Smokers as a ‘Gang’ and as Gangs of Slaves

Smokers are not a ‘gang’. We are too diffused to be ‘a gang’. TobCom is a ‘gang’. It profits from its activities.

Perhaps it is a bad thing that Smokers are not ‘a gang’. I once suggested, in my naivety, that a ‘gang’ of smokers, say 20, could organise and go around pubs, as a group, and buy a pint each, and all light up at the same time. What would the publican do? There was virtue in that idea because the publican could not possibly cope with 20 people. He would have to call the police. But, by the time that the police arrived, the group would intentionally have drunk up and dispersed. Such behaviour was never on the cards, both practically and philosophically. We Brits are not used to even having to contemplate having our freedoms denied. We stand back in horror and wonder what is happening. How come we fought two world wars to defend our freedoms and are now seeing those freedoms being whittled away by the very people that we elect to defend those freedoms? For that is what we elect MPs to do – to defy the Government on our behalf. We do not elect them to buttress the Persecutors.

So why was the ‘Smoking Ban’ passed with such a huge majority? I can only think of one reason, which is that the MPs involved ‘knew not what they were doing’. They thought that enslaving citizens was OK ‘for the wider good’.

“Enslaving Citizens”. Absolutely, since Publicans were obliged, without salaries or wages, to do the bidding of the Elite. No one knows precisely who the Elite were. Publicans were enslaved.

I see MPs in the Blair era as intelligent people who were ignorant. Is that a contradiction in terms?

Further, what does excessive taxation of smokers mean? That too involves slavery. Smokers are treated as slaves because they are addicted and can be treated as slaves. What little money they have can be extracted from them because they have no alternative but to comply. Every avenue of self-sufficiency is blocked.

The Government and MPs cannot help themselves. They cannot think beyond THE PEOPLE as being an amorphous mass. Tory MPs think of a Tory mass, and Labour think of a Labour mass, etc.

Life is not so simple. Brexit proved that.

When you think about it, the EU should have been such a wonderful idea that no one in their right mind should have voted to exit. But what has happened? We have seen the EU turn into a Tyranny, before our eyes. How did that tyranny come about? Politicians should be thinking about that and little else. They might perhaps wonder why they permitted to tyranny to become established.

Who precisely are THE TYRANTS? Perhaps PM May and her Ministers should be asking themselves that question.


2 Responses to “Smokers as a ‘Gang’ and as Gangs of Slaves”

  1. garyk30 Says:

    I see MPs in the Blair era as intelligent people who were ignorant. Is that a contradiction in terms?

    Intelligence is useful only if it is used.

    Politicians, in a group, seem to have a ‘mob mentality’ which is the lowest common intelligence.

    They seem incapable of realizing that there are always negative consequences to what they are doing.

    Debit/credit considerations seem to be ignored.

    • junican Says:

      Very true. Are MPs themselves enslaved? I think that they are because their Party Leaders are subject to the opinion of ‘Experts’, which enslaves the Party Leaders.
      They brought it upon themselves.

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