Is the Tory Elite Beholden to Big Business, and Is the Labour Elite Beholden to the Unions?

You could put the question in another way. Is the Tory Party (the entity) owned by Big Business and is the Labour Party (the entity) owned by the Big Unions? That translates into funding.

I don’t like asking that question because it sounds very much as though our ‘democracy’ is not very democratic at all. It would suggest that both parties make a big issue out of minor matters while concealing their true intents. For example, the Labour Manifesto says that they will establish some sort of enquiry as to why public houses have failed and closed down in such numbers. Needless to say, the smoking ban would be mentioned as an afterthought, of no great consequence. But anyone who was going regularly to their local pub will remember what happened in July 2007 and subsequently. For a couple of months, during July and August, there was much fun to be had outside of the pub where the smokers congregated. We sat around in considerable numbers, drinking, smoking and laughing. But, as autumn drew in, the numbers declined and people drifted away. They not only drifted away from the outdoor scene, they drifted away from the pub totally. In summer 2008, there was no re-creation of the 2007 summer scene. It was gone for ever. That pub declined and declined until it changed hands and became nothing but an eatery.

The pub across the way went in a different direction altogether. It stopped serving food. There was no demand. It became just a pub. But it is A PUB! There is not a great clientele, but its costs must be as low as they can be. It gets by. Youths go in there to play pool, and there are people who play darts. That pub now has a darts team, which it has not had for many a year. It remains only for dominoes and crib to come back into fashion for it to become a 1950s pub.

It was the smoking ban which turned the gentle decline in pub numbers into a veritable avalanche of closures. Before the smoking ban, numbers of visitors had declined a lot. I remember it very well. But that decline was mirrored in many other entertainment places. Dance halls began to close; discos began to close. And yet the Nation was as wealthy as it has ever been. What had changed? What were people doing to entertain themselves? Where were the youths going to meet members of the opposite sex? Even now, in 2017, where are the youths going to meet members of the opposite sex? I have no idea. A couple of years ago, I drove down into town at night to see what was going on. The town was almost deserted with a few people in various pubs. I was astonished. The town used to be vibrant and jolly. It has become a morgue.

If my opening heading is reasonably accurate, we can see how minor matters such as the demise of pubs in great numbers is a consequence of carelessness. I really believe that Blair, when, after much soul searching we are led to believe, agreed to the universal smoking ban as compared with the ban in the Labour manifesto, which exempted private clubs and wet-led pubs, the fact is that he was careless. It is hard to understand why some Unions were calling for a smoking ban when so many of their members were smokers. I can only understand it in the context of ‘Big Business Bashing’.

But why were so many Tory MPs also in favour of ‘Big Business Bashing’? Perhaps the noisiest amongst them were not Tories at all but were ‘placements’ who were, for example, doctors. They were Labour pretending to be Tory. You do not need many such infiltrators to make a lot of noise.

But why did Labour, under Blair, decide to viciously persecute it base supporters? Be in no doubt that massive tax increases on tobacco products were vicious persecution. They were intended to be so in order to force smokers to stop smoking. We must bear in mind that any deliberate persecution is absolutely unacceptable. It does not matter how low the intensity is. It is persecution.

Frank Davis has been talking about ‘the army’ of smokers, if they could be mobilised. Smokers (plus drinkers, plus drivers) massively subsidise non-smokers, non-drinkers and non-drivers. I have a car. I like having a car. Last year, I drove only about 150 miles. I am retired and have no desire to drive around for no reason. But I like having a car. The costs are actually horrendous, but I do not care. I like having a car. Perhaps I am fortunate in that I can easily stand the costs. But I still hate being suckered. I would not complain if the ‘road tax’ was actually spent on the roads. It used to be. Now it is just another tax which goes into the cesspit of ‘general taxation’. Thus, our roads locally are full of potholes with blue rings around them. Nobody gives a shit. It is a bit like being a member of a golf club. The course has to be maintained whether you play or not. That is why your fees are high. Maintenance of the roads was reasonably distributed when the ‘road tax’ was used for the maintenance of the roads.

Our politicians do not understand their function. The Prime Minister is NOT some sort of King. Her function is to control the REAL Government, which is the Civil Service. The Civil Service is THE KING Politicians exist to control THE KING. When a non-entity such as the slippery snake which has the bodily appearance of the Oz pretence for a human being called Andrew Black can openly mesmerise a Minister Of The Crown, then we must despair.

It would not be so bad if he was a University Professor, but he is embedded in the Health Dept.

Those people have to be removed. They are no different from Nazis. They really are not. They are crazy, out of their minds. How on earth do people like that get into Government?

So it is not so much as question of getting rid of TC. It is more a question of removing the ‘Actors’. That word used to mean people who appeared on stage, but it is now also used to describe anyone who ‘acts’ – does actions. Makes things happen. Such people are now described as ‘actors’.

What has been happening for years is that the Health Dept in the UK has been dominated by Prohibitionists, and successive Health Ministers have been to afraid of the repercussions if they refuse to obey. As politicians, they wait for ‘public opinion’ to change.

THEY ARE PATHETIC!!! And that is why TC prevails. They oscillate to and fro.

The Civil Service in the UK probably contains the very best people to run the country. Politicians do not run the country. But when the Civil Service becomes corrupted, mayhem ensues.

That is what I think that has happened with TC. Everyone in the Civil Service with experience and sense has got out of the way to protect themselves.

TC will blow itself up. It has no end.


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