“Rancid” Minds

How would you define the word ‘rancid’? I would say ‘gone off’, ‘gone bad’, ‘deteriorated’. The Cambridge dictionary does not help much:

“(of butter, oil, etc.) tasting or smelling unpleasant because of not being fresh”

“Not pleasant to eat or drink”

It is a difficult word because it is so inexact. It seems to describe ‘appearance’ rather than ‘substance’. Thus, butter which is said to be ‘rancid’ is not necessarily poisonous. It just does not look nice and possibly does not smell nice or taste nice, but is it ‘dangerous’?

‘Rancid’ is a good word to describe Tobacco Control Bigwigs. Those are the people who have no affinity with the people that they vilify, just as the Nazis vilified Jews without taking the least amount of trouble to differentiate between good, ‘hard-working’ Jewish citizens and villains.

I like the idea of describing the likes of Doll and Godber as having ‘rancid’ minds. It is one thing to tell people that smoking might be dangerous. It is another thing altogether to start persecuting perfectly ordinary, ‘hard-working’ citizens with bans, taxes and pictorial medical porn. It is even worse to use ‘children’ as a shield for their ‘rancid’ plans.

What is becoming more and more obvious is that ‘hard-working’ citizens are becoming pissed off with the rancid minds in charge. The word and phrases that they use stink somewhat; their proposals for further aggression against ‘hard-working’ citizens are phrased to suggest that those citizens are layabouts. They are layabouts because they are in ‘lesser income groups’, who buy cigs rather than feed their families. Those proposal do not taste nice at all. If you translate the word ‘help’ into ‘force’, the product of the rancid minds changes from just being slightly off to being poisonous.

“Prisoners in mental hospitals can be helped to live forever with nicotine patches and gums. They will enjoy the extra ten years of life which nicotine patches and gums will provide. That is, an extra ten years beyond ‘forever’. What is there for the prisoners not to like?”

The real scandal is that the rancid minds have been permitted to take over the asylum. I hope that you get my drift.

Politics is the equivalent of a madhouse. If a foreign power managed to infiltrate an army into this country which intended to disrupt the lives and safety of the indigenous citizens, you could bet that every effort would be made to capture and condemn the members of that army, and to incarcerate those people until reparation was paid by the foreign power.

Of course, such demands can never be made. The agents of the foreign power do not know that they are agents. They are ‘devotees’ of a particular sect, and that is all. And the foreign power does not give a shit about its citizens.

What I think has gone wrong for decades is that ‘citizenship’ has been downgraded to the extent that it just means ‘place where you happen to be’. The UK cannot repatriate a Hungarian criminal (for example) because he has every right to be in the UK. That is good example of the ‘rancid mind’. You can smell and taste the rottenness, but not quite identify it.

The rancid nature (‘gone off’) of the EU minds is well described by Merkel’s welcome of foreign infidels into every state in the EU. She thought that the infidels would be ‘hard-working’ citizens. She cannot now change her mind. Germany is the CENTRE, from which more and more atrocities will emanate.

But still the ‘Rancid Minds’ will predominate until a Churchill growls “Enough!”

I do not know who might be a Churchill among the present crop of MPs. I am not even sure that it is possible for such a person to emerge. Trump in the USA seems to be fulfilling the criteria to some extent, but ‘the swamp’ has a life of its own. It is full of gunge, just as my back lawn is full of moss. I neglected it for years, and now I am paying the price. But I am determined. I hope that Trump is also determined. The ‘gunge’ will fight his every endeavour.

There is only one way, and that way applies the UK. You cannot remove the gunge with laws and economics. You have to SCRAPE IT OUT. You cannot poison it. It will not die.

The only way is to get to the roots and kill them. In the present reality, that means putting surplus civil servants to productive use.

Part of Brexit should be reorganisation of our own systems. It is a mistake to believe that such a reorganisation is simply a matter of saving billions of pounds in one go. It cannot be done. We cannot do it in our own lives. If we wish to reduce our outgoings, because our incomes are falling short, we have to economise across the board. We have to switch the central heating off somewhat and put a jersey on. We might put an extra blanket on our beds. We might search for the cheapest bargains and holiday in Mallorca for a week rather than New York.

What seems to be difficult for politicians is to recognise that the distribution of tobacco studies and climate studies and alcohol studies across universities is DELIBERATE. As a result, nothing can be pinned down.

And yet, the solution is really, really easy. We taxpayers in the UK have paid enough. Other taxpayers in the World, such as the Philippines, which is murdering smokers, should pay retribution for exceeding the demands of the WHO. The WHO does not, at present, demand that smokers should be shot on sight. Although it is not far off that goal.

The important thing is that semi-criminal spending of taxpayers funds on ‘foreign adventures into tobacco control’ are taking place.

So, finally, it is OBVIOUS that the millions of pounds of taxpayers fund are being wasted and wasted and wasted. It does not matter that, in national terms, the costs are only in the millions of pounds. Government deals only in billions, which is how the FCTC Organisation survives. Govs see the cost of the FCTC has peanuts.

But add up ALL the costs, and a different picture emerges. Combating illicit imports becomes a massive cost.

But no politician at all talks about such extra costs. It is as thought the cost of Border Control was a static figure. The fact is that TC has been pushing up the cost of Border Force for ages. TC caused the black market.

It seems that, individually, politicians are very intelligent people, but, collectively, they are asinine. I really do not understand that. Just as a very simple example, smoking bans were said to be intended to reduce ill-health and, as a consequence, relieve the NHS of cases of lung cancer, heart problems, etc. NHS costs would be reduced. Erm… No. Nothing has changed except that hospital are inundated with very old people with chronic ailments. But I am not saying that smoking is involved one way or another.

What is plain to all who can see is that the FCTC is a parasite. STOP FUNDING IT MR TRUMP AND MRS MAY. JUST STOP! Also, stop funding anything to do with Climate. That is another UN racket. JUST STOP! 

Stop funding negatives.


2 Responses to ““Rancid” Minds”

  1. garyk30 Says:

    It seems that, individually, politicians are very intelligent people, but, collectively, they are asinine.

    I suppose it is a ‘mob mentality’ sort of thing, with things regressing to the ‘lowest common denominator’.

    That is never rational.

    • junican Says:

      I think that it has more to do with not being able to do anything anyway. Why bother reading and studying the evidence for or against some policy when ‘the experts’ tell you what the policy should be so you don’t need to bother? That is how the Minister Soubry MP came to be approving the TPD whilst thinking that ecigs had been dropped.

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