iniquitous.

But that is what the Yanks did after 9/11. They shovelled up everything and dumped ash, detritus and bodies into lorries and carted the debris off to be disposed of. How could a proper enquiry take place without that debris?

Yes, it is quite possible that ecigs will interfere with ‘The WHO plan’, which is what the Zealots are WORRIED about. Ecigs might interfere with ‘The Plan’ to exterminate tobacco plantations.

What I like about the situation is ‘the creation of doubt’. Ecigs have created turmoil at the highest level. How wonderful!

But there is nothing that is perfectly equivalent to actually enjoying tobacco as a smoker. There is no perfect equivalent. It would be like drinking red wine which was colourless – like water. No matter how much the ‘Medics’ said that the colourless stuff was exactly the same as red wine, we would rebel.

But what we would not be able to do was degrade those who protested that the colourless stuff was the same as red wine. They can say such things with impunity.

And is that not the major problem? ASH ET AL can say what they want to and have impunity.

What ASH ET AL are terrified of is that ecigs will render them powerless and superfluous – and jobless.

And, in due course, people who vape will rediscover the pleasure of REAL tobacco.

I am currently smoking, as I write this, a very tasty blend of Lemon Virginia and Burley stuff in the proportions 2/3rds LV and 1/3rd Burley. My friend in Ireland prefers 50/50.

What is important about that? It is that we have THE CHOICE. You can only have THE CHOICE if you can import the stuff, even if you have to pay duty. As things stand, you cannot import the stuff at all without permission.

What a scandalous situation! You can only enjoy TobCOM products! You cannot enjoy your own blends!

But, as I have said again and again, it is the scandalous failure of politicians to protect citizens against ‘special interest zealots’, and, even worse, to fund them.

‘Fight, fight, fight against the dying of the light’.

The Organisations of Pubs, Labour clubs, bingo clubs, etc, capitulated without demure to the Smoking Ban. Is it any wonder that old people are dying like flies from loneliness?


16 Responses to “Are Ecigs Likely to be a ‘Gateway’ to Smoking?”

  1. elenamitchell Says:

    I have thought long and hard about this, and got really pissed off about restrictions on smoking the real stuff. But the truth is that I don’t really care all that much. On the rare occasions that I go to a Bar there are always relatively comfortable provisions for smoking outside even if it is cold and raining, and there will always be someone to talk to.
    I simply don’t go to the houses of people who won’t allow smoking inside their houses, and they are usually pretty boring anyway. So nothing lost, really.

    • Smoking Lamp Says:

      Nothing except liberty which leads to an erosion of freedom and the rise of totalitarian lifestyle control in all spheres of life.

    • junican Says:

      I think that your experience is generally true. Why bother going to pubs if you cannot enjoy yourself?

  2. thelastfurlong Says:

    The word for ‘puffing’ or ‘smoking’ an e-cig is ‘vape’. An e-cig is a ‘vaping device’ called a ‘mod’ often, or ‘vape pen’ or ‘stick’. A person who makes a lot of vapour is a ‘clouder’. When out, vapers should vape discreetly.

    I vape everywhere – discretely. But I defend vapers AND smokers on the principle that just because I’m ok (I never go to pubs, restaurants, or go out much at all, in fact) Tobacco Control is an evil ideology – a worldwide infection of the minds of people done with purpose and malice aforethought. Unacceptable. The forunner of repression.

    The camel in the tent of personal freedom!

    • junican Says:

      Well, I do understand that, but the trouble is that the word ‘vape’, as a verb’, is almost always a ‘passive’ verb. You rarely, if ever, see phrases such as, “I vaped my ecig”, as compared with, “I smoked my cig”.

      • thelastfurlong Says:

        Vape = noun = “I left my vape at home”
        Vape = verb = ” I vape, (but I left my vape at home)”
        Vaped = verb = “I could have vaped but I left my vape at home”
        Vaping = verb = ” I love vaping”
        Vaping = adjective = “I left my vaping stuff at home”

        Vapers don’t talk about “ecigarettes” – they talk about their “devices” – sometimes the device becomes the “vape”

        Loads of new words coming into the English language! and definately I am “vaping” my device/stick, pen, mod – whatever! Not “smoking” it.

  3. elenamitchell Says:

    I am sure that you are right. But I will probably be dead by then, or much too old.
    But were not The Victorians doing much the same. And at least women get The Vote these days. I thought that this was marvellous when I was young, but now I wouldn’t give you tuppence happny for it.
    It will all come swings and roundabouts eventually. Much as I really enjoy smoking, and wish to continue to do so, it actually isn’t a very good idea long term.
    I am pleased that two of my sons don’t smoke. But the one son who does is so much more fun.
    Smokers are more fun, and intellectually more competent. But then if God didn’t want us to smoke then he wouldn’t have invented tobacco.
    This is obviously a bad argument, because Ditto Weed, Cocaine, Heroin, etcetera.

    Choice is the real thing.

    • Rose Says:

      BITS and PIECES
      from Clean Living Movements: American cycles of Health reform

      “From Chapter III:

      “From the 1830s until the Civil War period, health reformers operated on the thesis that tobacco was a deadly poison. In an effort to encourage individuals to quit, or not start its use, reformers portrayed the disgusting figures of tobacco chewers as intemperate, physically ill, and morally depraved. In 1849 as the result of reformers’ increasing concern over tobacco, and in conscious imitation of temperance efforts, the American Anti-tobacco Society was organized.

      Many reformers and physicians of the day discussed the health consequences of tobacco. Edward Hitchcock (1830, 314), of Amherst College, considered tobacco, as well as alcohol, as dangerous substances even when used moderately; he believed they caused moral deterioration and inherited weakness.

      Alcott (1835, 183-185) regarded its use as evil for similar reasons. Caleb Ticknor, a physician, (1836, 110-111) deemed tobacco “the most deadly, most noxious poison” and considered it addictive.

      Larkin Coles (1855, 7,58,64,88), a Seventh-day Adventist minister and physician, suggested tobacco did far more damage than alcohol to the health and welfare of Americans.

      Joel Shew (1855, 6-13), a hydropathic physician, published a tract listing 87 diseases caused by tobacco–the first being insanity and the last cancer.”

      “The anti-tobacco movement, like most other health-reform issues of the First Clean Living era, waned by the time of the Civil War. During and immediately after the war there was an increase in tobacco use, from smoking cigars and newly introduced cigarettes.”

    • junican Says:

      “If God made …” is clearly as ‘straw man’. Ignore such ideas. We can please ourselves without God intervening.


      The ‘moderns’ laugh at the ideas of the ancients. But soon, the ‘moderns’ will become ancients, and will be laughed at.

  4. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Nothing compares to the aroma of burning fresh tobacco in a little tube of pleasure !

  5. elenamitchell Says:

    But smoking, long term is still not a frightfully good idea.

    • Timothy Goodacre Says:

      I’ve enjoyed Turkish tobacco cigs since 1972 Elena !

      • elenamitchell Says:

        And I’ve been smoking since 1956. Not that I have any intention of stopping. I enjoy it too much.

      • junican Says:

        Living, in the long term, is not a frightfully good idea. You may get cancer or heart disease, or ….. Much better to die as soon as possible.

  6. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Good for you Elena !

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