Why is the Dead Tree MSM Dying?

The ‘Main Stream Media’ is dying. That is, fewer and fewer people are buying paper newspapers. We all know that to be true, but no one except us talk about it. It is reasonable that the Paper Newspapers do not want to talk about it, and it is to be expected that ALL such ‘papers’ will avoid such talk. In fact, their ‘on line’ creations will also avoid that subject, even if it is a competitor that is suffering. I find it comical that The Guardian is asking for voluntary subscriptions to keep that that paper alive. Why does not The Guardian ask the political parties which it advocates to fund it?

I buy one newspaper a week – The Sun on Saturday. It has a good TV guide for the following week. I would not buy it if it did not. But it also has an element of sleaze – semi-naked tarts. I use the word ‘tarts’ only in the sense of “willing to to display their bodies in a sexual context aimed at men”.

But one might ask why the paper MSM is gradually disappearing, apart from digital alternatives.

I think that it is because they did not realise that ‘Propaganda’ would not pay in the modern, digitalised world. People who use the internet are, very gradually, becoming more aware. They can see Propaganda more easily. “50% of smokers die before non-smokers”. So what? “100% of murder victims die before non-murder victims”. So what?

“100% of smoker deaths are murders committed by Big Tobacco”. Have we seen such a claim? NO WE HAVE NOT!! Has any tobacco company executive ever been accused thus? NO, NOT ONE!

The ‘Papers’ are dying because they long ago ceased to be interesting. They became megaphones for ‘special interest groups’ who paid the most.


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  1. inisfad Says:

    At least in the US, the media – both print, TV and cable – are owned basically by 6 multinational companies, who use those media to put forth their agenda. The internet has changed all this, which is why governments are now desperate to try to regulate it. Youtube has demonetised videos where they do not ‘approve’ of the message. It certainly sounds like, slowly but surely, in the Western world at least, the pitchforks are starting to rattle…..

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