Blazing Contradictions in Oz Laws About Ecigs

You can’t help but laugh.

So what’s the story so far?

As far as I know, smokers who wanted to try to stop smoking by using an ecig were forbidden from buying liquid which contained nicotine from sources based in Oz, but could buy such liquid from sources outside of Oz and have the liquid sent to them through the post. I must surely be wrong. It makes no sense.

Surprise, surprise, I am not wrong:

I think that the whole situation there is typical of OZ in that OZ exaggerates EU stupidity to the nth degree. It is as though the EU Zealots work out a way to, indirectly, deprive people of the level of nicotine in ecigs which they desire, but the Zealots in Oz cannot be bothered with such niceties as indirectness. It is as though the Oz Zealots cannot be bothered. They blunder about stamping their jackboots all over the place. Thus, they have got themselves in a right old mess. Courts have upheld the right of the Government to ban the sale of nicotine stuff, and that is correct. That is what Government is for – to make laws. There is nothing about nicotine stuff which is privileged. But why allow the import of such nicotine stuff?

Oh… What about nicotine patches, gums, inhalers, etc? What about Big Pharma products? The Oz Gov could not ban the import of ecig liquid containing nicotine without banning the import of ALL nicotine containing products, unless each and every product was tested by the Oz Gov. That is a major point. It would not be sufficient for the manufacturers of nicotine patches in the USA to have tested their patches – the Oz Gov would also have to do it again. I doubt that USA pharma companies would pay for such repeat tests. They would collectively say, “We have tested them and tested them, and you must accept our results. We shall not pay for you to repeat what we have already paid for over and over again”.

So the Oz Gov has found itself in deep shit. It has the right to ban the resale of imported ecig liquids containing nicotine, but there is HUGE pressure for the ‘health benefits’ of ecigs to be recognised. Why hinder the trade?

So Oz has set up a commission of some sort to look into the whole matter. What that means is that the Oz Gov wants to change its mind and has set up a committee to give it the excuse to do so.

So we can expect a load of blather from the committee about ‘not absolutely safe’ and ‘possible gateway effects’ and ‘possible addiction’ and such, but the committee will eventually recommend that ecig liquids should be permitted to be sold openly. But it will also fall in line with the EU TPD and ban strengths over 20 ml bla, bla.

The question that arises in my mind is: “Which faction of Tobacco Control will win?” The WHO follows the USA drugs administration, as you would expect since the USA is its major contributor.

I don’t know if there is any way out of the mess. Swamp is indeed the correct word. But the swamp has been created by Tobacco Control itself, just as the swamp of Global Warming has been created by Warmists. Their collective unwillingness to countenance dissent is the weapon which is destroying them.

What can we smokers do to help them destroy themselves?

In Oz, it seems that the trade in illicit stuff continues to boom. The more that Oz customs brag about seizures, the more obvious it is that they are failing big time. Think of it this way. Suppose that the value of a packet of 20 cigs in China is 50 Oz cents. Suppose that transport cost of that packet to Oz is $Oz1. The ‘criminal gang’ importing the stuff pay $Oz1.50 per packet. Does it matter if 1 consignment in 100 is seized? You would need an veritable WW1 army of customs officers to intercept every consignment. One of the wonderful things about global trade and EU trade, over the last half century, has been the impossibility of low cost intervention by States. I remember cycling in Belgium and France around 1957. When I got home, I had to pass through Customs. There were tables with a Customs Officer standing behind each table. You had to place your suitcase on the table, and it was up to the Officer to decide to demand that you open it for inspection. I had panniers on my bike, so the Officer did not insist that I put them on the table. He came round and put a chalk mark on them, and I was allowed to pass. But there was, comparatively speaking, very little traffic between the UK and the continent in 1957. Today, the traffic must be a hundred times more. Further, I believe that Customs Officers must have ‘reasonable suspicion’ that a person is misbehaving, but I am not sure about that.

I do not wish to sound elitist, but I seriously believe that any smoker who buys stuff in the UK  is damaging himself. It is beyond my comprehension that a smoker will continue to pay extortionate prices when a trip to Belgium for a ‘City Break’ could cut his cig costs by around 50% for the best part of a year. It is worth using a credit card to pay for the trip, and it is possible to use a credit card for the purchases. In Magalluf, I can use a debit card to buy my cigs, if I wish to, and I have done so. But I almost always take currency with me.

The cheapest cigs were in Prague. I booked into a ’boutique hotel’ somewhat removed from the city centre. I booked ‘bed and breakfast’, but there was a pub across the street where I quickly established my credentials on the first day there. I was able to dine there in the evening. But I could have dined in the hotel and paid for the meal. The hotel cost did not bother me because it was reasonable, but I enjoyed the local cuisine provided by the pub. I allowed the publican to choose my meals in the sense that I said, “What is that?”, and he said, “Yum, yum. It is my Mother’s recipe”. Good enough for me, although sometimes the tastes were a bit ‘foreign’.

