Why Smokers Should Not Despair About Smoking Bans

A post over at Frank Davis’s site led me to think:


Essentially, Frank was saying that an ideology brooks no dissent. Such dissent is described as heresy. Heretics are disbarred and silenced by whatever means necessary. Many tobacco control enthusiasts have been so disbarred, even though they may not have been silenced. A trio spring to mind right away – Michael Siegel, Clive Bates and Carl Phillips that I know of. There are probably many others.

What was their heresy? They fully believe that smoking kills half its users, and some of them even truly believe that second hand smoke is dangerous. What is their heresy? It is that they accept that smoking harm can be reduced. True Believers do not. For them, only the destruction of tobacco crops and the tobacco industry will do. And those True Believers have gained control of the TobCon industry via the WHO.

It took many decades for that control to be established, and there is no way that the top Zealots will let that control slip away. Hence the antagonism to ecigs. Ecigs are a life-saver for tobacco companies, as they see it, which is anathema. The only good tobacco company is a dead one. The destruction of small players, no matter how many, is collateral damage. Whether ecigs are a life-saver for smokers is also irrelevant. As Cicero might have put it, “Tobacco Companies delendum est!”

But everyone with any sense knows that the Zealotry is built upon crap science. It is based upon the myth of SHS danger. Harley Rider would here have interjected, “But they have not yet proved that smoking itself is dangerous!” I would agree. I would agree because epidemiology is not science. Think of any scientific fact that you like. “Gravity is a force exerted by matter which attracts other matter towards it”.  The Earth attracts the Moon, and the Moon attracts the Earth. But there is another possibility, which is that matter ‘stretches’ space, or, if you like, elasticates space. There are all sorts of problems with that idea, except for one thing. Space is ‘a thing’. It must be since it exists. Unless you prefer to think that space is spiritual.

Epidemiology is not science. Think of this example.

“On one side of my garden, plants grow very well; on the other side, they grow badly”.  That is epidemiology. It points to a potential problem. The science comes in when people start to try to find out why there is a difference between the two places. The problem might be the soil, or the exposure to sunlight, or the coldness of the soil, or bugs.

It follows therefore that laws based upon Epidemiology alone are likely to be unjust laws. The Smoking Ban is one such unjust law. Essentially, it is akin to witchcraft – tobacco smoke casts a spell, and smokers are witches (trans-gender).

The reality is that it is the crackpot ‘scientists’ (who are not scientists) who are the transgender witches.

It is easy to see how TobCon will fall apart eventually. The more that it perpetuates itself by more and more laws and regulations and persecutions, the more money will have to be spent enforcing the laws, regulations and persecutions. Since only a handful of pubs now defy the law and permit after-hours smoking, does that mean that the enforcers have been stood down? I doubt it because, once in place, no one has an interest in sacking such people. At best, they will be moved to some other department and still be a cost.

The point is fast approaching where ‘tobacco studies’ in unis is pointless. The point is fast approaching where the MSM stops broadcasting anti-smoker propaganda. At the moment, the Gov is ignoring ASH ET AL’s pleas for their ‘next logical step’ to be published. I am annoyed that the Cabinet reshuffle has left the aptly named ‘Jeremy’ Hunt in charge of the Health dept. He is a first-class arse-hole. Perhaps that is why he was left in charge. “Dear Mrs May. Please continue to resist the blandishments of ASH ET AL. They are leaches and serve no purpose. Protect yourself by de-funding them. Get them off your back”.

Somewhere in the world, for some reason or other, a catastrophic fall in tobacco tax income will cause a rethink. No one know where. It will be much like Prohibition. Criminal activity will grow and grow, although at a slower pace than was the case with Prohibition. But there will come a point where so much money is being spent upon policing and customs that the cost exceeds the tobacco tax income, and becomes unsustainable. It really is quite comical how TobCon views PP. They seem to have no concept of human nature. It is true that they they have a puritanical concept. Create witches and demons, and prevail.

It is all too much. It is overdone. Despite the salami slicing, the end result is the same – Prohibition. And the more the situation moves towards Prohibition, the more that criminal gangs will see massive profits.

What has not yet happened, but will surely do so, is the collapse of tobacco product revenue. It is a recognised fact that the supply of drugs like cocaine has has not been inhibited by prohibition. The police have given up trying to interrupt the supply, apart from the occasional showcase propaganda of a comical seizure, with the usual claim that the seized material has a ‘street’ value of X millions. Erm… No, it has no value at all, unless the police sell it.

