Defeating the Undefeatable

Frank Davis has an interesting piece today about building an army of smokers:

I fear that such a venture is doomed to failure.

I tried to do so on a small scale by asking visitors to tell me what constituencies they came from. My idea was to build up a ‘Constituency Group’. That is, a group of people who, individually, came from every constituency in the country. That would require some 650 individuals. I did not do badly in that some 150 people told me what constituency they came from.

My idea was that, if we could get a group of people with at least one person from every constituency, then we could pester the incumbent MP to death about smoking bans and such. There need not be total coverage, of course.

But the question then arises as to who is in control. Who decides what to pester MPs about. Who frames the questions and the arguments? I am a little old man. I do not have the time or resources to set up an ‘organisation’.

But such an organisation already exists and is reasonably well-funded – FOREST. Why does FOREST not have a ‘Constituency Group’?

It seems to me that you have to pester your MP to death. Why did Soubrey MP, who signed the TPD Directive on behalf of the UK, not know that it contained vicious terms which attacked ecigs? Why did she not know? If there had been a ‘constituency group’ then perhaps she might, at least, have been informed. Not that it would have made any difference.

So what might actually overturn the anti-smoker persecution?

I do not know. But we have to be clear. It is not the anti-smoking agenda that we protest about. The State can throw out as many danger warning as it wishes to. It is the persecution which we object to – all and any persecution. That very much centres on the ideas. “High taxes reduce smoking” may be true, but imposition of such taxes, with the objective of reducing smoking, is persecution. Be in no doubt.

WE cannot defeat the Undefeatable. But it is possible for Tobacco Companies to do so since they have the funds. The defeat of TobCon could come from decisive evidence that SHS CANNOT cause major damage within normal lifetimes. Even better would be that such exposure actually protects children. There is at least one study which revealed such a fact.

Tobacco Control has wallowed in the trough of accusations levelled at TobcoMs. It is time that TobCoMs fought back. They tried their best to reduce tar, aided by the Canadian Gov; they succeeded. They took steps decades ago to reduce nitrosamines by providing the heat to cure leaves from sources outside the barns. They succeeded.

TobcoN is based upon the emissions of cigs which have long ceased to exist.

The EU is falling apart. It could have been wonderful had it just built up upon the fact that people could visit other countries using the passports. I did so in 1957. I was in no way obstructed crossing borders from the UK to France, from France to Belgium. I just showed my passport. ‘Free movement’ in Europe has existed for decades. Odd, is it not?, that when you go to Spain, despite ‘free movement’, you still have to show your passport. I suppose that French people have no need to have a passport. Erm.. unless the want to go the USA or such places.

Shortly after WW2, some great people tried to ensure that such wars would never occur again. The general idea was that all Europe would be equal and that resources and land would not be conquered. They would be freely traded.

But that wonderful ideal has been turned into a despotic Empire.

Why did Cameron et al defend and support that despotic Empire?

I would love to know.


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