A Labour Canvasser Calls

Today, the doorbell rang out. Through the front window, I could see a couple of people with leaflets in their hands. I assumed that the person ringing the doorbell was trying to sell me something. I was quite surprised when it turned out to be a person canvassing for the Labour party.

I was perfectly civil. I cannot remember the exact words, of course, but the conversation went something like this:

“Hello”, she said, “We represent the Labour candidate. Will you be voting next Thursday?”

I smiled a very broad smile, but suppressed the urge to say, “You mean Jeremy Corbin? Ha! Ha! Ha!” Instead, I said that I was not sure yet whether to vote or not. “You see”, I said, “I am a smoker and all the major parties are persecuting me and robbing me. Why should I vote for any of them? But I shall probably vote, and probably for UKIP”.

The lady looked quite sheepish, and replied, “Well, it’s your decision. Do what you think is best”. So, tonight, I did – I voted for UKIP.

Yes, I know that they have dropped the demand for smoking rooms in pubs from their manifesto, but I do have a personal motivation. A few months ago, the Bolton Council decided to replace all the large, grey ‘general rubbish’ bins with new ones, half the size. I received a leaflet (one which I actually read) telling me so. Needless to say, the Council did not ask us if we wanted a smaller bin, nor did it justify the replacement. One can only assume that the Council believes that the size of the bin somehow controls the amount of ‘general rubbish’ which households produce. But I suppose  that it is possible that only a few of the big bins were anything like full. But what does that matter? Why spend loads of money replacing big bins with small bins, merely because the big bins were only, say, half full? What is the point? I do not see the logic.

But it gets worse. I assumed that the rubbish lorries which empty the bins would be adapted to accept only the smaller bins. Keep that in mind.

The leaflet describing the scheme had no information about whom you could get in touch with if the scheme caused you a problem. I dare say that was deliberate. It just so happens that one of my ward Councillors is UKIP, and so I emailed her describing our circumstances. That is, an ailing wife with all sorts of problems, which require two visits per week from the District Nurses, changes of dressings, urine bags, absorbent pads on the bed, etc. I proposed a solution, which was to supply us with two of the smaller bins. She responded that she had passed on my complaint to the Council Officer in charge.

I got a telephone call from the chap. It turned out that the lorries could still handle the big bins, and that we could keep our big bin in the circumstances.

So I have a soft spot for UKIP.

It will make no difference. My ward use to be part of the Westhoughton constituency, which was Tory. The Labour Gov, a few years ago, moved us into the Farnworth Constituency, which strongly Labour. My vote will make no difference.

Only the marginals matter. In fact, I was surprised to get a visit from a canvasser. I suppose that the Tories might just present themselves before the election. I doubt that UKIP, the Greens, LibDems have the resources to canvas.

The matter of the Smoking Ban, and the clear persecution and robbing which has been going on now for years and years, and developing more and more along Nazi lines, is avoided like the plague by the political parties. I find that odd, since there are still some 20% of the population who enjoy tobacco. Are smokers cowed? I do not think so. I think that they have no way to ‘fight back’. For example, if a smoker lit up in a pub, he would be pounced upon – not because he lit up, but because he endangered the owner. Most customers would not give a toss, but, inevitably, a couple would feel ’empowered’ to assert their superiority.

I think that I have told the story of ‘The Two Sisters’ who owned my local pub for a year or so. On their last night, they had a bit of a party. They laid on a few butties, probably junk food. There were not many customers. Anyway, around midnight, I lit a cig. You would not believe the pandemonium which ensued. One of the sister ran from behind the bar and attempted to snatch the cig from my mouth. A customer joined in. There was pandemonium. The joint effort of those people resulted in the cig being dragged from my mouth. They won. At that point, I departed. But what on earth provoked them into such hysteria on their last night? Why did they not just give me an ashtray or a saucer? By that time, there were only half a dozen of us left in the pub.

I think that my story illustrates what a lot of people have been talking about, which is promoted by all sorts of NGOs, linked to the WHO and the UN, which is INTOLERANCE. There is no doubt whatsoever that ASH ET AL, and the WHO, promote intolerance. None whatsoever. In fact, such intolerance is what those people really, really want. That is what the propaganda is all about.

But what about ecigs?

Oh My God! It is as though the chewing of some common substance, such as carrots, was found to allay nicotine cravings. Oh. Just a minute, there are substances which do not involve inhaling smoke, such as snus and chewing tobacco. They provide the nicotine as well, without inhaling smoke. Because they involve avoidance of inhaling smoke, they must be banned.

