What Should UKIP Do?

It is a matter of fact that, after an objective has been achieved, there is no point in continuing to pursue that objective. When we voted for Brexit, UKIP had no future.

Or what?

It is true that politics in this country has revolved around A or B – Labour or Tory – for a long time. Does it matter which way round I put that? Probably not. But you never know for certain. UKIP appeared on the scene when it began to become obvious that the EU was a political project intended to create a ‘United States of Europe’, similar to the United States of America. But there is no elected president who is accountable. Instead, there is a committee ‘Presidents’ who are unknown. Few people know who these shadows are or anything about them. The system mirrors the politburo of Soviet Russia. An aged spokesperson, a former PM of a tiny country in Europe, takes the flak.

It seems that the WHO has also been directed by the Elite along the same track. The new WHO Chief is “Former Ethiopian health minister Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus”.


‘Tense Vote’? Do me a favour! If there was a ‘free’ vote, I shall vote Labour in the general election. Whoever he is, the probability is that he would NEVER have support for anything that his backers disapprove of, or that the USA disapproves of.

The whole system is corrupt. The UN, FCTC, WHO, IPCC,  and all the rest, are hopelessly corrupt. The corrupt Roman Empire survived for a couple of hundred years, but in those days, events worked themselves out far more slowly. One can expect the UN corruption to work its way out more quickly.

So we wait and see how UKIP develops. I have received an election leaflet from UKIP. It says that, ‘UKIP TELLS IT AS IT IS”.

It is a pity that Nige was pushed out. What is left seems to be the equivalent of a ‘Dianne Abbot’ fan club.


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  1. Blazeaway Says:

    I joined UKIP because I was against the EU and also because I was against al the nanny state nonsense, the fake charity undermining of democracy etc etc.

    We are not yet out of the EU. I suspect the Tories will find a form of words to keep us in the EU while pretending we have left. UKIP will keep the fight going.

    Ukip’s other battles against the nanny state, authoritarianism, illiberalism etc continue and do not deserve any comparison to a ‘Dianne Abbott fan club’.

    In fact, UKIP is the only party to take up these cudgels. It is a battle that will continue. It would be nice if more people would see the nature of the fight.

    • TheBlockedDwarf Says:

      Ukip’s other battles against the nanny state
      which is why they have, as expected, dropped the Smoking ban amendment from their manifesto, want pubs to close at 23:00 and close bookmakers?

      Next week they will no doubt announce that they are signing up for Jamie Oliver’s war on taste.

      (ps that’s all from Chris Snowden’s twitter feed, I haven’t looked at their manifesto myself. Why would I? It was obvious from the get go that UKIP would shaft smokers and drinkers first chance they got.)

    • beobrigitte Says:

      We are not yet out of the EU. I suspect the Tories will find a form of words to keep us in the EU while pretending we have left. UKIP will keep the fight going.
      Quite frankly, getting out of the Eu was getting rid of shackles?
      I toyed with supporting UKIP with the hope of becoming a valued member of this society again.
      I don’t see it in their manifesto.

      That leaves the waste of a vote open again.
      As usual.
      *bitter smoker speaking here*

  2. beobrigitte Says:

    What Should UKIP Do?
    Keep it’s word and amend the smoking ban!
    I haven’t seen that in the manifesto.

  3. Blazeaway Says:

    If a failure to scrap the smoking ban is in the UKIP manifesto – I haven’t checked yet – then the answer is for UKIP members to take up the matter.

    It will now have to be after the election.

    There may have to be a change of leader or a change of the NEC.

    Either way, it will be engaged citizens who fight for change – not those who sit and moan.

    • junican Says:

      Evening, Blaz. Surely you saw my little jest in the phrase ‘The Diane Abbott Fan Club?’ The point is – ‘what could be less imaginable?’ And yet it signifies ‘appeal to the centre’, which centre is far from the centre. Amending the smoking ban was central to my decision to vote UKIP in recent elections. I want politicians who argue against ‘political correctness’ at every level, including local elections, even if they fail to swing a vote. I want my candidate to speak up and describe the persecution of smokers as cruelty. For that is the crux of the matter.

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