How Tobacco Control Missed a Trick

It is quite comical really.

For years and years, going back decades, DANGER has been signified by ‘The Skull and Crossbones’. There was never any sense in the proliferation of medical porn on cig packet, since, sooner or later, someone will question the veracity of the pictures as portrayals of smoking harm. When that happens, as it surely will, then the pics will disappear.

But Tobacco Control made a terrible mistake by going with medical porn and dire warnings, since no one actually SEES them. They do not see them because the pics and warnings are too complicated.

It is strange to say that a pic of a horribly deformed baby is ‘too complicated’, but research has shown that people ‘switch off’ when things get too horrible for their minds to accept. Thus, even today, the horrors of the extermination of Jews by the Nazis are still incomprehensible to most of us. We cannot understand or visualise people being herded into ‘barns’ which contain sprinkler systems which emit poisonous gas, with the deliberate intent to kill . Our minds revolt against such possibilities. Our minds block such horrors out.

It would have made far more sense for TC to have battered politicians into merely insisting that cig packets had a ‘skull and crossbones’ symbol on all cig packets.

You see, the anti-sugar etc Zealots now hove a terrible problem. They cannot surpass the Anti-tobacco Zealots. Everything that the recommend has already been surpassed by TC. Anything less than TC advertising promotions is useless.

Had TC simply demanded a ‘skull and crossbones’ symbol on cig packets, rather than medical porn, then smokers and youths might have taken some notice.

The fact is that no one with any sense believes the medical porn.

What a terrible error!!

Could TC change tack? I doubt it. They are committed ‘hook, line and sinker’, to whatever the current demands of the the Royal College of Physicians ET AL.

There is a reasonable question to be asked: ‘By what democratic process were the ‘bosses’ of the RCP elected’?  The probability is that there was a meeting which was sparsely attended and that ‘officers’ were elected by ‘due process’ without the inconvenience of a poll of the members.

But the main thing is that we smokers, 10,000,000 of us, can really sit back and wait. Go to a pub if you wish to; go to a restaurant if you wish to. I shall shortly be jetting away. Manchester airport says that I can only smoke in the places which they have created, which are rather nasty pens. OK, but my response is to buy NOTHING from the shops in the airport, apart from a mug of coffee.

There is no point in telling Manchester Airport what you have decided to do. Only ACTIONS disturb them. The smoking pens are better than nothing. But I will not spend a penny in Manchester Airport beyond what I have to for my pleasure and comfort. Not one single penny.

The ‘Skull and Crossbones’ is internationally recognised as indicating serious danger. The fact that TC does not use it indicates ‘little danger’.

But there is no doubt in my own mind that it was the weakness of the will of politicians which brought about the smoking ban.

Eventually, the over-hype of SHS danger will cause the demise of TC.

We must wait to see if the UN also collapses. Without USA funding, it would collapse.



7 Responses to “How Tobacco Control Missed a Trick”

  1. Smoking Lamp Says:

    I agree the lies about second hand smoke will ultimately become known (especially as people will continue to die from the so-called smoking related diseases and the prevalence of these diseases continue to rise despite the bans).

  2. Rose Says:

    Putting a skull and crossbones on packets of cigarettes would boost sales instantly.

    Death cigarettes complete with skull and crossbones.

    I never saw any or I would most certainly have bought a packet, just for fun.

    • Torquaymada Says:

      I remember them. Back in the 80’s a friend of mine was a manager at the University of London union and stocked them in the fag machines in the Union bars.

      The Student Council barred them.

  3. Rose Says:

    Symbols like the skull and crossbones mean different things to different people.
    I have a black tin of sticking plasters with the skull and crossbones on them which certainly take the sting out of an injury, my daughter knows how to make her mother smile.

  4. elenamitchell Says:

    I simply don’t look at the packaging. And it’s all in French anyway, so God knows what it says.

  5. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    You want to go to Zurich airport Junican ! The smoking lounges there have to be seen to be believed, and a huge range of duty free tobacco on open display. Of course Switzerland isn’t a nanny state !

  6. junican Says:

    I wrote that post with tongue somewhat in cheek. Of course no one would take any notice of skull and crossbones. But there is a serious point, which is that a ‘danger’ symbol, which everyone recognises, is better than clearly fraudulent medical porn. A naked man curled up somewhat? Why not a naked woman as well?
    The cig packet that I have at the moment shows rotting toes and the message (in Spanish) is ‘Smoking blocks the arteries”. By the way, I have only looked at the pic for reasons of this comment. As Elena says, I do not even look at them normally.
    I have been wondering for ages why Tobcoms have not gone to court to complain that medical porn which they are obliged to display, are not ‘truthful’ in respect of smoking. After all, the medical porn is a form of advertising.

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