How Would EU Governments Cope With a Hard Brexit?

I do not rate statements from EU apparatchiks. If no deal is arrived at between the UK and EU individual States, then there will be utter chaos. Air traffic has expanded over the last half century massively. Imagine the army of customs officers which would be necessary to ask the question: “Anything to declare?” of every holiday-maker returning home. And what would be the result? Catching the one in five bringing back cigs on which VAT has been paid in the holiday country?

I once bought a tubing machine from the USA. Customs demanded that I pay VAT on the machine before they would allow it to be delivered. So, with gritted teeth, I paid up. I paid whatever taxes apply in the USA as well as VAT in the UK. Even worse, despite the machine looking new, it was in fact second hand. It broke down not long after I started using it, and, when I opened it up, I found loads of dust inside. NEVER AGAIN!

So think of the complexities of allowing for the payment of VAT etc in, say, Spain, and then paying again in the UK. More importantly, think about double payment of taxes on cars and other big, expensive machinery. Such an idea makes no sense at all. I would be amazed if our Gov has not already been talking to other EU State Govs privately. Trade is MASSIVELY important, and I include holiday-makers under ‘trade’. It is far more important than ‘the free movement of people’. But what is comical is that ‘free movement’ is not a product of the EU. It has been around ever since passports were invented. In fact, that is what passports were for.

“King Henry V of England is credited with having invented what some consider the first true passport, as a means of helping his subjects prove who they were in foreign lands. The earliest reference to these documents is found in a 1414 Act of Parliament.”

Really, the only bone of contention should be whether or not a passport holder is  genuinely the person depicted in the passport, and that there is no reason that he should not have a passport.

So, for example, if a Pakistani person arrives in the UK with a Pakistani passport, he should be allowed in – no problems. But if that person then applies for ‘benefits’, the answer should be, “NO WAY! YOU MUST GO HOME”. If that person tries to claim that he was in danger at home, then the answer is, “You should have applied to be a refugee”. What then to do with such a person (and his family, if necessary)? A refugee camp somewhere in the highlands of Scotland would do fine. Would that be punishment? Perhaps, but the person lied in the first place. The Australians have, at least, got one thing right. They house ‘boat people’ on islands offshore, if they just arrive via unscheduled boats and such. The Blair Government made a terrible, terrible mistake when they, fairly secretly, allowed mass immigration. I cannot think of any of the horrors afflicting us today, which did not originate from the Blair Government or its successor, the Brown Government. But what is even more weird is that the consequent Cameron Government did not even attempt to right the wrongs. “we will instigate a bonfire of the quangos”, they said. Nothing happened.

There is a reasonable statement to be made that the first duty of a new Government is to recognise that the reason that they were elected was popular dissatisfaction with what the previous Government has done. Thus, their first duty is to undo what the previous Government has done which caused the unhappiness.

They never, ever do so. They always make things worse. Will POTUS Trump be castrated, ground down, distracted, fobbed off? We do not know. We can only hope that not.

Will PM May be similarly undermined? I do not know. I hope that she and her cabinet are strenuously using our ambassadors to EU countries to bypass the EU apparatchiks. “You want your goods to be tariff-free and so do we, and reciprocal. There is no problem”. People have always moved around Europe with a valid passport and worked in European countries. There is no problem. But that depends upon their ability to sustain themselves. If they cannot, then they must return home where the costs of sustaining them rightfully belong”. ‘Free movement’ is not a problem. It has always existed. It is not the ‘free movement’ which is the problem. It is ‘benefits’.

The ineptitude of the UK Gov is only slightly worse than the ineptitude of the EU Govs. “Pass the problem on”, is the attitude.

And so we have massacres like Manchester, only 12 miles from my home, a City which I used to visit frequently, mostly because it had an ice rink, and I enjoyed ice skating. I moved around freely. Problems arise when you allow Libyan refugees to roam around the country. It is like allowing cows with BSE ( Bovine spongiform encephalopathy) to roam around unchecked. That was what Blair and Brown did, but Cameron did nothing to correct that situation. What a fraud that man was! The more that I think about his reign, the more that I thing that he was BORG. Not literally, of course, but beholden to ‘The Caliphate’ of ‘One World Order’. He came from being unknown to being Leader of the Tories and then PM. with no history of successful endeavours at all. There is only one conclusion – he was manufactured to fill the posts.

Who manufactured him? Such questions are very important, to the Tories and to all of us. Is Teresa May being similarly manipulated?

We do not know, but we know that propaganda is used to frighten people. We must reject that propaganda and demand the truth.


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  1. Rose Says:

    Tories crown Cameron their new leader

    “The 39-year old former TV executive, not even an MP five years ago, becomes the party’s fifth leader in eight years, and will probably face Gordon Brown at the next general election, expected in 2009.”

    “Turnout in today’s postal ballot of all Conservative party members was 78%, marginally up on the 2001 contest – the only other grassroots vote – in which Iain Duncan Smith beat Ken Clarke.”

    “Mr Cameron’s ascent to the leadership has been meteoric. He became an MP only in 2001, and all through the summer was, at best, the dark horse in a leadership contest Mr Davis seemed certain to win.

    However, he finally won the backing of more than 100 MPs and an impregnable lead in opinion polls of Tory party members, following a rapturously received speech at the party conference in Blackpool.”

    How Cameron Won… And Davis Lost

    • junican Says:

      My question is not so much what technicalities were involved so much as where his unstoppable ‘charisma’ came from. What rhetorical feats were attributed to him in parliament? How superior was his performance as a junior minister? In fact, how did he get to be a junior minister with almost no experience? It seems extremely likely that he was groomed. Who set up the grooming process? Who ‘bought’ the grassroots votes?
      Put another way, “Is there a ‘deep state” in the Tory party?

  2. tobacco139 Says:

    Who produced Cameron? Probably, the same people who produced Obama, also a fairly inexperienced politician. And what about Macron? WTF did he come from? They’re the same people who are implementing the Coudenhove Kalergi plan by ferrying millions of migrants into Europe. Their aim? A mixed breed population with no history, easily manipulated. One world government and Agenda 21 – massive depopulation of the unwanted elements. A non smoking, non drinking docile set of slaves. If I’d seen anyone write this 5 years ago, I’d have thought them crazy, but I can’t think of any other explanation for current events. Brexit and Trump have stalled them for a while but they’ll be back.

    • junican Says:

      “Draining the swamp” is even more important than just the USA ‘deep state’. ‘The Swamp’ is world-wide, and it is very deep.

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