Is Tobacco Control a Group of ‘Gangs’?

“Capo de tutti capi”.

So there are individual ‘gangs’ spread all over the world. Each gang has a capo – a boss. But who is the capo of TC in, say, Australia? There simply must be a capo. ASH Australia was disbanded just like that – here today and gone tomorrow. Why was it not sustained by ‘voluntary’ contributions? Surely a few thousand dollars per an could have been raised to support voluntary efforts by convinced, unpaid supporters? Surely ASH Australia was not just a shell, pretending to be a ‘charity’, which existed merely to be a cover for those people who were being paid handsomely as lecturers, professors, doctors, etc, by states and students?

It was?!! So why was it disbanded? Why could the lecturers, professors, doctors, etc, not voluntarily chuck a few thousand dollars at ASH?

I think that we can guess why. Over the years, the lecturers, professors, doctors, etc, have found that they do not need ASH. In fact, they probably realised that their direct links with Government were more than sufficient to get their way. In fact, they probably became aware that ASH Oz was actually a liability. It had noisily advocated crackdowns, taxes, bans, etc, for years and was thus thoroughly tainted and unfit for the ‘newthink’. The ‘newthink’ was not global, but state by state, city by city, in the American way. It was very unlikely that Parliament and the National Gov would ban smoking outdoors. That was a step too far. No, such bans would need to be at a local level. Here and there, there were local authorities which were ripe for ‘the push’. One councillor would suffice in those authorities. They were suckers. A proposal that smoking should be banned within, say, 7 meters of a pub doorway would be easy-peasy to get passed. Needless to say, that proposition would be amended to read ‘any doorway to any public place’ shortly before the vote, as happened with the smoking ban in England. In England, the original ban would have exempted wet led pubs and private clubs, but the Zealots cried, “SHS is just as dangerous in those places as others”. The Minister herself then proposed an amendment to her own Bill to delete that exemption. It was fixed. Everything about the smoking ban was fixed. Everything was planned to the smallest detail. ” Divide et impera’. Let small pubs and especially private clubs think that they had no iron in the fire, and then bash them. That is what happened. Further, the police and local authorities, were geared up to impose a sort of martial law on 1st July 2007. It was all pre-planed. In fact, it is obvious that the PTB (Powers That Be) wanted someone to step out of line to be made an example of. Two or three brave persons did step out of line and were duly crushed.

I am wondering how long ASH will last in the UK. Their screams about the failure of the Gov to publish the latest ASH/TC plan suggests panic. Apply the scream test to ASH. The game is almost up. Local authorities are spearheading outdoor bans; hospitals are doing likewise; prisons and mental hospitals are testing home bans. Who needs a national ‘charity’ in these circumstances?

It seems that Arnott was at the New Nicotine Alliance Forum in Poland. Why? Ecigs have nothing to do with ASH. ASH means ‘Action on SMOKING and Health’. Using an ecig is not smoking. There is no combustion and therefore no smoke. What was she doing there?

The reason is obvious and has been plain to see for the last several years. ASH want to gain ownership of ecigs via controls. Or rather, the ‘Gang’ behind ASH want to do so.

I suppose that the ‘boss’ of the WHO FCTC is the ‘capo de tutti cappi’. There must be an organisation of ‘the gangs’. The bosses of those gangs must obey the ‘capo de tutti capi’. But there is something of a ‘gang war’ going on behind the scenes.

I noticed this evening that there have been several ads on TV for Nicorette. The new ploy is to claim that there are several different ‘treatments’ and the suggestion in the ads is that if one does not work, then another will. Blatant salesmanship. Not a mention of ecigs, of course. Well, of course, since the object of the ads is to sell Nicorette products. THAT IS ALL! Big Pharma does not give a shit about whether or not people stop smoking. That idea is a smokescreen. They want to sell their stuff. What makes it even worse is that doctors can prescribe the stuff as prescriptions.

The cost of Tobacco Prohibition continues to pile up and pile up. It is a simple matter of logic that, if communicable disease no longer kill people, then those people will succumb to non-communicable diseases eventually. Death and morbidity from ‘conditions’ like heart failure, will inevitably become more prevalent than deaths caused by ‘diseases’. But there will be a bigger time-lapse before death occurs. That is all. The cost of old age health problems is enormous.

