The Philosophy of Equality

It is a fundamental principle of ‘Equality’ in the UK that only a a few ‘conditions’ actually matter. The right of adults to vote in elections is one, and perhaps the most important one. But even that right is not a simple one. It is not guaranteed to produce good Government. It is perhaps contradictory that ‘elections’ can be equated with ‘Equality’. In fact, it is quite possible that elections can perpetuate ‘Inequality’.

Another example of ‘Equality’, which is perverse, is the equal treatment of mental patient prisoners. All must comply and be equal. All must obey the command not to enjoy tobacco. That is ‘Equality’.

The REAL measure of Equality is not about material possessions. It is about contentment. A person who is not content with his income or wealth can seek to increase both, but he does not HAVE TO do so.

I vaguely suspect that the Elite do not want people to be content. Smokers might be content to take whatever risks are involved. The Elite do not like that Philosophy. Nor do they like the philosophy of the enjoyment of ‘Alcoholic Beverages’, or salt or sugar, or electricity.


I would accuse all UK politicians of the same ‘Sin’. They do not say what they want. Platitudes are not sufficient as far as ‘Equality’ is concerned.

We should note that ‘Tobacco Control’ has never said ‘what it wants’. It has avoided like the plague demanding what it wants, other than bits and pieces. How is ‘Equality’ served when the least ‘equal’ are persecuted?

I have said again and again that smokers are being persecuted. We do not have to draw comparisons with Nazi Germany. There is no need to. The massive taxes levied upon smokers are indefensible. They are crude, vicious, extortion. The fact that booze and petrol are similarly treated is irrelevant.

How can we get Government to ‘care’? We cannot, and Government cannot in today’s abject surrender to ‘One World Government’. Why do politicians, like Cameron, belittle themselves and their supporters by secretly cavorting with grotesque authoritarians?


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