So Where Are the Celebrations?

Hardly any mention of the 10th anniversary has appeared anywhere other than on our blogs. Such mentions that have appeared, in the MSM, have been derogatory in in tenor. It is especially weird that the Guardian of all newspapers, being a Labour rag, published an article calling into question the the ‘benefit/cost’ ration of the smoking bans, and conducting a sort of poll of how readers where affected by the ban. The comment of our esteemed friend, Frank Davis, was actually published, although in an abridged form. The Guardian published this:

It was possibly the blackest day in my life. We smokers all trooped out of the pub with beer glasses in hand and stood around bewildered in the car park. Somebody that I didn’t know came up to me and said, “It’s not a free country any more.” And he was right. My little circle of acquaintances, with whom I regularly drank and smoked and played pool, vanished on 1 July, never to return. The pubs emptied and never refilled. And I only sat outside them, alone with beer and cigarette, on warm sunny days thereafter. My circle of friends, some of them of 40 years standing, took longer to disperse. There was no longer anywhere to meet them. And most of them had banned smoking in their homes as well. I now usually vote UKIP because Nigel Farage is a smoker who stands up for smokers.

I don’t think that that summary actually diminished Frank’s submission by much, although the changes were ‘political’.

Perhaps what attracted the Guardian was the last sentence – why Frank voted UKIP:

I now usually vote UKIP because Nigel Farage is a smoker who stands up for smokers.

What the Guardian left out was the previous sentence:

For decades I used to vote Lib Dem. But given that 95% of Lib Dem MPs voted for the illiberal and undemocratic smoking ban, I stopped voting for them after 2007.

Do you see? They left out the most important bit – that Frank changed his allegiance of decades. They made him look like a ‘floating voter’ who changes his voting habits on a whim.

That trick is the epitome of ‘fake news’. ‘Fake news’ is not just about ‘false news’, if at all. It is about leaving out important bits. EG. A spokesperson for the local authority concerned with the tower block fire might say that the specification of the cladding were approved in building regulations, but turned out to be insufficient. Newspapers would turn that around and state that the people who created the building regulations were to blame for the fire. That is what they do. They create ‘fake’ news by twisting things.

ASH ET AL have been doing exactly that for years and years.

I was blathering on Conservative Home yesterday:

Many comments were the usual astroturf stuff about the fact that they do not like the smell of tobacco smoke in pubs. The smell of tobacco smoke in pubs is ‘fake news’, since the ban was supposed to be about the health of bar staff, and nothing else. It is important to understand that – only the health of bar staff justified the smoking ban in pubs. Absolutely nothing else mattered. I got bogged down somewhat with a ‘stinker’. A ‘stinker’ is a person who ‘stinks’ probably because of BO (Body Odour). Years ago, there were umpteen adverts on TV for unctions which would dispel ‘BO’. I have not seen such and advert for years and years. Perhaps no one suffers from BO anymore, or, more likely, that no one gives as shit about BO. The ‘stinker’ in question called into question my ‘statistical qualifications’ I saw him off by comparing ‘relative risk’ with ‘absolute risk’.

I watched a speech at the Nicotine Forum. Here it is, I hope!:

It is well worth listening to. He really, really believes that smoking cigs is an abomination, and that Tobcoms are to blame. He really, really blames them. Be that as it may, he is very eloquently about ‘freedom’. “Your body is your own, and only you can decide what to put into it. The State has no right whatsoever to dictate to you”.

The only trouble is his acceptance of ‘combustible danger’. It is as though he accepted Doll’s ‘Doctors Study’ without demure. It was PERFECT! That again is ‘fake news’ – lots of ‘confounders’, such as wartime experiences, genetic dispositions, wartime deprivations, etc, were not considered.

It seems to be that the UN was always FAKE. Immediately after WW2, the UN was set up. Who set it up? The Brits and the Yanks. And the purpose? To avoid massive wars. Russia became strong as well. All the other countries were ‘recipients of largess’, and that is all that they were interested in.  But ‘receipt of largess’ demands obedience.

The same applies to the EU. States in receipt of largess must obey. Such States must surely by apoplectic with rage that they have been become slaves of some incomprehensible ‘system’.

THANK GOD that we in the UK have voted to ‘leave’ that dictatorship. What has become more and more clear is that the ‘dictatorship’ is being imposed little by little in Europe.

The ‘Tobacco Directive’ is the perfect example.

Who decided that smoking is EXTREME! Who decided, and who controlled, people like ex -PM, Blair, and ex-PM Brown. Who controlled them? Why did they allow themselves to be controlled? Why did Cameron allow himself to be controlled as regards PP?

There is a terrible stench of ‘conformity’ and ‘not important’. But the wishes of Smokers ARE important, and we will not go away. Bugger smoking bans. What is important is ‘persecution via taxes’. That is the most important thing. Is it any wonder that Oz is ‘the wild west’ of illicit tobacco?

The idiots brought it upon themselves and there is no way back.

6 Responses to “So Where Are the Celebrations?”

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  2. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Having read many of the comments on ‘Conservative Home’ Junican i am in despair. What a bunch of anti-libertarian pricks. I suspect very few were pub goers. These people refuse to entertain any idea of some form of accomodation to smokers. To my mind pubs should be able to choose whether to be ‘smoking’ or ‘non smoking’. Of course we know what would happen don’t we ! Smoking pubs would be full as they are abroad like in Denmark and Holland. ASH wouldl be finished.

    • beobrigitte Says:

      I have little time for liberitarianism as the people believing in this take the arrogance to decide what kind of action causes hurt to another person.
      I’m an egaliatrian.
      As a smoker I am not treated as equal in society.
      ASH does know their days are numbered. That’s why they push so hard.

    • junican Says:

      I don’t think that you should be ‘in despair’ Tim. On the contrary – rejoice! It is incredible that there would be so many numbskulls habitually reading Conservative Home. The attack on Rob Lyons was orchestrated. There is no doubt. All the stuff about stinks was ‘fake news’ in the sense that it was intended to distract from the main message of his piece – pub closures – and to distract from the ‘health of bar persons’ meme which was the supposed reason for the ban. If you were to delete all the comments about stinks and other irrelevancies, there would be nothing left. Those comments display weakness.

  3. beobrigitte Says:

    Do you see? They left out the most important bit – that Frank changed his allegiance of decades. They made him look like a ‘floating voter’ who changes his voting habits on a whim.
    Frank did correct that in his replies.

    But it did help to cement the view that The Guardian is nothing more than a “politically (lobby group enforced) correct” mouthpiece.

    The thing should be hidden behind a paywall online.

    • junican Says:

      They would not dare put it behind a paywall. How would they be able to beg for donations to keep the Guardian afloat?

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