The Tenth Anniversary of the Smoking Ban

I notice that many commenters are getting in early, and I don’t blame them. There is no doubt that Juggernaut of Tobacco Control will be celebrating like mad. No doubt champagne receptions will take place throughout the world and that smokers will pay for them.

But it is all a chimera like an oasis in a desert. The smoking ban in ‘privately owned’, aka, in TC speak, ‘public places’, was always likely to be a disaster. Who wants to visit a place where they are unhappy? It is not about the smoking ban precisely, it is about its humanitarian effects. You cannot claim that one inhuman law is fine whilst, at the same time, condemning another inhuman law. And that is why Tobacco Control is so wrong. That is the problem in the Phillipenes and North Korea

It is sad that we continuously have to refer to Nazi Germany, but we have to. The reason is that only Nazi Germany and certain USA States persecuted smokers. When PM approved the General Smoking Ban, knowing that there were exceptions which would be obliterated at the last minute, what superior authority was he obeying? I do not mean some sort of ‘Boss’ – I mean some sort of imperative. He could have refused, without penalty, but he was engaged.

And that is the problem – he was engaged. He was just slightly mentally ill, despite, or because of, his education at Fettes.

There are people who IMMEDIATELY see the profitability of selling this or that on Ebay or wherever. That is how their minds work, and, I suppose, they make a lot of money. The vast majority of us are the ones who buy stuff from them.

I do not mind that, even though I am not one of them. I do not wish to spend my time making money. I do not need to. But I can understand the ‘mind set’ which produces billionaires like Bloomberg and Gates. For a start, they must be workaholics. They must go to bed and think about ‘the next logical step’ before they drop off, and must wake up where they left off and pursue their objective throughout the whole day – all day, and every day.

The reason that we have Democracy is to stop the accumulation of power and authority by individuals, whether they be called Kings, Counts, Earls, ย Dukes, etc. Today, the same must apply to Doctors, Professors, Experts, etc.

But what that means is that Elected Politicians must DISREGARD the prophesies of doom from ‘experts’. ‘Experts’ ALWAYS prophesy doom. When was the last time that you, dear reader, heard or saw an ‘Expert’ prophesy ‘good news’?

What worm got into the mind of Blair when he agreed to THE MASSIVELY INVASIVE SMOKING BAN? It must have been some sort of worm.

I wonder why all those whose businesses were adversely affected did not get together and protest. The answer is obvious. They were too lazy. They could not be bothered. And so, when events caused them to go out of business, the cried tears.

What that all means is that ALL surviving pubs etc must get together and demand relief from the ban. It is imperative that ALL the affected establishments act together.

But I doubt that it will happen.

There is only one thing that smokers can do to eradicate TC. It is to STOP buying taxed cigs. It amazes me so many people are still going to the shop and buying 20 cigs per day in the UK. Are they out of their minds? Perhaps not. If they can afford it, why should they think further?

I think that it is a subset of smokers who can bash Government and TC, but that subset must be underground. I do not mean deliberate smuggling. I mean circumvention.

Here is a ‘law of nature’:

“Anyone who buys cigs at TC prices is a mug”.

13 Responses to “The Tenth Anniversary of the Smoking Ban”

  1. Smoking Lamp Says:

    The anniversary of the smoking ban is a sad reminder of the tyranny of tobacco control. The propaganda claiming record support for the bans (ignoring of course all recent surveys showing majority support for smoking rooms in Pubs in England, Scotland, and Wales) as well as c\falsified claims of ‘heart attack miracles’ is already starting to be published in the press. Of course the press never checks the facts and a legion of antismoker trolls litter the comments with hate. The persecution of smokers must stop. But first the tobacco contol lies and de facto persecution of smokers must be exposed.

    • junican Says:

      I don’t think that TC lies will matter ‘in the end’. What will matter is a collapse in tobacco product taxes. ‘Collapse’ is the important word. Ministers cannot have it both ways. They cannot have high tobacco tax income and no smokers. The contradiction will be the end of TC if the collapse of tobacco tax income happens rapidly.

  2. The Smoking Ban, 10 Years On | Facts Do Matter Says:

    […] Junican – The Tenth Anniversary of the Smoking Ban […]

  3. garyk30 Says:

    Happy Birthday ๐Ÿค“๐Ÿค“๐Ÿค“๐Ÿค“

  4. beobrigitte Says:

    Happy Birthday, Junican!

    • junican Says:

      Thank you both! How did you know? 78! Perhaps I am lucky. I have loads of ‘duties’ which keep me very physically active. I think that the worst thing that an old person can do is sit down and wait to die. I don’t mean running about. I mean just keeping physically busy as long as you can. And, of course, mentally busy.

  5. michaeljmcfadden Says:

    This table only goes up to 2010:

    (Kaspersky keeps trying to tell me it’s a “phishing link” but since I saved it myself I can’t see how that’s possible. Basically it’s the table showing pub closures from 1981 to 2010 with a VERY visible jump after 2006)

    Is there a more recent version showing the pub closures since then?


    P.S. HEY! Happy Birthday Jun! If we keep on fightin’ maybe we’ll get to share a mug and a smoke in a pub someday!

    • junican Says:

      The critical thing is that the bans were followed by closures in the various regions in succession. Thus, shortly after the Irish ban, pubs began to close in increasing numbers. Shortly after the Scottish ban, pubs began to close in increasing numbers. Shortly after the England and Wales ban, pubs began to close in increasing numbers.
      It is those facts which show without doubt that the smoking ban caused closures. I believe that what happened was that pubs which were just about surviving, whatever their location, collapsed when their last remaining loyal, smoking customers drifted away.

  6. Mark Jarratt, Broome, Western Australia Says:

    First instance of me commenting on your fine tobacco free choice blog Junican – love your widely popular work and sincere congratulations on your birthday milestone. Here is your virtual cake.๐ŸŽ‚

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