The Excitement of Tobacco Control

Excitement sells newspapers. Even better are exciting events which are also tragic. Thus, the Grenfell Tower Block fire was a perfect excuse for the MSM to paint all sorts of lurid and distorted pictures, something like a Salvador Dali painting. The fire does not sell papers particularly; it is the excitement.

In the past, TC has been a master of excitement. Its pronouncements were deliberately lurid. “It is very worrying that…” It is still trying the same formula. (“It is essential that the new tobacco control strategy be published immediately”) Note the word ‘published’? What is to stop TC from ‘publishing’ the strategy itself? The probability is that there would be insufficient excitement. You see, a ‘strategy’ proposed by Government must be precisely explained, and only Government has the authority to be so precise. A statement from TC about the ‘strategy’ would have no teeth. It would not be a ‘strategy’ of action, but simply a ‘wish-think’ piece of propaganda. Only the Gov can ‘publish’ a ‘strategy’ of action. That idea is tremendously important. In effect, TC is demanding that Government ACTS, not just publishes.

Most of us can remember the events which preceded the smoking ban. Day after day, there were lurid reports in the MSM about the dangers of smoking, and how important it was that the Gov ACTS. I have not doubt that hundreds of thousands of newspapers were sold describing the nasty health effects of smoking. How exciting!

But the moment that the ban was passed in Parliament, everything went utterly silent until a couple of days before the ban came into effect. During the hiatus between the legislation and 1st July 2007, all organisations, whether pubs, clubs, etc, were warned and warned again that they MUST comply. Local Authority Environmental Health officers were trained and brainwashed. The police were reinforced. Not ‘permit’ smoking became not ‘allow’ smoking. A few show trials occurred, resulting in the creation of fear and uncertainty.

Lat night I went to the pub. Just for fun, I asked the barmaid if I might light my cig before going outside since I would not be smoking it in the pub. She was gobsmacked that I would even ask such a question. But she realised that I was only joking. I mean, of course I must not light the cig before going outside!! Such an act would be blasphemy!!

When I say ‘blasphemy’, I mean it. To deny any of the ‘commandments’ of TC is blasphemy’. Ye shall burn in hell if ye blaspheme.

The MSM, especially the Mirror, that bastion of love of the ‘working man’, was one of the worst persecutors of the ‘working man’. That paper’s owners were similar to Rockefeller – they were on the side of the ‘working man’ provided that he behaved himself and did what he was told.

Will the Gov be forced to ‘publish’, and therefore bring legislation forward, concerning the latest persecution of smokers? As I understand it, the Queen’s Speech said nothing about such things, which means that PM May is under no obligation to introduce anything which persecutes any minority.

But do I detect the beginnings of a sort of distaste in the MSM of the Anti-smoking zealotry? I feel sure that there is a movement away from the persecution. Perhaps the excitement is beginning to move in the opposite direction, but only a bit. It makes you wonder how a journalist might feel when his own local pub, where he could relax for an hour quietly,  closes down.

I no longer regard eateries as pubs. If the pubs which converted to eateries were included in ‘closed pubs’, then the number of closed pubs since the smoking ban would be astronomical. But where are the newspaper ‘studies’?

We must remember that newspaper articles are similar to university ‘studies’. There is not that much difference. But the MSM only ‘studies’ exciting things, and Smoking Bans are only exciting because they are BANS. ‘Education’ is not exciting enough. In any case, ‘education’ has to be far too precise and true for lobby groups to function. Imprecision  is essential for propaganda.  Also, imprecision is what journalists can exploit to create excitement.

I am not sure, but it seems to me that precision is essential in matters of Health. I had a problem with urinating, and my doctor stuck his finger up my bum. He diagnosed ‘prostatism’, being an enlarged prostate gland – common in old men. One pill per day sorted the problem out. The wonders of modern medicine!

But why is TC permitted to cover cig packet with medical porn which has not been PROVED to be the consequence of smoking?

The answer is that Governments can mislead The People as much as the wish to. They are almighty. They can demand that no bank pays interest on people’s deposits if they wish to. Governments are monopolies, and elections every five years do not change that.

What can be done? Speaking in terms of the long-term, the only answer is ‘Do Not Vote‘. When the political parties are so similar that it does not matter which you vote for, there is no point in voting. When less than 50% of voters vote, then something must be done about REPRESENTATION. The idea is that voters do not vote because all candidates are repugnant to them. That is an important idea. What would you do if Candidate A proposes taxing you 45p in the pound and Candidate B proposes taxing you 40p in the pound but allows you, say, £10,000 free income? How would you be able to decide? You do not know that the ‘sums’ of the proposals would result in much the same taxation.

We are beset by such ignominy.

What seems to me to be most important is HONESTY in Government. That is because Gov is a monopoly. I do not mean ‘faux’ honesty. I mean genuine humility. “This course of action seems to be the best one, but it might not be. We shall see how things turn out. If it does not work, then we shall abandon it and think of something else”.

The beauty of such thinking is that you do not put yourself into a straight-jacket.

Finally, it is becoming more and more prevalent that the MSM is gradually moving away from the ‘General Smoking Ban’. Criticism is mounting.

What we minions have to do is keep up the pressure in out own little ways. SHS is NOT dangerous. The word ‘DANGEROUS’ is important, really important, because TC has promoted SHS to plague proportions. SHS is not DANGEROUS!

We need to see the ‘Excitement of TC’, as TC celebrates the Smoking Ban with champagne, as much the same thing as a ‘jumping jack’ firework. It bangs and bangs and bangs, and jumps about, terrifying all and exciting all.

Tobacco Control will die, but it should never have been allowed to become a massive industry in the first place. REAL PLAGUES in the third world should have been far, far more important. Secondary afflictions in extreme old age in the healthy, wealthy West, should never have trumped the primary afflictions in the third world.

But what about the SECOND world? What is that?

The stench of incompetence is becoming worse that the stink that non-smokers who never go to pubs, imagine that their clothes and hair are coated with as a result of contemplating the possibility of walking into and out of a pub.

STENCH is the right word, because TC is rotting and emitting the smells of rotting cadavers.


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  1. Smoking Lamp Says:

    The slow demise of tobacco control explains their rising hysteria.

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