The ‘Subconscious’

In my own little way, I proved to myself today that the ‘Subconscious’ is real. I had a small ache in a tooth. It was intermittent and not intense. Just a slight ache brought on by bashing the tooth accidentally. The ache soon went away. But it was in my mind, and so I chewed carefully. As a coward, when it comes to dentistry, I postponed and postponed getting that ‘slight’ problem solved. But I intend to go on holiday at the end of July, and a ‘bash’ a couple of days ago, which resulted in a few hours of slight toothache, persuaded me make an appointment. Once I made the appointment, my cowardice disappeared. And so, today, the problem was solved – a damaged filling. Job done.

But what is interesting is that, once I got home, I was GALVANISED! I set to and did all sorts of little jobs at home which I had been postponing and postponing for the last couple of months. I set to.

After a little while, I began to think about why I was GALVANISED. I believe that concerns about the slight toothache, and the possibility of bashing the tooth, had become subconscious. That those concerns had been generalised by my subconscious mind. They had become a generalised worry, affecting everything in my mind, without me realising it. You might describe it as a minor case of depression.

Is it reasonable to say that ‘Depression’ is cumulative? That one small worry can beget worries which do not exist? That the idea of mowing the lawn becomes intolerable because the subconscious mind equates it with toothache?

My little experience today, of being GALVANISED, suggests that that is true.

I think that the opposite is also true.

Our ‘estate’ is quiet because there are no through-roads. You cannot take a short cut via the streets and roads on our ‘estate’. Thus, there is very little traffic on our ‘estate’. Also, there are not a lot of people walking about on the streets and roads. It is an interesting fact that, if I am walking along one of our streets and I am smoking, and I see someone walking towards me, either on the same side or the opposite side, I feel GUILTY!!!! I cannot help it. I can do nothing about it. It is a feeling. That ‘feeling’ is in my subconscious mind.

‘Subliminal advertising’ was banned decades ago. For ‘millennials’, subliminal advertising was the flashing of pictures in the middle of TV programmes for a fraction of a second. The picture would be imprinted on the subconscious mind without the person knowing about it. Such a picture might be of a particular kind of car, and many a person, but not every person, would be ‘imprinted’ with that particular car as an ‘ideal’ car.

But constant repetition has much the same effect, even though it is not subliminal.

Back to my experience of feeling guilty when smoking on the opposite side of the street, it can only be that my subconscious mind has been infected by a virus. You see, when I stand just marginally outside the pub (partly inside the vestibule and partly outside), I have no such feelings of guilt. When anyone approaches to enter the pub, I say, “Hello”,  and almost all say, “Hiya”, or some such. Absolutely not one person, not one person, has ever hand-waved or coughed. I suspect that the hand-wavers and coughers stopped going to pubs very shorty after the ‘fun’ people, the smokers, gave up on the unequal fight.

But therein lies the ‘subconscious’ problem. The ‘anti-smoker’s subconscious antipathy can only persist for as long as the antipathy persists. Just as my semi-conscious fear of dentistry caused me to postpone other activities.

The UN – WHO – persecution of smokers, as a subliminal message, can only persist for a given period of time.

Our problem, as PETS (People who Enjoy Tobacco), is to get our human rights to enjoy ourselves without persecution, recognised. That is the first thing, and is paramount. We have the RIGHT to kill ourselves if we so wish. We have the RIGHT to risk ill-health. It is crazy that Formula 1 drivers can career around race-tracks and crash into obstacles and risk their lives. It is no excuse that they have special insurance.

I don’t think that you can consciously control your ‘subconscious’. That idea is a contradiction. But you can be aware of it. When you feel guilty about smoking on a street because someone else is walking towards you on the other side, you can think about your ‘feelings’. But could you do anything? Well, Yes you could. You could cross the street and walk by the object of your fear, and say, “Hello” as you pass. You could provoke your fears. The probability is that the other person will smile and say, “Hello”.

In my opinion, the whole of the UN, including the IPCC and the WHO, has become a means of oppression worse than anything that mankind has experienced before.

Why is that? It is because the UN will not come straight out and say that the human populations is FAR, FAR TOO BIG, or approaching that level.

It would be perhaps worth exploring that idea at a later date.



5 Responses to “The ‘Subconscious’”

  1. michaeljmcfadden Says:

    Junican, yes, the power of the subconscious and subliminal imprinting is FAR stronger than most people realize and the Antis are very well aware of it. That’s why they went so bananas for years about denormalizing smoking on TV. If people saw the characters on TV smoking in their homes with nonsmokers present, then they’d assume it was fine to do it in their own lives. And vice-versa. It’s a form of imprinting, of patterning being laid onto the surface of the brain, in a very soft fashion, but over and over and over again until it makes a permanent impression: like a long-lasting drip on a stone.

    – MJM

    • junican Says:

      Constant repetition is much the same as subliminal.Why else would sellers constantly repeat their adverts on TV? Such repetitive adverts should be banned. We could elaborate, but what is the point? The PTB (Powers that be) do not give a shit.

  2. Rose Says:

    I have never walked down the street smoking. For ladies it was considered to be very common behaviour and likely to get you propositioned by the occupants of passing cars.

    I didn’t do it then and neither TC nor the government can make me do it now.
    It was blatantly obvious that public humiliation was the whole point of banning smoking in enclosed “public” places and I refuse to advertise or participate in their “social denormalisation” strategies.

    • junican Says:

      Understood, Rose, but we either declare our ‘refusal to comply’ or we do not. Smoke where you wish to within the current law. Your decision.

      • Rose Says:

        I always smoke in public in a comfortable place that was there before the smoking ban and just happens to fit the criteria of the Health Act 2006. So that I can enjoy smoking in a visibly relaxed manner with a cup of coffee like the normal person I still am.

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