Meanwhile, the cost of TC is growing and growing. I do not just mean the centralised costs of the WHO and the FCTC, and all its offices all over the world. I mean customs officers, police, environmental officers, hospital guards, medical hospital guards, street patrols.

We have seen the recent scandal of Local Authorities outsourcing collection of fines for litter dropping, which allowed unscrupulous firms to hang around about bus stops waiting for a smoker to drop a cig end. Those firms, and their operatives, were paid from a percentage of the total of the fines. If those are not corrupt practices, I do not know what corruption is. They are a sort of negative ‘brown paper envelopes containing tens of thousands of pounds’ in that it is the local authorities which are receiving the ‘brown paper envelopes’. “We fined 1000 people £70 each today. That’s £70,000. Here’s your share – 50% – £35,000.”

Local authority: “Thank you very much! That’s wonderful! Keep it up chaps!”

Thus we see all that is wrong with politics in general.

Individuals become a crowd. A crowd is a ‘thing’ – it is not a person or an association of persons. It is just a thing. Such a thing must be dealt with. In the eyes of politicians, the whole population is ‘a thing’ – a ‘crowd’. It can be bashed into shape.

But how do politicians become so corrupt in the way that they see their fellow citizens? I honestly do not know. I have seen innumerable politicians, elected at a GE, thanking the people who elected them and promising to do wonderful things for them, and all the constituents. NOTHING EVER HAPPENS. Instead, they vote for smoking bans, increased MP salaries, EU directives, FCTC demands, PP, the decimation of the UK fishing industry, bread and circuses, invasions by foreign tribes, etc.

There is only one answer and I think that Trump has the basic idea. Starting from the top, the UN has to be put back in its place. It is not a WORLD GOVERNMENT. The answer? Cut the funding and insist that it relocates from New York to Somalia or somewhere like that. Get the WHO out of Geneva and into Kazakhstan. After all, they are happy to have meetings there. Remove them from the luxury that they complain about.

It is the only way. Drain the swamp. Get control of the criminal gangs. Make the jobs of World Bank  and IMF operatives tough. Insist that they produce benefits or sack them.

It may seem a tall order, but I do not think so. 95% of their work would remain the same. Only 5% would be dispensed with. That 5% would be TC, Climate Change, alcohol and ‘Leading beyond authority’.

What must change in MPs is that they must become cynical. They must question everything that Ministers propose. They must ask who has advised the Minister, naming names and talking about the ‘expertise’ of those advisers.

The secrecy surrounding Government advisers and ‘experts’ must cease.  Those people are a potential ‘non-communicable disease’ in our midst.


4 Responses to “Is Tobacco Control a Group of ‘Gangs’?”

  1. Smoking Lamp Says:

    You are right, tobacco control is nothing more than gangsters and racketeers. They need to be contained and their subsidy from the public purse eliminated.

  2. michaeljmcfadden Says:

    One of the most classic mobster parallels I know of was in the US in 1998. Under the US Constitution it is supposedly illegal for States to collaborate in any sort of “Compacts,” but 45 State Attorney Generals got together, formed a mob, and basically said to Big Tobacco, “Hey, nice store ya got there mister. Be a real shame if it burned down. Tell ya what, pay us a billion dollars a month and we’ll guarantee it won’t catch fire some night.”

    Classic protection racket. And Big Tobacco caved in — partly because as part of the deal, they were told that THEY wouldn’t actually be the ones paying: they would pass the extortion payments directly on to the smokers! It was a nationwide tax that never had to go through the messiness of being legally legislated!

    THAT is true gangsterism.

    – MJM

    • junican Says:

      Spot on, MJM, but the legislation was massively disguised as a payment for harm done in the past. You are right – the whole thing stank of ‘protection’.
      But the funds are beginning to dry up. ‘Official’ smoking rates, in the form of tobacco sales, are falling like mad. ‘Unofficial’ rates are unknown. In today’s climate, who would tick ‘smoker’ on a survey? In the USA, that would almost be as bad a ticking ‘Communist’ on a voter survey.

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