“True Statistics”

A frivolous post tonight. I have been to the pub and had a couple of pints and so I am somewhat relaxed and mentally diffused.

I am going on a trip to Majorca at the end of July. I have in mind to print out info from the Mortality Statistics, produced by the UK National Statistics Dept, about deaths from some ‘tobacco related diseases’ over the period from about 1950 to 2017. Obviously, it would be very messy to try to account for EVERY cause of death. I must select just a few, and take figures from decades.

But there is a problem. In the 1970s, Doll, Godber, the USA Surgeon General, et al, having invades the WHO, engineered a change in the ’cause of death’ descriptions. I do not know what changes they made, but it is quite possible that ‘consumption’ (“a progressive wasting away of the body especially from pulmonary tuberculosis”) could have been redefined as ‘lung cancer’. Thus, it becomes very difficult to compare like with like.

I dare say that such ‘re-definitions’ are needed from time to time.

I am not certain that I can be bothered, but it might be interesting to compare deaths in ¬†various age-groups from a particular selection of causes over the last 77 years, starting with 1950. There may be ‘blips’ caused by the Doll etc re-classifications. We must wait and see. I have contemplated this idea before, but suppose that my analysis supports TC? Should I discard it on the grounds that we smokers are persecuted?

I think not.

I know already that LC deaths, as a proportion of causes of death, has fallen somewhat over the approximately 50 year period, but all that means is that LC patients have not died as soon as they used to. Treatment has improved, and many LC sufferers have survived for much longer than they would have without the treatment. But such deaths have not mirrored the decrease in smoking.

But there is more to it. We need to look also at Heart Problem deaths. The idea is to compare deaths from Heart Problems today with historical records.

You see, I hate the ‘new think’. ‘Conditions’ such has ‘Heart Problems’ are not ‘diseases’. The phrase ‘non-communicable diseases’ is a contradiction which should never have been permitted to enter our vocabulary. A heart problem might indeed be caused by a ‘disease’, but the problem itself is not a ‘disease’. It is a malfunction. A mechanical malfunction.

It is reasonable to say that there is no such thing as a ‘non-communicable’ disease.

How on earth have the likes of Doll, Godber, et al, got away with such blatant propaganda? I do not understand. They must have had almost perfect control over ‘The Medical Establishment’. How did they attain such powerful control?

It can only be because the structure of ‘Medical’ is autocratic. Dissent is permitted within strict parameters, but not in substance. Thus, the statement: “There is no safe level of tobacco smoke exposure” can be seriously stated.

Even the stupidest of Zealots ought to be able to see the absurdity of such a statement. If they are not stupid, then they ‘conform’ to save themselves.

Brexit ought to mean, among other things, the end of absurdities. The confinement of snus to Sweden is an absurdity in point. That matter alone shows the corruption of the EU. The EU is not, and never has been, ‘fit for purpose’.

The EU saw fit to persecute smokers by every means possible. It follows that it is autocratic, just as much as the French Aristocracy was autocratic before the French Revolution.

Our leaving the EU should rid our Country of the EU’s corruption. Are our negotiators aware that they are dealing with MASSIVE corruption? If they are not, then it is because they themselves are corrupt.

In my view, Brexit is about stopping funding the massive corruption. And we want our ‘investments’ in the EU buildings to produce dividends for the UK taxpayers who funded the buildings. We want a billion pounds per an as ‘rents’.

There are matters of ‘Principle’ which the UK can invoke. The EU apparatchiks have no such principles. In fact, one might ask why the UK is bothering with the EU apparatus at all. What is wrong with talking to the individual countries? After all, there are only 27 of them. Why bother with the EU blatherers at all?

Is Theresa May capable of fighting the good fight? I doubt it. When she said that victims of the tower block inferno would not be asked about their legitimate presence in this country, she showed utter stupidity. Why? Because she claimed, as PM, to have authority OVER UK law. She has no such authority. She is subservient to The Law, just as we all are, and just as the inhabitants of the tower block were.

Turmoil is everywhere. But the turmoil is akin to dropping a pebble in a lake. The ripples spread out in all directions but mean nothing to be whole mass of water in the lake.


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