A Cancerous Society

I must warn that I am merely pondering out loud here.

For various reasons, mostly ‘smoking related’, I have read quite a lot of stuff in recent years about cancer. Starting from scratch, with no idea whatsoever, I gradually learnt that most cancers are named from the place where they appear – EG, mouth cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer, etc. That strikes me as being very strange, and most unscientific. However, I suppose that it is reasonable to regard the cells in different organs as different cells.

But is there some common attribute to cancer, wherever it occurs? Whatever you try to read about the subject is so full of medical jargon that it is normally incomprehensible to the layman.

It seems that cancerous cells multiply quickly and invade spaces, thus causing ‘tumours’, aka lumps. Those cells are ‘zombie’ cells which do not do their job. But I do not know for definite if that is true. It may be that those cells are normal cells, but grow so fast that they cut themselves off from the blood supply, which renders them useless. They grow so fast that they crowd out functioning cells and render the organ useless. EG, you could imagine nice, pink, healthy lungs becoming white as the cancerous lumps lose blood supply. How much loss of healthy lung tissue is required to kill a person? I do not know. Does a tumour ‘spread’ or does it just get bigger and bigger? There is a difference in the sense that ‘spreading’ is easily misinterpreted as ‘spreading like flu’ – IE. ‘infecting’ adjacent cells.

The question then arises as to whether or not just ONE cell starts to multiply, and multiply, and multiply and gradually crowds out ‘healthy’ cells. Further, those rapidly multiplying cells would have to be immune to ‘cell death’ – ‘apoptosis’. Or maybe not. If they are multiplying very rapidly, ‘apoptosis’ may not matter.

I just have a vague fear that we plebs are not being told the simple truths about cancer. It is in the interests of THE WHOLE MEDICAL PROFESSION, INCLUDING BIG PHARMA to keep us all ignorant and fearful. It is also in the interests of politicians.

It is not difficult to understand how useful it might be to spread ‘tumours’ throughout the ‘body politic’. The vast majority of the people want to be left alone in a ‘fair’ society. They want to ‘do their own thing’ and enjoy life as best they can. They do not want to be harassed and persecuted via ‘sin’ taxes. I find it very weird that so many non-smokers want smokers to be persecuted via taxes. They seem not to be aware that the ‘easy’ taxes on smokers will eventually be transferred to them, once smokers become extinct. And the taxes will become greater and greater as more and more very old people survive for years and years and years.

Those thoughts are at the root of ‘the cancerous society’. ‘Tumours’ bubble up here and there. The latest one is ‘who is responsible for the Grenfell fire? Anyone with any sense would say, “No one”. Big mistakes were made, but no one intended to burn 80 or so people to death and destroy a multi-million pound building. It was AN ACCIDENT.

You could imagine that fire as a cancerous cell, but millions of such fires would have be observed from outer space before anyone noticed.

What is even worse is DIVISION. I wonder if Teflon Tony every realised, when he agreed to enact the general smoking ban, what a tsunami of hatred and aggression he had released. Anyone who disliked the smell of tobacco smoke could ACCUSE someone, no matter that no one was apparently smoking, of smoking. Could anything be more ‘Gulag Archipelago’? A feature of Stalin’s Russia was that failure to report transgressions (snitch) was almost as bad as the transgression itself. Is not the requirement that publicans enforce bans just as bad, if not worse?

I should imagine that The CABINET, and not just PM May, have very important things to deal with, in addition to Brexit. I can imagine the Health Sec being told roundly, “Oh, fuck the fuck off!”, if he tried to introduce the ‘New Tobacco Control Plan’.

But what is missing is a Government Plan to STOP propaganda which sows DIVISIONS. And it is easy to do. Stop funding the Dividers.

‘Rapid Division’ of cells is what characterises Cancer.

A ‘cancerous society’ is not ‘pimples’ like Corbin and his cohorts. It is prohibition, persecution, herding, fear-mongering, fear of speaking out, conformity, ‘hate speech’, and many other attributes.

How wonderful would it be it the Tories, Labour and the remnants of Liberal, thrust minor matters to the outer edge? Smoking has become a ‘minor matter’ since prevalence is so (apparently) low.

Cutting costs in Government is hard. The reason is that empires are built unobserved. In the Health Dpt, corpses can speak.

The ‘Cancerous Society’ can only be cured by cutting out the ‘tumours’ and incinerating the rotten flesh.

Put simply, it is enough for the NHS to deal with ‘HEALTH’ without CRUK ET AL interfering.  CRUK ET AL are tumours.


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  1. Rose Says:

    I find it very weird that so many non-smokers want smokers to be persecuted via taxes

    How would you know, we never hear from them.

    “A key aspect of any smoke-free campaign is to mobilize the silent majority. Most non-smokers do not speak out against smoking, but you have to tap into their power to win your case”

    “For the next few months, strive to ensure there are positive media stories, letters to the editor, etc., that tout how well the bylaw changes are working. There will no doubt be a backlash from smokers in the beginning until they get used to the changes. In the meantime, you have to counter their negative comments in the media, in comment sections of online news pieces and blogs, on radio call-in shows, etc. Your job is to make politicians continue to believe that they did the right thing.”

    “The Dirty Tricks Election, is the first to show in detail how astroturfing works – and how sophisticated it has become. Campaign materials seen by Dispatches stress that ‘more people trust the letters page than any other page of their local newspaper’ and that local organisers should target it. The party also kept lists of professionals, such as doctors, senior police officers and teachers, who were not identifiable as Labour party members but could be relied on to speak supportively.”

    “The technique, which began with Bush’s Republican party encouraging pro-war letters to local newspapers, and then by Democrats to push Kerry, is said to have originated with pharmaceutical firms encouraging patients to write letters praising the effects of certain drugs.”

    • junican Says:

      Good point, Rose. I effect, you are saying that the non-smokers making comments are actually anti-smokers pretending to be just ‘concerned citizens’. REAL non-smokers are not bothered.

      • Smoking Lamp Says:

        The antismokers rely on propaganda to sustain their ‘project’. The commenters are frequently astroturf activists not actual non-smokers.

      • Rose Says:

        Sometimes they pretend to be current smokers too, but they are not difficult to spot.

        Nonsmokers who really didn’t like smoke in pubs got what they wanted, though they are not exactly filling the pubs, why should they trouble themselves with ancient history?

  2. garyk30 Says:

    Governments are cancerous.
    They tend to grow unchecked and will spread into ever part of our lives.

    It is possible thru science to stop the spread of a cancer; but, there is no science to stop the spread of govts.

    Perhaps, most people,like most cells, pay no attention to what is spreading around and thru them.

    • junican Says:

      I wonder if that ‘spread of governments’ is the reason for revolutions? More and more individuals feel oppressed until there are enough to revolt successfully.
      Is that not what the election of Trump and Brexit was all about?

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