The ‘SmokyDrinkyBar’

Frank Davis has set up a virtual  ‘smokydrinkbar’ via ‘’. Here is a link which might not be the right one:

It is really good fun. It is as near being in a real pub and chatting with other punters as is possible. We laugh, we chat, we smoke and we drink. The fact that we are not in the same room but are spread all over the world, is irrelevant.

I dropped in tonight for a brief chat. I met up with Frank, Beo and Ross from New Zealand.  It is awfully tempting to linger, just as it is in a pub, but I wanted to write a post tonight, so I just had ‘one pint’ and went back home (so to speak).

I’m not quite sure how it works, but I am conducting a little experiment at this moment. I have entered the bar on a separate tab and there is no one in, so I have reverted to this tab. I have just clicked on the other tab, the ‘smokydrinkybar’ tab, and there is still no one there except me. I suppose that if anyone else entered the bar, they would see me looking down as I type this piece. I would appear to be ignoring them. But I am not. I am deaf and blind for the time being. My point is that I can leave myself in the bar and potter about doing other things elsewhere. I can do that right now because there is no one else in. The bar can hold 12 people, so it would be bad manners for me to occupy a position at the bar and ignore other people. In that situation, I must ‘take a leak’ and leave the bar for the time being. Thankfully, I would not have to go outside for a fag.

I have just checked. Everyone has gone to bed, so I have ‘left the room’. I don’t quite know how I have done it, but I have saved the open door as a ‘Favourite’ so I can enter the room without any ‘formalities’ at any time.

It is a brilliant thing because, in the bar, we do not have TobCon brainwashing us. Going to the pub and having to go outside for a fag, is a form of brainwashing. After a prolonged period of time of subjection, you actually come to believe that it is your own fault that you have to go outside for a fag, and you feel guilty. 

Fighting against the brainwashing is the most important thing that we brothers and sisters can do. Fight and fight again.


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  1. garyk30 Says:

    I had stopped by earlier, sorry I missed you.

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