Who Pays?

It is a wonderful thing that anti-smokers and non-smokers pay for the propaganda and lies. They pay in all sorts of ways.

Think about it. TOBcoms (tobacco companies) have to pay the duty before their products reach the market. That is the law. There may be importers who are the actual payers, but it is essentially the same thing. Imported tobacco products must pass through secure warehouses, and the owners of those warehouses must pay duties when the tobacco products are released from the warehouses. That is how the system works. So, warehouse A emits 100,000 packet of cigs to a wholesale retailer and warehouse A then pays the duty. The duty is paid in advance. The price to the wholesale retailer includes the duty.

The reader might have missed the importance of the word ‘secure’ in the last paragraph. ” Imported tobacco products must pass through secure warehouses….” Those warehouses must be akin to Fort Knox.

In Australia, some people tested the system and asked permission to grow their own plants. They were refused permission on the grounds that they did not have secure premises.

So, consider who is paying for the bureaucracy which controls everything that we wish to do. It is not smokers, since smokers have not received any benefit from secure warehouses. The fact is that no one receives benefit – there are only costs. Who bears those costs? It is the general taxpayer.

I find all this very amusing. I doubt that non-smokers realise how much extra tax they are paying to persecute smokers – and drinkers and fatties. Smokers do not pay for TV ads horrifying smoking. Taxpayers in general do. Non-smokers and anti-smokers pay.

What a giggle!! The Zealots, unbeknown to themselves, are paying for their Zealotry!!

I do not know how or when the persecution of smokers will cease, but I just have a feeling that somewhere, like Greece, will decide to kick the whole Zealotry into touch and revert to ‘property rights’. And that SHS will be seen to be of no more consequence the emissions from cooking a beef burger.

To what extent are bar workers affected by ‘fumes’ from the alcohol drinks that they serve? Are there no studies? Why not? I have a vague recollection that there are, and that the ‘risk’ was negligible and utterly minute.

What studies have produced significant harm from SHS? There are none because there is no significant harm.

And yet non-smokers have not woken up to the fact that they are paying for the anti-smoking Zealots!

If they did, then they would demand the de-funding of ASH ET AL.


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