Is a Group of People a ‘Thing’?

I have often wondered why MPs vote to persecute smokers. Taxation is a case in point. Parliament, taken as a whole ‘thing’, has annually increased the persecution of smokers via increases in duty. It has been deliberate. MPs as a group are also a ‘thing’.

A ‘thing’ cannot have any sense of morality or humanity or affinity. Parliament walks past and steps over bodies in the street. a tiny risk of damage to the ‘thing’ known as ‘passive smokers’, trumps actual deaths caused by the ‘thing’ known as TC.

The creation of ‘things’ by grouping people into categories is fairly new. I don’t mean English, or Scottish or Welsh or Irish. I mean grouping people into ‘desirables’ and ‘undesirables’.

When a society starts to group people into a ‘thing’ called ‘Undesirables’, it commits a cardinal error. It paves the way for the burning of witches and such. That is because ‘undesirables’ can only exist in the mind of the ‘authority’. Only ‘the bosses’ can define the ‘undesirable thing’.

What seems to be totally absent, throughout today’s politics, is respect for individual freedom and self-authority. What I find weird is that TC Zealots have no comprehension that they themselves have surrendered their freedom and self-autonomy by persecuting smokers. When the time comes, they could hardly object to being persecuted themselves. Why should Arnott be upset by being told that she must house X number of ‘fugitives’ in her grand house? After all, if a level playing field exists, the she must be enthusiastic about it.

And there is another thing that is very important, which is that Government must STOP believing that tax income is the most important thing of all. You see, Government is a monopoly, and it must be so. From the point of view of THE PEOPLE, it is not income which is important in such a monopoly. It is costs. COSTS are everything in a monopoly, if the existence of that monopoly is to be justified. It follows therefore that EVERY monopolistic cost, no matter how large or small, must be justified.

Whittling down the State monopoly is more important that whittling down smoking.


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