Michael Gove Back in the Cabinet

Gove has been appointed Environment Secretary. The Green Party is livid.

“Michael Gove is ‘entirely unfit’ to be Environment Secretary, says Green Party MP Caroline Lucas”

Tee Hee! I suspect that she knows that Gove will take no shit. Could it be true that May’s miscalculations (or rather, those of her erstwhile advisers) have actually resulted in a much better situation than had she had a majority? It seems so to me. We now have Gove and Johnson in the Cabinet with David Davies as Brexit Sec. I see no weakness there. It is a pity that she kept Jeremy (why are they always called ‘Jeremy’?) Hunt as Health Sec. He is a sucker for anything produced by the RCP and BMA (for our American friends, Royal College of Physicians and British Medical Assn respectively). As far as I know, he has rarely stood up in Parliament and justified his actions. He has always left it to his minions. His last junior health spokesperson has lost her seat. Tee! Hee! Good riddance. But I must admit that those girl spokespersons DO have chutzpah (if I interpret that word correctly). They bristle with confidence as they announce further victimisation and persecution of smokers. Not that they really believe what they say for one moment. Platitudes trump reality every time.

But the main thing is that we now have three ‘big beasts’ in the Cabinet who will control the Brexit negotiations.

It seems that the main bone of contention will be that the EU apparatchiks will demand ‘free movement’ as part of a deal about ‘free trade’ between the UK and EU States. I must admit that I do not see the connection. If the UK agreed ‘free trade’ with, say, Somalia, would such a deal necessitate a possible influx of Somalians? I do not see it.

What really annoys me is that our negotiators might not just tell Junker et al, “Uncontrolled immigration is not something that we will negotiate about. We shall decide who can enter our country”. Period. Also, “We shall not pay a penny towards your bloated bureaucracy from now on. The People of the UK have decided. We shall only pay commitments regarding our own People”. I refer especially to the pensions of EU apparatchiks. Their own countries of origin will have to pay their pensions and not us. Frankly, it it were me, I would be conduction negotiations with the EU apparatchiks for show. My real negotiations would be with individual States.

But I still think that it is all very sad. The USA was united as a whole thing by the need to defy the Crown of England. That is a very different thing from uniting the Independent Countries of Europe. There is no such thing as ‘The United States of Europe’. The EU is not such a thing. It is a bastardised concept.

In any case, vast Empires have been discredited. Why would we want to create another?

Voluntary cooperation is the answer. The big mistake was to introduce ‘qualified majority voting’. It meant that the most populous countries could outvote smaller countries. Thus, for example, The Republic of Ireland had no influence. But the opposite also applied – Ireland had to comply. Thus we we see the blatant attempt to prohibit tobacco and alcohol in Ireland. How can the Irish Gov promote Irish whisky and ban its citizens from drinking it at the same time? The same applies in Scotland. The two are contradictions. You cannot tax whisky out of the affordability of your own countrymen and at the same time, promote that stuff to Russian and Japanese people.

There seems to come a point, again and again, where the contradictory aims of Government clash. For example, they want to ban smoking because it shortens lives, but they do not want to fund the effects of very old age. Also, they want the tax income. The three ideas are fundamentally contradictory. Note that there are only THREE factors in that thinking. Imagine that there were twenty such ideas. How do you rate them by significance? The Gov, ten years ago, when the smoking ban was passed, ignored every other coefficient. It did not foresee the closure of some 16,000 pubs. It did not foresee the massive explosion of mental cases. It did not foresee the expansion of loneliness.


Smoking bans have become dogma. Death and suffering from the smoking bans do not diminish the dogma. All that matters is the dogma.

The worm will turn eventually. I do not know how, but it will. Somehow, somewhere, a publican will apply for a ‘smoking licence’, and it will  be granted. Someone will find a loophole. It has always been so. Perhaps the loophole will be found in EU LAW before we exit. Certainly, TobComs and Breweries and Food Companies should be looking for such a thing.

It is all a game. Prohibition has always been a game. The Catholic Church has proclaimed lots and lots of practices to be ‘mortal sins’. Birth control was one such. And yet, eventually, birth control was relegated to a minor sin. The probability is that, unspoken, birth control is no longer a sin at all. Missing Mass on a Sunday was once a Mortal Sin, but only convinced people go to Mass on Sunday.

Concluding for tonight.

Our Gov has an immense opportunity to dispose of waste: the EU waste, the WHO waste, the IPCC waste, the UN waste. I think that, across the pond, Trump would go along with such swamp draining.


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