A Black Eye for the Health Dept in New York

I have been aware of the ‘smoke in’ in New York for a couple of days. I thought little of it at the time, but it seems to have become a ’cause celebre’. ‘Selfies’, posted on social media of well-known actors and actresses, smoking in the ladies bog at the Met Gala and clearly enjoying themselves, have gone viral.

Marc Jacobs posted a photo with Courtney Love and her daughter Frances Bean Cobain smoking inside the bathroom at the Met Gala 2017.

Ain’t that brilliant?

The zealots are seething. Think about it. One of their main tactics has been to ‘name and shame’ celebs who are caught smoking. Again and again, we have seen such celebs apologising (apart from Kate Moss, bless her soul). NOT THIS TIME!! In fact, the tables have been turned. It is the Zealots who are facing ridicule. Take this heading from the Daily News, New York:

EXCLUSIVE: Peeved city health boss weighs in on celebrity Met Gala smokers like Dakota Johnson, Bella Hadid with letter to museum”

Note the word ‘Peeved’. Do you not love it?! She was ‘peeved’. Not angry or disappointed, but ‘peeved’. What a giggle! To say that someone was ‘peeved’ is to imply that they are rather ridiculous.

Here is a link to that article:


The ‘peeved’ official is one ‘City Health Commissioner Dr. Mary Bassett’. Here is a pic of her as published:

NYC PAPERS OUT. Social media use restricted to low res file max 184 x 128 pixels and 72 dpi

I have absolutely no doubt that the newspaper was fully aware of the difference between the beautiful renegades and the said Dr Bassett.

To amuse us further, we have her statement, which was, apparently, what she said in a letter to The Met. It really is comical and inept. I loved the bit in the report where the paper said, “Dr. Mary Bassett fired off a peeved letter to big wigs at the Metropolitan Museum of Art….” There’s that word ‘peeved’ again.

There is also no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke,” she wrote. “All visitors to public places deserve protection from secondhand smoke, including people who are visiting places like The Met.”

Damn it! There are all these lovely, beautiful celebs, puffing away in the toilet, and she talks about secondhand smoke! Like as though the smoke was filtering through the bog doors and killing people by the dozen outside. But the real killer was:

“We thus are concerned about how images of these celebrities smoking — which were widely shared around the world via social media — will affect youth smoking rates. When young people see glamorous stars smoking and flouting the law, it undermines the progress that has been made in de-normalizing smoking and increasing awareness of smoking’s health risks,” she wrote.

“De-normalizing smoking”

“Affect youth smoking rates”

These people are the epitome of ‘The Borg’. They have been thoroughly assimilated.

And I suppose that that is the reason that they are appointed to the positions that they hold. They have no feelings, no empathy. It never enters their minds that ‘de-normalize (American spelling) smokING’ can only mean ‘de-normalize smokERS’. SmokING is not A THING, which can be de-normalized. Being Jewish in pre-WW2 Germany was not a THING. It was people, and those people were destroyed systematically as though they were THINGS.

But there is always a comical aspect.

“We were dismayed to read reports that some celebrities chose smoking as their fashion accessory ….” 

I mean, come on!!! A fashion accessory? Handbags are ‘fashion accessories’, not going into the ladies bog for a crafty smoke.

But, in all seriousness, what I thought was important was the implied ridicule of the ‘Authorities’. Once they start to appear to be ridiculous, that appearance snowballs.

The same is happening to TC as regards e-cigs. Reports in newspapers are gradually moving away from ‘the official WHO, ASH line’ and towards the perfectly obvious FACT that ecig vapour contains almost ZERO carcinogens -fractions of a thousandth of one percent. SHS contains only a small fraction of the harmful chemicals of inhaled tobacco smoke.

If full-on smoking takes thirty years to seriously affect smokers, how much longer would SHS take? There are no such statistics because everyone dies before they can be affected by SHS. Well, I suppose that there are some asthmatics and other delicate creatures who might be affected. It is up to them, and their parents if they are children, to avoid the problem since not only tobacco smoke will trigger the problems.

I wonder if Theresa May realises that it is very likely that smokers swung the Brexit vote? The antics of the EU regarding smoking, and the obvious connections with the FCTC charade, certainly affected me. It is the clandestine nature of those connections which force one to decide that the only way to defeat them is by total rejection of the whole apparatus.

