The ‘tobacco Control’ War

WW1 was horrific. Ten people with machine guns could mow down a thousand opposing troops in seconds.

The machine gun totally altered warfare. The expenditure of human lives became irrelevant in the sense of attrition. In previous times, wars were fought ‘hand to hand’, even though attrition was still predominant. My army is bigger than yours.

But there came a point where massive armies became obsolete in the sense that armies did not square up to each other. The Vietnam war is a good example. The massive bombers of the USA were useless when they had no targets.

I see Tobacco Control as a small army, consisting of machine guns, firing off volleys of bullets in all directions. There are no real targets. ASH ET AL hope to hit a target, whatever that may be. Hit any target. It does not matter to them if their pub smoking ban volleys hit non-smoking targets. They do not give a toss. The war that they are waging is a war of attrition. The objective is to kill as many smokers as possible. If non-smokers are hit by their volleys, it is ‘collateral damage’. It is ‘damage’ and is therefore impersonal. ‘Damage’ kills no one. It is just a nuisance, even if thousands of people are killed.

The persecution of smokers will only stop when smokers go underground. Tobacco is enjoyable, just like booze, tea and coffee. Talk about the iniquities of TC if you wish to, but go underground. Avoid purchasing taxed tobacco, of any  kind, if you can. Find other ways. For a large part of TC depends upon ‘addiction’, and such addiction is wonderful for politicians. They love a captive audience.

There comes a point where ‘the fear of failure’ rebounds upon the persecutors. The sad part, politically, is that the perpetrators can walk away scotfree.

There is something terribly wrong about MPs being absolved from responsibility for cock-ups. The General Smoking Ban was an ENORMOUS cock-up. It has done enormous damage in all sorts of ways. Massive pub closures could have been foreseen.

And so we see that the Tobacco  Control  War in the UK has always been a few Zealot Warriors against a supine massive army. But TC has the machine guns.

WW1 was totally unjustified from whatever vision you might take. And so is WW3, the World War on the persecution of smokers.


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