A Sceptic as ‘Health Minister’

We must remember that the ‘Health Minister’ is only a junior minister under ‘The Secretary of State for Health’. But it is heartening that, after decades of ignorant Health Ministers, such as Milton MP, (who was sacked and wept) who believed that the UK had no alternative but to obey the UN, and  Subry MP (who was sacked as a minister and only just survived the GE), who thought that ecigs had been dropped from the TPD, PM May has appointed a sceptic to do whatever Health Ministers do. Here is a quote (H/T Smoking Scot):


ASH ET AL are shouting and screaming that she voted against smoking in cars containing kids of 17 years and PP. “Witch, Witch, Witch!”, they scream. So much for seeking cooperation.

It is a matter of fact that the Gov has been delaying and not talking about the latest plans from TC to persecute smokers even more. The longer that the Gov keeps its mouth shut, the better for the Gov.

I wonder how much they know about the ‘smoker-voter’? You will see nothing in the MSM about it. A canvasser for the Labour Party knocked on my door just before the GE. I told her that I was a smokers, and that I was sick of the persecution, and that neither Labour nor Tory would get my vote. UKIP probably. But even UKIP seems to have dropped its antagonism to persecuting smokers. I do not understand why that is. It seems to me to be the opposite of  good policy to attract supporters or keep supporters.

Could it be that the Tories have discovered that the 70% who do not smoke do not give a shit about smoking? Sure, if they answer a survey, they will applaud smoking bans. Why should they be expected not to? But why should they really care? They may support PP, but, since they do not buy, see or carry, cig packets, why should they give a shit?

The fact is that they answer such surveys in a ‘knee-jerk’ way. Put it this way. Ask a person who has never smoked if he thinks that smoking is a bad thing. He will inevitably say, “Yes”, but he has never smoked so he does not know anything about the pleasures and beneficial effects of smoking. As a non-smoker, he should tick ‘Don’t know’. Ask me if pilots of aircraft are well-trained, and I would have to say, “I do not know”, because I, literally, do not know.

ASH ET AL surveys, apart from the corruption, MISLEAD. The reason is that the vast majority of the population do not give a shit about smoking. They never have. They go to pubs to enjoy themselves. A bit of tobacco smoke was never a deterrent. In fact, the smell was quite enticing. I only remember one occasion when a couple walked into my local, coughed and spluttered and waved hands, but they were on a visit from Canada. Perhaps they were more used to the stink of volcanoes and wild bears. But it is true that on that occasion, the Manager had failed to switch on the fans, so there was indeed quite a fug.

Everything is utterly crazy, crazy. It really is. For most pubs in the UK, a small fan, situated at the top of a wall, will be sufficient to extract tobacco smoke. That was my experience in a small bar in Magalluf. Think about it. Imagine a situation where you have your central heated on to warm a room via radiators, and at the same time, you have a small fan on forcing the air that you are warming outdoors. Which will win? It will be the fan, no matter how big the radiators are, give or take.

No one in the MSM or Political Parties will recognise ANY minority group.They are not interested in minority groups unless those groups further their agendas.

I wonder sometimes if it would not be better if ‘common’ people, the ‘ lesser sort’ as Charles 2 described ordinary people, left the Gov to organise world-wide trade and all that stuff, but insisted that they stopped interfering in out lives. It would make sense, in that case, that all the persecutorial levies, taxes, duties would be abolished. Thus, those who evade taxes by not drinking, smoking and driving would pay their fair share of the costs of the Nation.

It is critical to define the ‘costs of the Nation’ and it is critical to define the ‘fair share’ of taxation to pay those costs. Tobacco taxes, petrol taxes, booze taxes, are not the answer. In fact, they are they worst scenario. The reason is that they distort responsibility. Non-drinkers, non-smokers, non-drivers, non-anything else should not expect smokers etc to subsides them.

But it is a tiny, tiny bit encouraging that ASH ET AL are shouting and screaming. And the response? “Get your funding from elsewhere. Goodbye”.



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  1. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Hi Junican. I know you like to buy cigarettes abroad and combine with a holiday. I’ve just returned from Switzerland. Although cigs are about the same price as the UK the choice of brands is amazing. I was able to buy Gauloises Disque Bleu and Gitanes in the original packs. They only have pics on the back and warnings on the front as per our old ones. No silly EU pics and plenty of branding. Tobacconists everywhere with a huge range of brands all on display. You are like a kid in a sweet shop ! Loads of smokers everywhere. Our hotel had a ‘Bar Fumertori’ with cigarettes and cigars able to be bought at the bar and everyone smoking. I think you would enjoy it !

    • junican Says:

      I am sure that I would enjoy, TG, but gimme hot weather and half price every time. Perhaps you have forgotten that I can only get away when there is someone to look after herself.

  2. smokingscot Says:

    Checked up on the journalist who seems to have tapped into a new source of information. Tobacco Control.

    Ryan Sabey, with 20 years in journalism and all of 500 connections on linkedin:


    Even worse, for a journalist, just over 1,500 followers on Twitter:


    Same place – for decades. No high flyer this, so perfect for TC.

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