I think that the same applies to those people who voted for Brexit because of immigration. The only way to get control of immigration is to leave the EU altogether since the EU has a policy of ‘free movement’. The camp in Calais is an abomination. What is wrong with France as a place to settle? Is it not a modern, civilised country? What is wrong with Italy, Spain, Portugal?

It seems to me that the persecution of citizens of this country, who have inhabited this land for generations, and who enjoy tobacco, and the widespread degeneration of parts of our cities and towns, go together. Resources thrown at smokers deprive other deserving causes of revenue. When a town council has been infiltrated by anti-smoker zealots, they should be confronted and called out. They waste vast amounts of taxpayers’ money.

Defund ASH ET AL. Defund University tobacco control research. Defund TC in the Health Dept. Ignore the EU TPD. Ignore the FCTC, despite being a signatory. Nothing will happen. England will not be invaded.

I remember once watching a film at the cinema. It was about how a person with communist connections, was brought in by a Union to stop a reasonable settlement between the workers and management. His role was to create political dissent. For a while, he succeeded, but failed in the end. He then simply departed – walked away. In other words, his purpose was to cause trouble, and nothing else. Actually, it was a good film, despite the possible political propaganda. It illustrated how well-intentioned people, the workers’ representatives, could be recruited to pursue objectives far beyond their initial intentions. And they did so willingly.

I think that the same sort of principle is being used by TC. It is quite possible that there are lots of people who think that restaurants should be banned. Such people might think that restaurants encourage obesity, and they might be right. There are lots of people who cook at home and abhor restaurants.

When will the meddling end? It will end when Cabinet Ministers decide so. It will happen. When the Health Sec promotes some anti-tobacco plan, he will seem stupid when every other minister says, “Bollocks!” because that is how politics works.

And thus the collapse will occur. Publicans will get back control of what is permitted in their own premises.


4 Responses to “A Black Eye for the Health Dept in New York”

  1. Smoking Lamp Says:

    The tobacco control cult is the foundation of neo-totalitarian lifestyle control. Their tactic of de-normalizing smoking relies upon sowing fear and fomenting stigma against smokers. That is they want smokers to be seen as undesirable and therefore worthy of persecution.

    The lifestyle controllers persecute smokers in the ‘healthist’ pursuit of social cleansing. Every time they see someone resist they ramp up their hate and propaganda to ‘cleans’ the threat (smokers). These antismokers are fond of reminding us that a smokers are not a protected class. Of course neither were jews during the Shoah, Armenians during the Armenian Genocide, Bosniaks in Bosnia, or Tutsis in Rwanda.

    It is essential that more smokers resit this engineered stigma and show that smoking is–and always has been–normal.

  2. Roberto Says:

    It is very significant that this happened in vibrant New York, and not in prudish holier than thou San Francisco. NY is full of all sorts of people, all walking in the streets and traveling in the subway, people talk loudly and directly, sometimes interactions can be brash. You smell all sorts of odors, see all sorts of scenes. This is as far as you can be from boring US suburbia, saintly SF or sanitized Toronto or Vancouver. In spite of the efforts of big ego nanny Bloomberg, you see lots of folks walking in the streets enjoying their fags. There are about 30 cigar bars where you can enjoy all cigars you want indoors, and the costumers are very varied, all sorts of folks, including nice elegant ladies (yes, ladies smoking a cigar).

    Celebrities are always chastised if they smoke (the “role model for kids” compulsion BS). Removing tobacco from films is one of the obsessions of the likes of Glantz. I suppose celebrities should get really fed up with all these prudes intruding in their lives to impose the “health” virtue on their habits (not only on smoking). Perhaps they simply wanted to tell the prudes to F off by publicly displaying and enjoying a cigarette in the ladies toilet. They couldn’t have chosen a better message. In my opinion, this is a protest against prudish America that goes beyond the issue of smoking.

    This protest may be a signal that anti-smoking, as a cultural trend that started in the late 1980’s, is beginning (just beginning) to reach a saturation point.

    • junican Says:

      You make a lot of sense, Roberto.
      Who elevated film stars to ‘role models’? They are no such thing, and I think that this episode hads exposed that. The sooner that such ‘stars’ say, “No, I am an actor. I am not, and do I wish to be, a ‘role model’. Criticise my acting if you wish, but leave my person out of it” the better. But as soon as an actor says that, it will not be news, and will not be reported. Only apologies are reported.
      That is where the power of Social Media lies. It bypasses the MSM and the MSM political bias.

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