The ‘Undesirable’ As a Political Force

So the GE has produced a hung Parliament – again. The Tories will combine with the Ulster Unionist to create a majority, which will enable a Government with a tiny majority in the House. I suppose that it is old hat that numerous Tory sources are calling for the taring and feathering of May’s election advisers. But why did they not protest before the election? What that question means is that the ‘others’ did not know what ‘the strategy’ was. Tory MPs had no idea what May and her advisers intended to do. And so we saw ‘the cult of personality’ emblazoned all over the Tory battle bus. May was depicted as the equivalent of President Trump. A terrible mistake. We do not ‘do’ potential despots in the UK.

We do not have such a system, even though the promotion of the PM as something similar to the USA President has been widely disseminated. It is not true. Our system is a CABINET system. What is clever about our Cabinet System is that the PM can ‘shuffle’ the Cabinet members, if they oppose his/her ideas. ‘Shuffle’ means change portfolios or replace individuals. But if the Cabinet get together and oppose the PM, then the PM can be deposed. That is what happened with Thatcher. Her ‘friends’ grabbed the opportunity of a march by grandmas in Brighton, who almost certainly would have benefited from the poll tax, to depose her.

“Seven days is a long time in politics” is phrase attributed to Harold Wilson, I think – the Harold Wilson who appeared on TV with a pipe in his mouth.

The ‘Undesirables’ are not represented. They are the fatties who are being persecuted. They are the people who enjoy a pint or several, who get a bit pissed on a a Friday night.

A Scottish newspaper reported the statement from Linda Bauld that “You can see in school playgrounds that one fifth of school children are ‘carrying more weight’ than the should be. The epidemic of obesity in Scotland must be addressed”, or words to that effect. “Carrying more weight than they should be” does not equate with ‘Obesity’.

The ‘Undesirables’ are undesirables because they allow themselves to be so. Time for the situation to be reversed. The ‘experts’ and ‘scientists’ and ‘researchers’ have been respected for far too long. The new ‘Experts’, being ourselves, throw mud in the faces of the likes of Linda Bauld, metaphorically of course. Experience and common sense are ‘the expert’.



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