Manipulation By Distraction

Here is a comment to yesterday’s effort:

prof local fluff Says:

“Mass migration is fine until the indigenous are criminalised through the corruption of language ‘thought crime’ to raise concerns over the inability of the infrastructure that is supposedly controlled by our elected reps to handle them.”

Why has so little been said over the last couple of decades of the effect of mass immigration on the Country’s infrastructure? Imagine building a new, empty city, complete with a town hall, lots and lots of local authority offices, hospitals, schools, roads, sewers, water supply, electricity, gas mains, etc, etc, etc, and then inviting lots of immigrants to come and occupy that city. Note that my examples of ‘infrastructure’ are all COSTS – there is no sign of INCOME to pay those costs – no sign of profitable enterprises.

Essentially, that is what has been happening, apart from the fact that the immigration is spread out. The effects on the infrastructure are the same. Schools, hospitals, etc, come under pressure. Is it any wonder that the NHS and Education System are in trouble?

Listen. I am not a racist. I do not regard a man/woman with black skin as inferior to me. He/she might be less well-educated, but he/she is not inferior to me. Provided that those people accept and conform to our civilisation, I have no problems.

I do not blame Muslims for having different beliefs, but their beliefs must give way to ‘the traditional law of the land’. The Common Law of England has existed for many centuries, and forms the basis of our Society. But it is a ‘living’ concept. It changes over the decades and centuries to take account of new knowledge and beliefs. That is why homosexuality is no longer a crime.

The sad thing is that the way in which our Elected Representative see themselves has changed drastically. They no longer see themselves as ‘defenders’ of The People. They see themselves as ‘oppressors’ of The People. They see their ‘duty’ as being to reduce the freedoms of The People by introducing more and more bans and regulations. The phrase that you are looking for is: “Duty of Care”.

There is not, and never has been, such a duty. A doctor is paid to cure ailments; a footballer is paid to score goals and stop the other team from scoring. Neither are paid to be ‘role models’. I look forward to the day when a footballer says, “I am paid to score goals. I am not paid to be a role model”. The same applies to actors and actresses. Let’s see people like Stanton Glantz become less obese before he starts ‘taking down’ smokers.

“Now is the time to bury bad news” is an infamous phrase said to have been said by one Jo Moore:

The occasion was the destruction of the World Trade Centre.

That is a classic case of ‘Manipulation By Distraction’. The World Trade Centre Destruction was a distraction which could be used to slip through all sorts of regulations. No one would notice, and, if some people did notice, shouts about the Trade Centre could be magnified.

And is that not precisely what has been happening for many years as regards tobacco control, climate control, sugar control, fat control, salt control, BO control, etc? (For youthful readers, ‘BO’ means ‘Body Odours’. Some time ago, the TV adverts were inundated with adverts selling sprays of all sort to combat BO). Is it not true that all sorts of ‘Distractions’ have been use to get The People to regard their losses of Freedoms as unimportant?

It has been going on for years and years.

What distresses me is that our Elected Representatives are elected precisely NOT TO be distracted. They are elected NOT TO BE distracted by events in Syria and such. They were elected to STOP the likes of TC, FCTC, IPCC, etc, from imposing dictatorial rule.

Why do they allow themselves to be so distracted and manipulated? I do not know.

A really important example of such manipulation was the ‘ban on smoking in cars with children present’. Politicians seem to have been distracted and manipulated by the word ‘children’, even though the law does not differentiate between five-year-olds, ten-year-olds and seventeen-year-olds. All are CHILDREN. Bu they cease to be CHILDREN when the become ‘ADOLESCENT BRAINS’.

Somehow or other, our Elected Representatives must change their thinking. They must recognise that they are NOT The Government. They think that they are, but they are not. The duty of our elected representatives is to ensure that minorities are not persecuted.

We must understand that a ‘minority’ does not necessarily mean a ‘numerical’ minority. Such a ‘minority’ might well be a very large segment of the population, but a detested segment. King James 1 described that majority succinctly – “The Lesser Sort”. The plebs. The uneducated, the scum, the ‘undesirables’, the queers and the Jews. Oh, and Smokers.

The Grenfell Tower inferno is a magnificent distraction politically, even though it was a terrible disaster. If the people who survived had accepted with relief alternative accommodation,  we would all have been thankful that, as a Society, we had looked after the exposed people. But they have lost our sympathy. They have demanded. Further, most of them seem to be foreigners.

Our Elected Representatives must change their attitudes in accordance with modern communications. Why are they in agreement with the persecution, via bans and taxes, of people who simply enjoy tobacco? What is the REAL problem? Is it astroturfing by ASH ET AL?

Second Hand Smoke is a distraction. It always has been. ‘Science’ has shown that the SHS disperses to rapidly that it cannot possibly be dangerous within the life-time of ALL human beings, including ‘children’. So why do we have this criminalising car smoking ban?

There is a thought which is worth examining. It is worth examining whether masses and masses of activities should be decriminalised. I am not just talking about smoking and drugs. I am talking about masses and masses of silly regulations. For example, our family used to go to a place in South Wales. It was lovely. Our caravan looked straight out over the bay. And then the Council insisted that the Site erect a fence to stop people from falling over the edge of a small drop. The ‘scene’ was spoiled for ever. You no longer saw the scene, you saw the fence.

That is ‘government’.



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  1. slugbop007 Says:

    Funny that you should mention the deodorant scam, I was thinking about it this morning. One of my favourite writers, Alexander King, called it the underarm gambit. It was propaganda with no end in sight. Just last week I decided to try Arm & Hammer’s deodorant stick. Within minutes all the hairs under my arms were dried out and caked with a smelly paste. I washed it all away, Blecch!


    • junican Says:

      Why the hell did you try it in the first place! I stopped believing that I stink donkeys years ago. I do not stink. I never have. I shower for MY OWN COMFORT and not for anyone else.

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