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I had to go into town today to get a full birth certificate for my grandson. He lives ‘down South’. He needs it by Wednesday because he has an interview for a new passport. He rang me on Friday last, which meant that my first opportunity was today, Monday. I really ought to have said, “Sod off! Rearrange the interview and order YOUR birth certificate on-line”. But, being a natural sucker for my kids and grandkids, I acquiesced.

What a horror! You cannot get a certificate from the town hall anymore – you have to go to the Registry Office, which is somewhat out of town. To make things worse, I had sort of lost my ‘mental map’ of the town’s roads. Not surprising because I have had no need to drive into town for years, and especially the areas North of the town. So, since I could not dis-cipher Google Earth or Google Maps satisfactorily, I decided to drive into town and park where I usual park, and walk to the Registrar’s. It was a good way and the directions were complicated. But I got there and did the business.

Only then did I realise that there was a much simpler way to get there. Google ‘directions’ had sent me on the shortest route, but not the easiest route. That idea is very important. You see, the shortest route involved many pedestrian crossings and many roundabouts, and many obstructions. The longer route was much simpler – a longer walk but hardly any crossings.

But if you lose your ‘mental map’, it is very hard to visualise what you will see as you drive along. It was very easy returning, because my ‘mental map’ had been mostly recovered.

It is not senility!!!! On occasions in the distant past, driving from A to B on a route very familiar to me, I have suddenly had a ‘blackout’ – suddenly not knowing where I was or where to go. It is a strange experience. Everything around you is odd. You drive along waiting for a clue, and it comes in the form of some signpost or other, and then you remember. It is just like wondering into the kitchen knowing that you went into the kitchen for some reason, but forgetting why you went there. You need a prompt.

I think that Tobacco Control has hit a similar ‘mental blackout’.

I suppose that it used to have ‘Health’ as its ideology,  but, somehow, it lost its way. Or rather, it was taken over by profiteers. Ideologies have always been wide open to profiteers.

For example, it is known that ecig vapour contains almost no toxins, and such that exist are not dangerous. That is fact. I mean, analysis of the vapour produces results that show that any harmful ingredients are so tiny that the human body would be able to excrete them in one way or another, or that it would take several life-times for those ingredients to disable or kill the vaper.

But nothing is certain. There is a tiny possibility that vapers might start dropping like flies after thirty years of vaping, but there is no actual toxicology to support that possibility. None at all. So, it is MUCH, MUCH better to let ecigs take their toll on smoking tobacco. MUCH, MUCH better.

So why is the FDA in America trying its best scupper ecigs?

It can only be DISHONESTY.

It may be that, decades ago, people like Doll really, really believed that smoking cigs as existed at the time (no filter tips, fire cured, full of tar) was very, very dangerous. But, at the time, so were smogs. The combination of untipped, fire cured tobacco smoke and smogs very likely damaged smokers and non-smokers alike. I would rather inhale tobacco smoke than sulphuric acid.

It would be nice to compare deaths from LC in the 1950s as compared with today, but it is not possible. ALL cancers were considered to be ‘shameful’ at that time. I do not know why. Many LC deaths were disguised to spare the feelings of the bereaved as pneumonia, which they were likely to be as a complication of the LC.

Self-perpetuating industries, serving no purpose whatsoever other than enriching the participants, have been built upon foundations which have ceased to exist decades ago – meaning tar-laden tobacco.

I managed to buy some fire-cured leaves which apparently came from Indonesia. I have not yet used up my German leaves. The German leaves are very superior – really, really sweet, comparatively.

I vaguely detest TobCOMS. They spent millions and millions trying to defend the indefensible in the sense of trying to ‘void’ laws. That is almost impossible because of the way that democracy works – majority decisions rule, OK? What they did not do was defend their customers. It is as though they too regarded smokers as slimy addicts, to be exploited. Is that still there vision?

In the UK, as a result of ‘Brexit’, there is an opportunity to kick out the FCTC, IPCC, and sundry other ‘One World’ ideas.

What we want is ‘cooperation’ for the ‘greater good’. We do not want ‘dictatorship’ in any form.

We in the UK have a form of dictatorship as regards smokers. Smokers are becoming more and more criminalised.

Everything is changing by the day. The point is fast approaching where you can still buy uniformly similar cigs but you are not allowed to smoke them.

But there is some hope. It seems that Theresa May and her Cabinet have more important things to think about than ASH’S ‘next logical step’. I really, really want to see ASH ET AL shouting and screaming about the Government’s failure to accede to their demands. I want ASH ET AL to scream and scream. I want The Sec of State for Health to become sick to death of the screaming.

But, most of all, I want ASH ET AL to be defunded. Maybe then we could start hunting down Arnott et al and making their lives miserable. I do not mean personally. I mean ‘personally’ as visible autocrats. I cannot but think that people like Arnott and Simple Simon in Oz have to be hunted down. After all, they ‘hunt down’ smokers. They criminalise smokers.

It will happen eventually, but the perpetrators will escape scot-free.

What we smokers want is simple.

We want the cost of cigs to be the same as another VAT-able commodity. Nothing less will do. No ‘sin’ taxes. 

We want parents to shelter their kids as they wish, and not by some State dictat.

We want owner of businesses to decide whether they permit smoking or not. 

Nothing in those aspirations are inhuman. They are sensible and realistic.


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  1. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Totally agree Junican. Tobacco should only be taxed normally. I am sick of paying exhorbitant rates and being treated like a pariah. If i had a garden id follow you and grow my own. If i ever come into money its on my priority list. Id probably go further make my own cigs from my own tobacco package them how i wanted to and give them away to my fiends. Fuck Arnott et al !

  2. junican Says:

    In some ways, TC has drawn our attention to the extra taxes that are called ‘duties’. But they are just extra taxes. Most of us know that those ‘duties’ originated from war-time situations long ago – independence in the USA and imports of wine from countries witch which we had disputes. Duties were WEAPONS. And then they became a sort of ‘luxury tax’. Now, they are weapons again.
    We have no moral duty to comply.

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