Dereliction of Duty by Politicians

I mentioned, yesterday, the use of the phrase ‘duty of care’ as an excuse for persecution. Teachers use to have a ‘duty’ to teach; now, the also have a ‘duty to care’?

What does the word ‘CARE’ mean in the circumstances? In fact, does the meaning of the word ‘care’ depend entirely upon the circumstances, or is the meaning always exactly the same? The phrase ‘duty of care’ is bandied about as though it always means the same thing.

The fact is that the idea of  ‘duty of care’ has been so bandied about, in all sorts of circumstances, that it NO ONE can avoid being accused of failing to exercise ‘duty of care’. It is all utter nonsense.

My wife suffers from Multiple Sclerosis and has done so for more than 30 years. Thankfully, it is the type which has a slow progression so that she is still alive at the age of 75. Do I, her husband, have a ‘duty of care’? ABSOLUTELY NOT! I DO care, obviously, but I have no such legal duty. And it comes down to the simple idea – if you get paid to do a job, then you have to do that job properly. That is what ‘duty of care’ comes down to – doing your job properly.

Again and again, we see our language being distorted, and it is always done by people with agendas. ‘Smokefree’ to me means ‘freedom to smoke’, or even, ‘free cigarettes’, such as used to occur at dinners, when there were little tubs of cigs on the tables at golf club dinners. ‘Smokefree’ means ‘smoke freely’.

The correct phrase, in our language, which means absence of smoke, is ‘smokeless’.

I do not blame the shysters in ASH, the BMA, the Academics and the ‘Medics’ etc for taking advantage of the lucrative ‘trade’ in snake oil. What could be more lovely than to be given a grant of $1,000,000 to spend as you wish, whilst keeping ‘accounts’ of the spending, which no one will ever look at? $200,000 paid to wife for ‘secretarial assistance’? Who the f*ck gives a toss how the funds are spent?

The reason that the shysters get away with it is utterly, totally and completely POLITICAL!

Several of us highlighted VapingPoint Liz’s letter to PM Theresa May, in which she told the PM, without exaggeration or lucrative phraseology, how smoking bans have affected the millions of citizens who enjoy tobacco. Here is the link again:

I have pondered long and hard about how ‘we few’ can influence politicians beyond our numbers. The only idea that makes sense to me is ‘constant repetition’. You need to pester. There are ‘only’ 650 MPs. I would not mind pestering my MP if almost all other ‘tobacco lovers’ also pestered their MPs. I think that it is really, really important NOT TO THINK that millions of smokers need to be involved. There lies failure. Millions of smokers will never be accumulated.

I am amazed that ‘Forest’ has never asked the undoubted thousands of ‘members’ to identify their constituencies. Perhaps Forest does not really ‘care’. “Write to your MP” does not cut it. There must be a CONCERTED effort, and repetition. Write again and again and visit.

It is only because MPs do not think that we have PP. Not thinking is precisely the ‘dereliction of duty’ that I am talking about. Not thinking is endemic among politicians. They vote as they are told to vote by the Elite who have been wedged into positions of strength. Only recently have I come to realise that Cameron was a cipher. I am not even sure that he actually existed in reality. He might have been a cyborg. But I suppose that the cyborg will appear here and there giving speeches and making millions.

When Cameron agreed to PP, he derelicted his duty. He let a few Zealots override his duty to The People. ‘ The People’ do not like ugliness, fake pictures, verbal and visible assaults on their senses.

We might be deterred from eating meat if the process of slaughtering cattle was graphically displayed on television. Why have politicians not demanded that? I is because they do not give a toss about eating meat.

I really despair about the trivialities that our MPs blather about. ‘Not fit for purpose’ is appropriate.

And yet I get an impression that MPs themselves are vaguely aware of the disenchantment. MPs are caught between a rock and a hard place. They generally want to be individuals and vote according to their conscience, but they are obliged to accept the directions of ‘The Elite”.

Just as constituency voters must pester their MPs. so must MPs pester “The Elite”. They really, really must.


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