Having the Central Heating on in June

Sunny weather warms up the structure of the house – the bricks and mortar, roof tiles and timbers. During the nighttime, the structure radiates the stored heat, which keeps the interior of the house warm-ish.

Not this year.

Last night, the forecast was that temps would fall to around 9C overnight, so I had the central heating set to come on for a few hours in the early hours. By the time I got up, the thermostat had switched the system off, which was fine. But the house was warm when I got up.

I have the system set to come on tomorrow as well, at around 7.30 am. I don’t remember EVER having the CH on in June before. Is it because I am getting on and feeling the cold more? I think not, since the reason for having the CH on is forecast temps overnight.

Tonight, Saturday: Min 10C (but we are at an elevation of some 600′ above sea level, and so just a bit cooler). Dry.

Sun: Max 16C, Min 10C. Dry with some sunshine.

Mon: Max 14C, Min 10C. Very wet.

Tues: Max 14C, Min 10C. Mixed sunshine and showers.

Wed: Max 15C, Min 11C. Dry with some sunshine.

I was on holiday in Spain in April. English TV programmes were very limited so I saw a lot of Sky weather forecasts from all around the globe. Everywhere seemed to be abnormally cold all around the Northern Hemisphere – America, Europe, Asia. That is not just ‘weather’ – it is ‘climate’.

The IPCC know that there has been no warming for the last 20 years or so. They have tried to describe it as ‘a pause’. Comical if you think about it. Nature does not ‘pause’. Nature does not know the meaning of the word ‘pause’. It does what it does. The only clock is the Sun, which never ‘pauses’. Recently, I read somewhere that they have been trying to fiddle the stats again, saying that historical records had to be ‘adjusted’, which adjustment, naturally, showed lower temps in previous decades, thus ‘proving’ that temps have been rising when they have not. You would perhaps expect them to claim lack of sunspot activity for the ‘pause’, but they dare not. They dare not because CO2 emissions have continued to rise, despite the lack of sunspot activity, and so temps should have continued to rise.

Tobacco Control is behaving in a similar manner. Smoking prevalence in Australia has not declined by a statistically relevant quantity, among youths especially, since PP was introduced there. It may even have increased. So what does TobcoN come up with? ‘It is because TobcoMs have reduced the price of cigs’. Why should they not? After all, they no longer need to have complicated printing of their packs. They all look the same and are cheap to produce. There might be some fun to be had when TobcoN starts to insist that the medical porn pics are printed in 3D and each pack is sold with 3D specs. Or that the printing of the pics is hologram. Or perhaps the pics must have real gold in the yellow parts. Why not? After all, the courts in OZ have said that Health is the most important thing in the world, much more important than defence or freedom. The OZ Gov can declare anything to be legal, including murder. Why not pass a law which says, “Wanted dead or alive” with a reward for any dead smoker of $10? Would such a law be declared unconstitutional in Oz? I do not see why. Parliament in Oz can decide to do anything at all, according to the Oz judiciary, if it is concerned with ‘improving’ Health.

The sad thing in the UK is that publicans, restaurateurs, etc, did not take the matter of the smoking ban to the supreme court. It should not have been TobcoMs which opposed the idea. Publicans should have objected most strenuously to being forced to be unpaid enforcers. But, there again, how were the wet-led pubs, and private clubs, supposed to know that their exemption would be overturned at the last minute? They could not, and it was all FIXED beforehand. It was FIXED!! I’m not sure how aware of ‘the fix’ Blair and the Health Minister, whats-her-name, were. It strikes me that they were partially aware at least. After all, the logic that, if SHS is dangerous to pub workers in those pubs serving food, then it is also dangerous for workers in pubs not serving food, is obvious. What has food got to do with it? Or private clubs got to do with it? SHS IS DANGEROUS!!!!

But it is not dangerous. I once saw a statistic, produced by TobcoN inadvertently, that SHS might cause the death of 50 bar staff over a year. 50 persons. MIGHT cause the death of.

What bothers me most of all about the lack of political will to ignore and defund TobcoN, and reverse the persecution and highway robbery of smokers, is that MPs have collectively abandoned their duty, which is TO PROTECT the People against persecution. Instead, they have ENCOURAGED such persecution.

UKIP could have reinvented itself, after the Brexit vote very rapidly, if only they had believed that they could win. I suspect that UKIP expected to lose. They were as shocked as all the other parties that the vote was for Brexit. No wonder all the commentators are in shock. And the shock has not abated. They are still shocked and do not know what to do.

No one knows what to do. May was a Remainer. She does not know what to do. Who will advise her? What is of the greatest importance, in my opinion, is to ignore the EU apparatchiks and deal with the 27 countries via our ambassadors in those countries. WE ARE OUT OF THE EU, so Tusk, Junker, etc are of no interest to us. The Brexit vote disqualified such people from negotiations.

I have drifted a lot from my original subject, but these things are interconnected. The connection is ‘Science’. I think that, in Greek and Roman times, ‘science’ was reasonably true to observations. In the middle ages, science became superstition. EG, it was not Henry VIII’s fault that his current wife did not become pregnant. It was because she was imbued by THE DEVIL. It was her fault and was Treason, so off with her head. ‘The Enlightenment’ corrected a lot of the misconceptions, and ‘science’ progressed enormously.

It is weird that ‘science’, careful observation and meticulous calculation, has been subverted by the medieval concept of ‘Epidemiology’. Count the number of smoking doctors who got LC and compare that figure with the number of non-smoking doctors who got LC. A medieval concept. It must have been The Devil who inflicted SOME OF the smokers, since hardly any smokers got LC. There is no other possible explanation. Why? Because no other explanations were explored by ‘The Doctors Study’. It is a FACT that country dwellers, who smoked as much as town and city dwellers, did not die from LC as often. A big study in South Africa showed that, in windy cities on the coast, there were a lot less LC deaths compared with inland cities. ‘Toxic traffic fumes’ hang around more in inland cities.


And so the ‘money tree’ goes on growing.

If ‘Health’ is the most important thing of all, why does not Greece extract itself from the unhealthy EU? The EU is riddled with corrupt viruses and bacteria. It cannot be otherwise since it can only deal with ‘BIG’ organisations, eg, TobcoMs. It cannot talk to a wet-led pub, or corner shops.

What is wrong with our politicians? Why are they so trusting? Why can they not examine the evidence rather than follow the party line, prescribed by who knows who? Who prescribes the Party Line? I ask that question because of the zombie Cameron. What group of Elitists programmed him? He was programmed, just as the Manchester assassin was programmed.

Is Theresa May programmed? Is Corbin? Who knows?

But what I see as important, regardless of Brexit, is a wholesale and massive Government reduction in costs. Some people would describe that reduction as ‘austerity’. Bollocks! It is the equivalent of binning waste. Note the two different ideas – ‘waste’ and ‘binning”.


The Earth will sort itself out. If CO2 increases, so will vegetation. Volcanic eruptions, from time to time, will relieve stresses in the radioactive core of the Earth. Sometimes we shall have a lot or rain and sometimes we shall have lots of sunshine. The climate is chaotic in the sense that it is totally unpredictable and cannot be modelled.

So, well done Trump for kicking medieval superstition into touch.

Would that our brave leaders would do the same about smoking bans and such medieval superstitions.


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