Further Evidence of ASH ET AL Scraping the Barrel to Justify Their Grants

I think that I picked up the following article from Dick Puddlecote’s twitter feed. Read it because, even though it is nauseous, it shows just how desperate ASH ET AL are becoming to justify their existence and their grants:


The clue is in the last few words of the headline “…. aimed at the young”.

The Very Reverend Luke Clancy from the Universal Church of Health (Irish Congregation) is beside himself. He wants ‘combipacks’ to be banned. A combipack is a pouch of rolling tobacco which includes papers and possibly filters. According to his Holiness, such packs are ‘aimed at the young’.

Only when you get to the bottom of the article do you see some sort of definition of ‘the young’:

“A Healthy Ireland report has also reported a higher level of hand-rolled cigarette smoking among 15 to 34-year-olds.”

There were only a couple of comments. (Why is that the Irish peasants so rarely comment in their newspapers?) I added my penny-worth. I said, roughly, that DEMAND drove SUPPLY, and not vice-versa; people who bought combipacks did so because they found them convenient. There was no satanic plan from Big, Bad, Evil Big Tobacco; that the TC Zealots should call ‘young people’ ‘former children’ and be done with it.

Actually, I was quite taken by my new phrase – ‘former children’. Is that a newly coined phrase? Do you not just love it?

It does not surprise me to find that my comment has not appeared. And, no, I did not use foul language or call anyone names.

What is so awful about ‘former children’ in the age range 18 – 34, finding combipacks convenient? What does it matter if such ‘former children’ save themselves the trouble of buying papers and filters?

But what is most revealing is the desperation of ‘The Universal Church of Health (Irish Congregation)’ to find something else to ban. It begs the question: What would happen if ‘The Universal Church of Health (Irish Congregation)’ were to say nothing for a period of time? Clearly, it would not be ‘making a difference’. It would be redundant. It would become deceased. As Monty Python described it, it would become ‘an ex-‘pubic health advocate’.

I think that there is something else which the article reveals. It reveals how weak politicians are. Read the last sentence of the article:

“The Health Minister is being urged to use the Public Health Tobacco Act to see if he has the power to ban combi-packs.”

Erm… Is that sentence supposed to make sense? Maybe it does if The Public Health Tobacco Act actually includes combipacks. That is what Act are for – they ‘act upon’ specifics. If the Tobacco Act does not mention combipacks, then there is no way that the Act can be construed to forbid them – unless there is a clause which says ‘and everything else’. Clauses which say ‘and everything else’ abound in the TC Universe.

Politicians have created the divisions in our Nation by their supine attitude. The ‘sugar tax’ has defiled people who are plump. It has condemned them to remain indoors.

Demolishing the ethos that ‘equality’ means conformity to some ‘ideal’ is going to be hard work. It is not the idea which matters. It is political conformity which matters. Only Politicians can pass laws.

The point is that enjoying tobacco is a totally personal decision. We have been bombarded with scares for decades and decades. And we have been taxed and taxed. Who can blame smokers for finding a supplier of cheaper stuff?

Has the UK prevalence of smoking fallen to some 15%? Maybe it has, but maybe smokers have gone underground. Maybe they, generally, want to keep their ‘urges’ quiet. Would any reader here admit to looking at porn sites occasionally? Maybe smokers of ‘illicit products’ say that they no longer smoke. I would. The reason is that I do not trust the Government. It has the power and funds to hack my computer any time that it wants to. And why should it not, since it persecutes me, a smoker, as much as it can?

It is sad that politicians have turned out to be so venial. Why did Cameron allow PP? What was in his mind? Was he afraid of the backlash from The Medical Profession if he did not? And was he afraid that the Medical Profession could scupper his Party’s reelection prospects? No wonder that Brexit came as such a shock. The result came from The People and not Lobby Groups.

The Gov has said that ‘The New Tobacco Strategy’ is ‘coming’. But, just maybe, the ten million smokers are watching what is happening. Perhaps the ‘herd’ of smokers is not as ‘cow-like’ as is supposed. Perhaps they, individually, are fuming.

I think that we bloggers of truth are enormously important. Because we illustrate truth, we counter ‘fake truth’, and our voices are far more strong than the voices of ‘fake truth’.

The major demise of TC will occur when Trump et al defund the UN. I shall be surprise if Trump et al does not withdraw funding from the UN. In Trump speak, it would be ‘Let the Russians fund the UN’.

I have drifted – again. ASH ET AL is groping about to justify its funding. We should be aware that the only people who contribute any money directly to ASH are members of the committee. Absolutely not one person, to the best of my knowledge, who does not have a direct interest in ASH, contributes funds. Weird, is it not, that Government finances the ‘thorn in it side’?




6 Responses to “Further Evidence of ASH ET AL Scraping the Barrel to Justify Their Grants”

  1. Smoking Lamp Says:

    This is more evidence of the insanity of tobacco contol dogma. It is ludicrous to suggest a 34 year old is among the young” (same of course is true for anyone from 18-34). This newspeak insanity must stop; tobacco control must be destroyed.

    • junican Says:

      I think that the ‘newspeak’ will only stop when a new breed of politicians appears. The easy availability of information these days must eventually mean that even the densest of people will come to the conclusion that the need to vote for people who are honest.

  2. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    My observation in my little town is that many, many people are quietly enjoying their tobacco and always will. Plain packs etc, who cares ! There are however a lot more foreign packs on the ground easily recognisable because they don’t have stupid nanny state packaging !

    • junican Says:

      I shall have to take your word for the empty packets. But it seems quite likely that lots of people who say that they have stopped smoking in ONS surveys are actually buying loose bags of tobacco and rolling their own.

  3. artbylisabelle Says:

    #FORMERCHILDREN “Former Children”, made me chuckle, a deep sadness, though. It cuts across the BS and proves this is some quasi-tyrannical attack on civil liberties! Excellent call!

    • junican Says:

      I was really pleased to have coined a phrase. I have never seen the phrase ‘former children’ anywhere. Feel free to use it as and when.

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