I wish that I had an illicit supplier, but I do not move in such circles. Should I make my business to establish myself as ‘regular’ at some pub where such illicit supplies are available? Or, should it be the other way round. Should I become a supplier? If I had nothing to lose, living in a council house and having little or no assets, I might be grievously tempted. Going to prison? Very unlikely. They are already full to overflowing due to the proliferation of driving crimes and political bribes, to say nothing of murders and theft.

So smokers should be in no doubt that the ‘exiled to the outdoors’ will be reversed. It is obvious. You cannot stop children seeing smokers having a good time if the smokers are outdoors. It follows that smoking should only be allowed indoors in smoking rooms.

The comical nature of smoking bans has always been on the cards.

There is a lot to be said for refusing to comment on MSM articles. Let the Prohibitionists have it. They will get fed up if no one contests with them. And, consequently, they will stop commenting, and, consequently, the MSM will stop publishing the propaganda. MjM (God love him) will disapprove. But I strongly feel that it is not what we say, but what we do which matters. What we say only inflames the Zealots. Let them burn in their own puritanical flames.

Sooner or later a breach will occur. It is inevitable. Sooner or later, a smoking law will be repealed and replaced with something less draconian. And that tendency will spread.

It will be justified by a sudden realisation that smoking is enjoyable, just as a pint of beer is enjoyable.

My hope is that politicians will cease to be terrified by the witches and wizards of TobCon, and will realise that those people have no power whatsoever. None whatsoever. That is important. ASH ET AL can be safely ignored and de-funded. They have no power whatsoever. Get rid of the thorn in your side.

Politicians should have done so two decades or more ago.


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  1. TheBlockedDwarf Says:

    Oh ffs! Just spent ages typing a comment and yet again your blog has seems to have just eaten it. I’ll try and repost.

  2. Samuel Says:

    The prohibitionists had their day with cannabis without reducing demand or supply. Now, though DC still prohibits it and makes “criminals” of producers and users, most of the States are on board with at least allowing it with a medical prescription. This has, naturally, led to open public smoking while openly smoking tobacco is still “taboo”. Funny thing is that many pot smokers are also tobacco smokers and, because their pot smoking is, at least, tolerated, feel emboldened to smoke tobacco in public also. Quite a laugh.
    Here’s a new article about vaping you might enjoy.


    • beobrigitte Says:

      “I never expected the DNA damage from e-cigarettes to be equal to tobacco cigarettes,” says Karteek Kadimisetty, lead author on the study. “I was shocked the first time I saw the result, so I ran the controls again. I even diluted the samples. But the trend was still there – something in the e-cigarettes was definitely causing damage to the DNA.”

      The research didn’t identify which specific chemicals in the e-cigarette vapor were causing the DNA damage, but the results were clear, damage on a genetic level was being done.

      Interestingly, a contrasting study was released late in 2016 claiming e-cigarette vapor had no mutagenic effect on DNA. This earlier study, published in the journal Mutation Research, utilized a very different experiment model. It is also worth noting that this earlier study was funded by British American Tobacco.

      It is also worth noticing that there is no mention of who funded Karteek Kadimisetty’s study……

      (Btw, I’m a dual user and therefore perhaps have learned to just ignore bull****).

      • junican Says:

        The science that you refer to is junk. The clue is in the phrase ‘experimental model’.

      • Smoking Lamp Says:

        Sounds more like pharma-funded propaganda than actual science. The source of their funding should be disclosed since tobacco control is surely not free of bias.

  3. beobrigitte Says:

    For them, only the destruction of tobacco crops and the tobacco industry will do. And those True Believers have gained control of the TobCon industry via the WHO.
    The same WHO that exaggerated a “possible” swine flu pandemic to the government resulting in the NHS buying amounts of vaccine that in the end had to be wasted? Or, the WHO that ignored MSF’s outcry for help with an Ebola epidemic in a March in order to prioritise a secret meeting in Moskow to drool over new ideas how to hurt smokers and vapers?

    My hope is that politicians will cease to be terrified by the witches and wizards of TobCon, and will realise that those people have no power whatsoever. None whatsoever. That is important. ASH ET AL can be safely ignored and de-funded. They have no power whatsoever. Get rid of the thorn in your side.

    Politicians should have done so two decades or more ago.
    The political party that does get rid of ASH et al gets my vote. The next step is to dismantle the useless leech WHO.

    • junican Says:

      That is what annoys me about the reappointment of Jeremy Hunt as Health Sec. He is a cipher. He has no concept of the idea that science attempts to disprove hypotheses, and only accepts such hypothesises after rigorous examination, and then only temporarily. It is no accident that ‘Relativity’ is still merely a ‘theory’.

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