Why are Politicians So Inept?

It has been a mystery to me to understand why a small medical mafia has been able to force Governments, world-wide, to comply with their demands regarding the enjoyment of tobacco. I remember reading something which said that the Prime Minister, MacMillan, when told that smoking was causing old people to die in their 70s (or whatever) when they should live on into their 80s, said, “What is the point of us keeping people alive longer?” I am sure that that is not what he actually said, but is a free translation. Perhaps it would be better to state it thus: “Why should we stop people from enjoying themselves in order to make them live longer?”

A good friend of mine, with whom I played many games of golf, played football for Bolton Wanderers. In his mid-sixties, he developed brain cancer and died. Many people blamed his condition on heading footballs again and again and again. That may be true, but who knows? You would think that boxers would develop brain cancer more than anyone else since they constantly accept many really hard blows to the head. I do not know it they do.

It strikes me that Epidemiology is extremely weak. For example, on November 5th, the whole Nation celebrates Bonfire Night. It really is laughable that we celebrate a failed coup, which never had a chance of succeeding. Perhaps it is an example of the British character of celebrating eccentrics. What could be more eccentric than King Canute ordering the sea not to obey the prevailing tide? Even the best Epidemiology can only indicate some possibility at a point in time or over a period of time in the past.

I am particularly minded of the TAR problem with cigs around the 1960s and before. Remember that TAR is not the same thing as road tar, even though ASH ET AL have tried to frighten people by claiming such. I have just googled TAR, and what I got was a mass of anti-tobacco results. There was no actual description of ‘road tar’ in the immediate responses.

T.A.R actually means  ‘Total Aerosol Residue’. It is the smoke coming from cigs, pipes, cigars. It has nothing to do with road tar whatsoever.

Epidemiology is a bit like Bonfire Night. It exaggerates differences. Thus, if there is one chance in a million that a sober swimmer will drown, and there are two chances in a million of a drunken swimmer drowning, then the risk of drowning is 100% greater if a swimmer is drunk. But the REAL risk is 1/1,000,000 as compared with 2/1,000,000. A tiny, tiny risk.

Smoking bans are precisely the same. The risks for bar workers from SHS are tiny. It has been suggested that the risk for bar workers is akin to smoking six cigs per year.

Now, here is the important thing. Blair, who was PM when the Smoking Ban was introduced, was said to have thought long and hard about the Smoking Ban.

I do not believe it. For what was there to think ‘long and hard’ about? Either you persecute your most loyal supporters, the working class, or you take on the whole medical mafia. Those people will think nothing of accusing you of killing babies.

So you persecute your most loyal supporters, but you do so in such a way as to make them believe that they are hurting themselves. It is not you who is hurting them, but they themselves.

And yet, such thinking is inept. It assumes that ALL smokers are riddled with guilt. I think that the vast majority of smokers are far from riddled with guilt. In fact, they are gradually moving the goalposts so as to make anti-smokers feel guilt.

The problem with politicians is that they think that it is all over and done with once they have voted in the House of Commons. It is not, not by a long way. The fact is that the House of Commons is gradually becoming irrelevant because no one in it understands what is going on.

This reality is a amply demonstrated by the Smoking Ban. No right thinking MP would have voted for a measure which turned publicans against their majority clientele, on the basis of abstract epidemiology. And yet they obeyed the instructions of The Medical Mafia. Or rather, the Blair Government obeyed the instructions.

The Medical Mafia controls our Government.

Is Theresa May strong enough to destroy that Mafia? She may be, but it is a HUGE task.

The NHS is WONDERFUL. Believe me. If it were not for the NHS, my wife would have been dead twice, once when she went into a coma because of an infection, and twice because she suffered from pneumonia. Her life was saved by the NHS.

The medical mafia exists in the Universities. It is they who demonise smokers. It is not in hospitals. But their agenda is not local, it is universal. It is hidden in plain sight. It is about the ‘millennium goals’ from the UN apparatchiks. Most of all, in the Millennium Goals, is population control.

I can understand that. I really can. How can the human population continue to explode exponentially without massive conflicts and mass exterminations, eventually, due to the scarcity of resources and spaces to live?

What really annoys me is the secrecy. Why not say it as it is, and garner support for ‘sustainability’? Why impose it?

Politicians annoy me by their shallowness. Smoking bans are as nothing compared with the the really grave matters which they should be debating. We ought not to forget that Blair imposed the Smoking Ban around the same time that he agreed to blast Iraq.


6 Responses to “Why are Politicians So Inept?”

  1. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Yes the medical mafia have far too much influence Junican. Also these university anti smoker zealots such as those at Bath need defunding. Englishmen should be free to enjoy whatever pleasures within the law they desire. Smoking is lawful.

    • junican Says:

      The problem is that universities cannot be de-funded. Student fees pay for the courses. Are those fees being misused? Probably, the accounting system says not. Grants from all sorts of sources fund research, which has little to do with teaching.

  2. nisakiman Says:

    “Why should we stop people from enjoying themselves in order to make them live longer?”

    Why indeed?

    In that one sentence, Junican, you have encapsulated the essence of the amorality and venality that lies at the centre of the anti-smoking narrative.

  3. michaeljmcfadden Says:

    They are inept because any of them who were actually ept actually got honest jobs.

    – MJM, a pseudoeptitudinous fella…

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