ASH Scotland has apparently revealed what must be done about ‘illicit tobacco’. I only found out about that via a vague reference. I have not seen any links as yet, but I suppose that they will appear eventually.

Is there such a thing as ‘illicit tobacco’? What does the word ‘illicit’ mean? I opine that tobacco, in itself, is similar to hay – to make hay, the grasses are cut down, allowed to dry for a while lying in the fields, scraped together in to bails and then carted off to be stored in barns. The resultant ‘hay’ is fed to cattle and horses and whatever else during the winter. Is there such a thing as ‘illicit hay’?

There is no such thing as ‘illicit’ tobacco. There may be ‘smuggled’ tobacco, and there may be ‘substandard’ tobacco, and there may be ‘infected’ tobacco, but not ‘elicit’ tobacco. There is no such thing.

ASH ET AL play games with words, and politicians admire them because politicians themselves play games with words. All of them distort the meaning of words. They use nouns, adjective and adverbs to make things sound worse than they are. For example, ASH ET AL have, for ages, used phrases like: “There is a worry that young people will become addicted to nicotine via ecigs”.

Who exactly is worried? I am not worried. You are not worried. Who is worried? Why should Arnott be ‘worried’? Does she also ‘worry’ about the situation in Syria? Why not? That situation is far more immediate than ‘worries’ about ecigs.

The election of Trump as USA President was a revolution. Brexit was a revolution. Those two events are world-changing. I am not quite sure that Trump himself realises that. ‘HE’ is a revolution. HE must ignore all the crap about Russia. Let someone else handle it. HE must press on with ‘draining swamp’. His only problem is the build-up of the size of the swamp. It will take years to drain.

Similarly, Brexit is a swamp. I voted for Brexit to get out of the ‘swamp’ of political corruption. I see blatant corruption everywhere in the EU. I see some kind of subservience to the UN: Climate Control, Tobacco Control, Obesity Control. I would like to see Trump kick the UN out of New York and insist that they relocate to Somalia before he gives them one more penny.

It is simple things like ‘location of persecutors’ which undermine them. ASH LONDON occupies premises on one floor of a ‘tower block’. Well, not exactly. It has a few rooms on a floor of a building in London. But, surely, renting that office space must be very expensive? What does it matter where ASH LONDON is located? In any case, why it that organisation not called ‘ASH ENGLAND’?


So ASH SCOTLAND has made a plan to ‘correct’ the problem which it created. The plan will, no doubt, involve massive expenditure on persecuting smokers who dare to import leaves. Thousands of customs officers will have to recruited and paid to justify the existence of ASH SCOTLAND.

That is what it is all about – justifying the existence of ASH SCOTLAND.

The need for ASH ET AL to justify their existence is becoming more and more pronounced,  and ASH ET AL are becoming more and more worried that their verbal manipulations will fall on deaf ears.

As an aside, what has amazed me over the last decade or so, is how PMs have appointed anti-smokers, again and again and again, as Health Ministers. Is it any wonder that the NHS has no direction? It blunders about, giving as much importance to persecution of smokers as the curing of diseases.

There is a revolt in this land. The revolution is about ‘Control’. Control, control. control. Revolutions have always been about ‘Control’.

But there is a definite Revolution happening.

Who knows how extensive the Revolution might be?


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  1. Smoking Lamp Says:

    You are correct there is no such thing as ‘illicit tobacco’. There is however illicit trade in tobacco also known as the ‘black market’. That illicit trade is a consequence of prohibition.

    The tobacco control cult is now in a bit of a fix. They created the illicit market for tobacco and empowered global organized crime groups in doing so. All of this after they said it couldn’t or wouldn’t happen.

    Now today at the Guardian, in series of articles, they are trying to create the impression that all tobacco trade in Africa is illicit. And in their perverted world it is–because they covet the land and property of the tobacco companies for gather own ends.

    This is all part of a global project for incremental prohibition of tobacco in all forms and confiscation of all tobacco company assets. Alcohol is next (they have already started).

    Here is a link to the Guardian series:

    • junican Says:

      It is true that the Elite in the UN covet the land used to grow tobacco. They have said so. They want it to grow crops to feed the growing population of the world. But not all land is good for growing cabbages etc.
      Yes, TC and shortsighted politicians created the ‘illicit trade’. Sin taxes are a form of prohibition in themselves. Can you blame people who are short of money for finding an alternative supply?

  2. prof local fluff Says:

    the scales are falling from the eyes of the people due to this communication device. the people now have the power. we rule.

    • junican Says:

      Which is why TC ET AL are trying their best to flood the internet with their propaganda. They can try, but there are no obvious targets. Newspaper comments would seem to be good places, but there are thousands of comments sometimes. Who reads them all? Sites like this are not worth bothering with since they know that I would delete obvious propaganda. In any case, readers here are too knowledgeable to be taken in.
      We are talking to each other and ‘passers by’, not TC.

  3. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    The ASH swamp needs draining and us Resistance members need to fight these controlling bastards
    As i have always said such persecution of smokers would not be tolerated if we were Muslims.

    • junican Says:

      As I said, the revolution has started with Brexit and Trump. I think that, silently, politicians are beginning to realise that the people are quietly seething.

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