Cigs there cost around £2.50 per pack. I brought back 30 cartons. The trip was off-season, around April. The weather was rather cold and rainy. I went into the city a couple of times, but I bought my cigs from a Chinese shop on a nearby street. For the most part, I enjoyed my room. I watched Eurosport on the TV and played chess and drank a lot of tea. You could not smoke in the hotel bar, but the outside area was adequately covered. But why bother when you could drink and smoke in the bar across the street?

The cost? I cannot remember, except that it was miles below the savings I made on the cost of the cigs I bought. And, I enjoyed a holiday as well.

Is it not curious that holiday companies do not emphasise the cheapness of cigs in foreign parts? “You can enjoy the sun and the sea and wonderful food very cheap, PLUS, if you are a smoker, buy cigs for a fraction of the price at home, and bring back as much as you like, provided that it for your own consumption or as gifts”.

The fact that they do not just supports the idea that smokers are a persecuted group.

I do not hold that comparing the plight of smokers with the plight of Jews in Germany around 1936 is wrong. IT IS EXACTLY THE SAME THING!! Only ‘the final solution’ is different.

It is important to recognise that IT IS EXACTLY THE SAME THING. Exclusion, vilification, extortion, etc.

What can we do?

I cannot do anything about the exclusion or the vilification, but I CAN do something about the extortion. The last time that I was forced to buy cigs in this country was when the wife had to go into hospital and I had to cancel a planned holiday.

‘Refusal to pay extortionate taxes’ is what brought about the Independence of the USA. ‘Nothing about us without us’.

It is gradually becoming clear that ‘Nothing about is without us’ is gaining traction. And so it should. But it should not only be about transsexuals.

Since 2007, and probably before, smokers have been persecuted. There is NOTHING different between the persecution of smokers and Huguenots and Jews and Niggers and Homosexuals throughout the ages. There is nothing different. There is exclusion and persecution.

How is it that ASH ET AL can get away with it? I do not understand. There is nothing comprehensible about the vicious taxation of smokers and drinkers and drivers. Nothing at all. None of it makes any sense at all.

In fact, I would go further. The absolutely worst excessive tax is that on petrol. It makes no sense whatsoever. It is unutterably stupid to create a cost which renders our industry more expensive than it needs to be. It further suggests that Government is obese. If it were not obese, then it would not need to hobble our industries with obese taxes.

The swamp does indeed need to be drained. But the swamp is not between Tory and Labour et al. It is endemic. Both Tory and Labour need to drain the swamp.

In the USA, both Republicans and Democrats should stop fighting each other and work out how to drain the swamp. The same applies in the UK. For a start, ‘fake’ charities must be defunded. Only charities which deal with real problems should be funded. ASH has never ever been anything but a sock puppet for the Royal College of Physicians. The RCP controls everything that ASH does.

This was intended to be a short post about Oz!! But not to worry. TC is gradually falling apart. In the UK, ASH ET AL is screaming about the failure of government to publish its newest propaganda and persecution. Apply the ‘scream test’.

In the fight for UK autonomy, The Cabinet (remember when we were supposed to have ‘cabinet’ government rather than Prime Minister government?) must declare we are willing to trade with EU countries as we have been doing for decades, but we do not agree that some group of ancient arseholes in Brussels will dictate how we trade with the rest of the world. Nor will we pay for them to do so.

But the reason that I personally voted ‘Brexit’ was to get rid of the EU/WHO/UN ‘One World Government’.

It will be a hard slog, but the fight back MUST succeed, otherwise, sooner of later, there will be the greatest Civil War that the World has ever seen.



3 Responses to “Blazing Contradictions in Oz Laws About Ecigs”

  1. Smoking Lamp Says:

    Here is an example of how the antismoker pressure groups aided by the media attack MPs to keep them in line.

    “SMOKING VOTE FURY New Health Minister is under fire for voting against major smoking reforms” at The Sun

    The attempt to shape policy by intimidation is exemplified by the following: Tory Jackie Doyle-Price was accused of not even backing ‘basic public health measures’,” and “Jackie Doyle-Price voted to exempt pubs and private members’ clubs from the smoking ban
    Her voting record shows she voted against a ban on smoking in private motors where there are kids present.”

    They continued, “She also voted against a new law that requires private vehicles be smoke-free where a person under 18 is present.” Before making the case to support ASH with a new tobacco control policy they added, “Doyle-Price, who has been an MP since 2010, also voted to exempt pubs and private members’ clubs from the smoking ban where no grub is served.”

    Sounds like she should be commended for trying to protect liberty rather than berated by these totalitarians.

    • junican Says:

      Exactly right, SL, and it has been a long time in coming. The best people to decide upon tobacco matters are sceptics. She should take heart from these attacks.

  2. Smoking Lamp Says:

    Link is

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