The ‘New’ Packets.

A couple of nights ago I saw for the first time the new cig packets. I was having a fag outside the pub and the manager and his girl-friend appeared. They produced a packet of 10 cigs. I could see the grotty colours, so I asked to take a closer look.

I looked at the packet. It looked quite nice to me. The name of the brand, at the bottom, was not particularly obscure. It said ‘Stirling’, I think. So I looked at those two people and sort of shrugged. They too shrugged. That is, “What does it matter?” Those two people are young, around 35 and 25 each. They too saw the ‘what does it matter’ implication.

There is an idiocy which seems to be particularly strong when a PM is reaching the end of his time, even though the end of his time is not immediately apparent. Is that not weird? Blair permitted the worst persecution of 25% of the population since Nazi Germany. Such persecution need not be physical concentration camps. They can be ‘concentration camps’ of the mind. People deprived of their social contacts become lonely and hopeless and die. They die because THEY HAVE NOTHING TO DO! No hope, no laughter, no company. Isolation.


What were Tobacco Companies thinking? I really cannot understand. When the Supreme Court of Australia said that the OZ Gov could dictate what cig packets would look like, and what pictures, despite no proof that the pictures were actually displaying some truth about the effect of smoking, the OZ Gov could force Tobcoms to print, why did not Tobcoms simply refuse? Is it not a universal truth that the reason for persecution is that good men fail to intervene? Why is it that ‘good men’ cower? Tobcoms should have simply refused to change their packets and said they they would supply the Oz Gov ONLY with cigs in brown, unadorned packages of 100,000 cigs at a time. But they are commercial companies, and thus have no morality, ethics. empathy or courage. Why should they have such attributes? They are not ‘HUMAN BEINGS’ – they are things.

But Parliaments are also ‘things’. They also have no ‘morality, ethics, empathy or courage’.

What should Blair have done regarding the Medical Establishment demand for a Smoking Ban? The answer is in the blank look in his eyes. He did not know what to do. Patrica Hewitt would not have been able to create the persecution of smoker without Blair’s agreement. So he did what such people always do – he chickened out. He took the easy way.

As a result, there exists a sort of ‘limbo’. No one knows ‘the truth’. Because of the Smoking Ban, it is impossible for statistics to actually reveal the truth. Instead, we have propaganda and ‘heart attack’ miracles.

I started with the packets. They are irrelevant. All the aggro, which supplied funds to pay vast salaries to the equivalent of binmen (and I do not diminish binmen) has come from shadowy groups in the Medical Establishment.

What is obvious to me is that Gov must deplete and defund the Medical Establishment. Perhaps it could distinguish between actual medical cures and propaganda.


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  1. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Packets of 10 aren’t allowed now Junican.

    • junican Says:

      Yes, I know Tim. So the packet must have been 20 cigs. My botch. But it looked so slim. Perhaps the cigs were a bit slim.

  2. Mark Jarratt, Broome, Western Australia Says:

    The decision of the supine jellyback Australian High Court in validating the insulting and pointless propaganda packets (another anti smoker lie is claiming the packets are ‘plain’) indicated a deeply concerning absence of objective analysis. The court did however decide the Australian bully state government has legal power to devise and apply ‘public health’ measures. They ignored issues such as the factual basis of government claims that plain packs were the ultimate tobacco control ‘silver bullet’ – essentially making the ludicrous statement ‘packages kill’.

    • junican Says:

      “Packages kill”. I like that phrase. Fancy wine bottles and labels ‘kill’. They would not kill if the bottles were all yucky green/brown and the labels had pictures of death and destruction on them. Hang on – are not most beer bottles already yucky green/brown? They used to be.

      The weird thing about ‘the law’ is that it is not for Oz courts to enforce the World Trade Org’s rules about trade marks. The simple question is: “Does the Gov have the power to order Tobcoms to design their packets in a particular way?” There is no doubt that the Gov has that power. “But what about laws relating to competition?” you might ask. “Health overrides competition”, is the answer. But who decided that? What Oz law declared that Health overrides competition?
      My own personal opinion is that the real problem with PP is that the pictures are not genuinely describing SMOKERS’ afflictions caused by smoking, and that the written warnings are inaccurate.

      • Mark Jarratt, Broome, Western Australia Says:

        Yes and the totally illogical concealment of tobacco packs behind shutters means nobody can even see the packets until they’ve been specifically requested. The monopoly tobacco supplier, the government, debases the product with mediporn propaganda at extortionate prices too. Even high grade luxury cigars are defaced with little labels although people would have to be within say 30cm to even read them. A pointless and insulting petty policy devised by those who believe their role is to prevent other adults making their own choices. I noted too with interest the blog comments about growing your own: not possible in Australia as the bully state will only grant excise licenses to corporations not individuals, although they made it so difficult no tobacco producers exist here now.

      • junican Says:

        There are many people in Oz who are growing their own – many, many. I have seen blogs by Ozies about what they do. Of course, such growers are now ‘underground’. Who can blame them? I am not deterred from my agriculture because of blandishments.

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