It was silly for vapers to expect a welcome. Avoidance of inhaling has been on the market for donkeys years. My Dad was a miner. He personally did not chew tobacco down the mine. I do not know why not. My uncle Jonah did. Both smoked. Uncle Jonah died from pneumoconiosis.

From Google:

Pneumoconiosis is an occupational lung disease and a restrictive lung disease caused by the inhalation of dust, often in mines and from agriculture.”

Only enormous arrogance could get away with such contradictions. But it also involves lack of accountability. Was Soubry MP punished for agreeing to the latest TPD without knowing what it contained? No, she was not. She was moved to a different dept and then sacked at a later date. The TPD became one of the ‘Ten Thousand Commandments”. “Thou shalt not….”

I think that the avoidance of the ‘Jewish’ (sorry, ‘Smoker’) problem by politicians, as a serious problem which weakens the British Race’s fitness for battle and World superiority, as described by ASH ET AL, must be at the forefront of general election propaganda. The avoidance is scandalous. ‘Smoking is the most heinous crime of all’.

Well, SOD OFF! Do your worst!

All my thinking about conforming to societal norms have been overturned, gradually, over the last ten years. As far as I am concerned, there are no such things as ‘societal norms’. Thus, if I went to a house party, and asked the host if I might smoke, and he said “No”, then I would depart and have nothing more to do with such Nazis.

Part of the problem is that the anti-smokers do not realise that they are Nazis. Only when other Nazis turn upon them, perhaps because they are from Wales, or have red hair, will they realise what it is like to be persecuted and robbed by taxes.

What is absolutely amazing beyond any non-political doubt is that smokers have been persecuted. I say ‘non-political’ because the persecution has come from ‘the religion of health’. Where ‘religion’ is concerned, ‘persecution’ equals ‘correction’. ‘Force’, of one sort or another, has to be applied to ‘correct’ behaviour.

Organising Smokers as a political group is nigh on impossible since we have no other interest than stopping and reversing the persecution. We have no plans for the economy or the army or the NHS.

Our fight is against persecution, de-normalisation, leperisation, penalisation by taxes, exiling to the outdoors, claims that we damaged our children, second and third hand smoke, PLUS every word and every sentence that the UN, WHO, FCTC, pirates charge us for in taxes. is worthwhile.

We have no power, but we have words.




6 Responses to “A Labour Canvasser Calls”

  1. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    We are extremely persecuted Junican. However there are encouraging signs that many of us are inclined to be far more militant in the pursuance of our pleasure !

    • junican Says:

      The ‘militancy’ revolves around basic persecution. Forget the latest statistics of this or that. We must dig away at the basic SHS claims and ignore more ephemeral apparitions about the development of fetuses in the womb.

  2. Tom Macaulay Says:

    I emailed all the candidates requesting a review of the smoking ban and the UKIP candidate responded as follows :-
    • Offer tax breaks to smaller breweries to encourage micro-breweries
    • Keep the current excise duty scheme that exempts from duty cider and perry made by small domestic producers
    • Amend the smoking ban to give pubs and clubs the choice to open smoking rooms provided they are properly ventilated and physically separated from non-smoking areas. Workers must not be required to enter smoking areas except for cleaning and other essential purposes when they are not in use
    • Oppose minimum pricing of alcohol.

    Other candidates responded with public heath propaganda.

    • junican Says:

      Well done! Inevitably, UKIP will lose voters. It must be so when the prime objective has been achieved.
      But where does UKIP go?
      There is a lot to be said for disbanding, and returning to the fray in a different form.
      But I do no know.

  3. michaeljmcfadden Says:


    Junican, GOOD for YOU for standing up on that last night at the pub! You’re quite right: you weren’t hurting anyone or threatening the existence of the pub in any way. Knowing you, I’d guess that if a Gestapo DID show up at the door and fine them because of your smoking on that last night that you’d probably pay the fine for them yourself.

    – MJM

    • junican Says:

      LoL! Absolutely no way would I have done that. The Sisters were clearly intent upon milking the the regulars for every penny that they could get. Empathy? Give me a break!
      No, the reaction was automatic. They could not help themselves. It is the same as the reaction of Concentration Camp guards. Exactly the same. ‘Fear of the consequences’, even though it was their last night, over-road their intelligence. The response was Pavlov dog -like. Seeing someone light a cig in the pub provoked an automatic response – fear, anger, antagonism, hysteria.
      The Sisters had been thoroughly brainwashed.

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